Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2858 - Your Show’s Over

Chapter 2858

Your Show’s Over

“It’s a pity, I can easily beat you down with just a single arm, are you angry? Trash.”

Long Xingyun’s expression returned to normal. However, his despicable gaze was nauseating for Jiang Chen. Long Xinghua, I, Jiang Chen, am sorry, I did not expect you to suffer because of me.

A beautiful lady yet she had fallen in this place, it’s truly sad… without anyone thinking about her.

“Trash. Killing you won’t be enough.”

Jiang Chen said as his eyes became cold, his aura suddenly surged as he closed in on Long Xingyun.

“Good, I’m not interested in killing a timid insect, hmph.” Long Xingyun roared as they clashed.

“Pretty good willpower, to think he can still fight. Hehe, interesting.” Xuan Shenji smiled as he looked towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked like he was almost dying but he’s still able to fight with vigor once again, against Long Xingyun. This meant that his talent was exceptional, it’s a pity that the heavens wouldn’t be able to help him get through this.

“The Rise of Nine Dragons!” Long Xingyun summoned dragon phantoms and threw it towards Jiang Chen.

“Trash!” Jiang Chen harrumphed as he threw a normal straight punch.

The Rise of Nine Dragons were destroyed by Jiang Chen’s single punch, the terrifying dragon was useless against the Dragon Transformed Jiang Chen.

“Such a mighty true dragon prestige!” Long Xingyun gasped as he retreated with a solemn expression.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated you.” Long Xingyun added.

“Mad Dragon’s Roar!”

Long Xingyun’s arms were filled with lightning and dragon shadows, he looked pretty powerful.

“You can’t do anything against me no matter what you do!”

Jiang Chen was not as fancy as his opponent, each of his punches were simple yet awe-inspiring, powerful, dominating. Long Xingyun’s dragon techniques were useless against Jiang Chen.

“Now, taste one more fist of mine.” Jiang Chen did not stop. He rushed forth with a mighty punch.

A punch that not even a Late Divine King would dare take head-on. Xuan Shenji’s gaze became serious, unlike the playful gaze he previously had. He also did not want to disregard that punch.

“No!” Long Xingyun’s pupil contracted as he quickly retreated.

His Mad Dragon’s Roar was pushed back by Jiang Chen, he could feel his anger burning from his eyes.

“Your show’s over.”

Jiang Chen’s fist was like a meteor, striking straight towards Long Xingyun’s chest. Long Xingyun couldn’t evade it and flew back from the force, his breathing became extremely shallow as he hit a rock.

“You cannot kill me, Jiang Chen! Cough The Nine Dragon Palace will never forgive you! Never!” Long Xingyun shouted and shrieked in terror and regret.

Why did I choose to challenge Jiang Chen? And get defeated in the end?!

“I even killed Gui Gu and not give a sh*t about the Killing Luo Sect, do you think a mere Nine Dragon Palace could threaten me?” Jiang Chen said in disdain.

He’s going to take revenge for the innocent Long Xinghua!

“No, No, No…!” Long Xingyun kept shaking his head as his pupil dilated.

However, Jiang Chen’s fist has already landed. Long Xingyun disappeared from the face of the world with a single punch.

Everyone was in a daze, Jiang Chen’s aura surged once more.

One that can defeat Gui Gu and Long Xingyun, would he be some weakling?! Although terribly injured, he’s not one to be taken lightly, Long Xingyun dug his own grave.

Long Xingyun’s death gave everyone a lesson. Although Jiang Chen was terribly injured, no one dared to fight him now, as his aura was surging, except for Xuan Shenji.

“Little Chen…” Yan Qingcheng looked at Jiang Chen with a pained heart as she murmured.

She knew that the result would not be certain, but as long as he’s still breathing, he would never allow her to be in danger.

“The current him probably does not have much battle strength left.” Shen Lianqiao said quietly.

However, even the Shen Ying Sect who held great animosity towards Jiang Chen did not want to make unnecessary sacrifice.

“Looks like your talent is pretty shocking.” Xuan Shenji smiled as he looked at Jiang Chen.

“I probably do not have the qualification to say that I’m the number in the Nine Boundaries without defeating you first.” Jiang Chen too smiled, although his lips were a bit dry.

Although Jiang Chen’s Myriad Qi Body recovered a little, it was almost spent from the battle with Gui Gu earlier. Without the wood spirit and the Myriad Qi Body, the battle with Long Xingyun would’ve been dangerous.

“Oh? Colour me surprise, you still want to fight against me with your current situation?” Xuan Shenji smiled.

“Why not? Aren’t I standing here fine?” Jiang Chen said confidently.

“Perhaps it’s for the best if you give up now. You’re pretty talented, the Eastern Emperor Sect has such a talented disciple. You are truly exceptional. It would be against Heaven’s Will if I were to kill you.” Xuan Shenji said with a smile as he looked down on everyone.

“Are you scared?” Jiang Chen smiled.

Xuan Shenji’s eyes became heavy as he said coldly:

“Do you think I’m afraid? Your imagination is wild, who do you think can fight me in this Battle Royale of the Nine Boundaries?”

“You’re not afraid of me but of your fame getting destroyed. You’re probably just shocked that I’ve managed to withstand Gui Gu’s explosion. However, you wouldn’t want to go that far against me, that way, you won’t reap any benefit from it, plus, with Long Xingyun dead, you wanting to win without a fight look impossible now.”

Xuan Shenji’s heart sank from Jiang Chen’s words. This fella is smart, he guessed what I’m thinking correctly, I’m not afraid of him, those on-lookers may not be obedient if I get injured from the fight, then, a dog fight may happen again.

The best way was to have Jiang Chen submit and win without a fight. That’ll be many chances for him to fight against Jiang Chen when they’re in the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

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