Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2855 - A Needle that Strikes into the Soul

Chapter 2855

A Needle that Strikes into the Soul

“Guys, our only choice is to win, we can’t afford to lose!”

Zi Xi said with a deep voice. Those experts who stood behind Jiang Chen had decided to fight at the cost of their lives. Their fighting spirit was even higher than Gui Gu and Xuan Shenji’s group.

Each of them held their breath due to the intensity and they dared not to be slow in action. Who would neglect their own life? Yan Qingcheng, Moling Dongchen, Zi Xi, A’mo Kehan, Luo Ping, and Mo Sanpao all put their hope on Jiang Chen. If he could win this battle, everything would be fine. But if he lost, it was going to be an unprecedented catastrophe.

“Xuan Qing, Shi Qian, Hua Yingxiong, don’t disappoint me.”

Xuan Shenji said faintly.

“Definitely won’t disappoint Brother Xuan.”

The three of them joined hands. Mo Sanpao’s face was gloomy but he was not afraid at all. He had some concern in his heart as Jiang Chen’s reputation was still slightly weaker than Gui Gu and Xuan Shenji among the experts in Battle Royale of the Nine Boundaries.

“Brother Luo, this time I am going to hand in my life to your brother, Jiang Chen.”

Mo Sanpao changed his usual causal temperament and became serious at the moment.

“I don’t dare to say how strong Jiang Chen is but he never loses in any battle!”

Luo Ping strongly believed that Jiang Chen would be able to overcome the opponents. They did not have any other choice anyway, only Jiang Chen could save them.

Luo Ping’s words made Mo Sanpao shiver for a second but he was relieved by what he said. Mo Sanpao’s concern was actually reasonable as they are putting their life in someone’s hands. It was not something easy.

“Alright, I, Mo Sampao, will not take a step back today.”

Mo Sanpao, A’mo Kehan, and Luo Ping came to confront Xuan Qing and the other two experts. On the other side, under Gui Gu’s leadership, Shen Lianqiao, Shen Tianqiao and Long Xingyun fought Yan Qingcheng, Moling Dongchen and Zi Xi.

As Yan Qingcheng and the others started their fight, Gui Gu and Xuan Shenji moved to fight Jiang Chen. Donghuang Tai`a had already lost his strength completely. His biggest wish was that Jiang Chen leave the place as soon as possible. As long as he was still alive, there would still be a bright future for him. However, not only did Jiang Chen not hear what he advised, Jiang Chen even chose to have a life-and-death battle against Xuan Shenji and Gui Gu. Jiang Chen’s decision was like courting his own death.

“Jiang Chen, this particular day of next year is going to be your death anniversary.”

Gui Gu moved the long balde in his hand slightly and the radiance of his blade started trembling. The battle was going to break out anytime.

“Really? I am going to see if you really have such capability. Are you going to join hands or are you going to take turns?”

Jiang Chen said dismissively and his face showed his pride. Even Xuan Shenji was extremely solemn as he doubted Jiang Chen was really going to fight the both of them simultaneously.

“Kid, don’t be so arrogant. Who gave you the courage to challenge us? Hahaha.”

Xuan Shenji stared at Jiang Chen coldly.

“We don’t need to use an ox-cleaver to kill a chicken. Brother Xuan, you don’t need to move. Jiang Chen has killed many of my fellow disciples. I am going to give him a lesson.”


Xuan Shenji took a step back. Gui Gu soared up and targeted Jiang Chen with his long blade.

“Get out of here!”

Jiang Chen roared in fury. Without showing any mercy, he casted the Dragon Transformation immediately and struck with his palm that wrestled with Gui Gu’s blade radiance. None of them got the upper hand. Jiang Chen was not afraid at all and he turned around and took out his sword. The Heavenly Dragon Sword slashed through the sky and the sword fell down irresistibly.

“Good sword!”

Xuan Shenji was stunned. He did not care about Jiang Chen’s life or death anymore after seeing the sword in Jiang Chen’s hand. He was even excited for it because the sword was really too terrifying. The fact that Jiang Chen’s strength was boasted fully was mainly because of the sword.

Jiang Chen took the lead and crashed against his opponent. He must let Yan Qingcheng and the others not worry about his situation. If he lost in terms of momentum, then his teammates behind would fall into a passive position.

“Freezing Three Thousand Li!”

Cold light shone, sword qi swept across the entire place with terrifying ice qi. Gui Gu kept withdrawing himself, however, his long blade remained strong.

“Look at my Ghost Slash Nine Revolution!”

Entangled with a dark blue lightning, Gui Gu’s long blade was full of mightiness.

When the blade and the sword wrestled together, the radiance that was borne out of it was astonishing. Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword finally repulsed Gui Gu successfully with its overwhelming aura. The dreadful sword qi had greatly pressured Gui Gu and made him extremely embarrassed. Luckily, he managed to withstand most of the power of Jiang Chen’s sword strike, otherwise, he would look more terrible than this.

“Your Ghost Slash is nothing in my eyes.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly as the sword qi pressed against Gui Gu again and this time the sword qi was even more powerful.

“Limitless Sword, Fifth Sword!”

As soon as the Fifth Sword was casted, Gui gu looked extremely terrible. He was defeated by Jiang Chen’s Sword Five once before, so he would not want to fall at the same place again.

“Heavenly Ghost slash the beasts.”

Gui Gui unleashed another skill and fought Jiang Chen again. None of them dared to be reckless. Jiang Chen casted out Azure Dragon’s Five Steps and he was extremely careful in each of his steps. He took defense and attack at the same time, leaving Gui Gu no chance at all.

“Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, each step ascends to heaven.”

Jiang Chen’s mightiness was irresistible, more so now that it was accompanied with the overbearing aura of Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Basically, Gui Gu had no chance to counterattack at all. As the Fifth Sword hit, sword qi spread across in all directions. Even Xuan Shenji could not reach such a realm and he would not be able to overcome the realm of the Fifth Sword.

It was a skill Jiang Chen learned from Fang Bi but he was not considered very skillful in it yet. However, it was undeniable that the dreadfulness about this skill was not about the sword qi but the understanding of Sword Dao. The more one could master the Sword Dao, the more powerful his sword strike would be.

Fifth Sword pressed against the void and made Gui Gu withdraw himself. Jiang Chen kept attacking him and challenging his limit.

“This is what you forced me to do. Jiang Chen, since you are looking for death, you shall die now.”

Gui Gu shouted while his figure kept flashing around at a high speed. Even Jiang Chen was not sure what this guy was going to do.

“Ghost Gate Thirteen Needles. A needle that strikes into your soul!”

Gui Gu split into thirteen figures and surrounded Jiang Chen. Each of the figures was holding a sharp three-inches silver needle. Even Jiang Chen was not ready to defend against the needles.

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour!”

Jiang Chen casted the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. Suddenly, a competition between two powers started. After Jiang Chen casted the dragon transformation, the strength of his body had already reached an unprecedented level. Then, with the enhancement of Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, his body was even more powerful than an Origin Divine Tool.

Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour radiated golden lights while Gu Gui’s silver needles were blasting from his hands.

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