Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2669 - One is Not Enough

One is Not Enough

“The Great Elder of the Ghost Eye Sect, I’ve heard of Li Batian’s fame, one that has been famous for at least a thousand years. Jiang Chen will certainly die this time.”

“Haha, the Great Elder of the Ghost Eye Sect has shown his hands, which bastard will not bow down to him? I don’t think Jiang Chen can even fight back.”

“You’re right, to think that there’s nothing to watch since Li Batian is the first to act. For such a peerless expert to act, Jiang Chen’s death is already certain.”

Everyone was looking forward to Li Batian completely overpowering his opponent. It shouldn’t be too hard for him to beat a Half-Step Divine King, as the difference was already evident.

However, the moment Li Batian and Jiang Chen first clashed, Li Batian was shocked, as his opponent clashed without fear. On the second exchange, Jiang Chen gave up on his defence and attacked with extreme swiftness.

Jiang Chen was like a swift, angry giant dragon on their third exchange as he launched himself towards Li Batian. The latter was absolutely overpowered. Three clashes. Li Batian was pushed back in an instant, Li Batian’s expression became pale as he coughed out a fountain of blood while he stabilised his body 800 zhang away.

The whole Clear Stream Sect was shocked by this scene!

Nobody expected Jiang Chen to be this powerful, and  to repel Li Batian with just three strikes, without a break. He completely overpowered Li Batian. Li Batian could never believe that he lost in just three strikes, it was extremely pitiful, and it was witnessed by numerous people to boot.

Jiang Chen did not pursue further and just stood there proudly akin to a great master, emitting a calm and composed aura.

“I’ve said it before, one is not enough.”

Dan Feng, Li Xie, the lord of Clear Stream Sect, Xuanyuan Zhong were all dumbfounded. They felt like they were dreaming, it was unreal, however, Li Batian had lost, thoroughly.

“He… really… did it, in just three strikes…” Li Xie murmured.

He thought Li Batian could end Jiang Chen in three strikes yet such a dramatic thing happened. The shock he suffered was tremendous. Is Li Batian weak? No. Is Jiang Chen strong? They have no idea. Everyone’s face was blank except for Li Batian. Is this how it ends?

“Such a powerful fella.” Li Batian clenched his teeth. I’ve really underestimated him.

“Isn’t this too much? Repeling Li Batian in three strikes? Gosh! Is this fella born from a stone?” (Referring to Sun Wu Kong)

“Am I seeing things? To think that the one who lost is Li Batian.”

“No wonder he came back to Linhe Boundary in such a domineering manner, it looks like Divine Kings could not threaten him anymore..”

Countless disciples looked up. Although they hated Jiang Chen to the core, they still respected him as he was extremely powerful. To have such a talented and powerful demon born amongst their generation… No one knows whether it’s great news or bad… but at least it’s bad for the Clear Stream Sect.

Jiang Chen was composed as he gave out a smile. The disciples below gasped with terror. He’s a true monster.

“Good… Jiang Chen! I, Li Batian, am humbled.” Li Batian clenched his teeth.

Although he couldn’t accept his loss, it has become an undeniable fact.

“This kid is too monstrous, perhaps we cannot hold him back anymore. We must succeed in this battle! We must kill this ape to rid Linhe Boundary of such a monster!” Xuanyuan Zhong said.

“Dan Feng, Li Xie, fellow elders, please.” Xuanyuan Zhong said and the others nodded.

Dan Feng, Dan Kui, Li Xie, Li Batian, Di Longhuai and Di Longqing–six Divine King experts had gathered. At this moment, the six of them prepared their stance to kill Jiang Chen, not giving the opponent a chance to get away.

“Six at once, now that’s more like it, I’ve said it before, one is definitely not enough. Hahaha.” Jiang Chen took away his laughter, and his piercing gaze looked at his opponents.

Six Divine Kings, so what?

“To laugh while you’re going to die, colour this old one impressed. Your name shall be written in the records after today’s battle. But in a bad way!” Dan Feng said with disdain.

Although Li Batian suffered a loss. The six of them combined would certainly have enough force to take Jiang Chen down.

“You’re right, you’ll certainly cause more havoc if we let you go today, our Linhe Boundary will never be at peace. Die!” Li Xie said angrily. After all, the peerless disciples of the three great sects were all massacred by Jiang Chen.

“Bunch of old cunning fools, all of you, die together.”

Jiang Chen took out his blade and faced the six Divine Kings. The disciples below looked up in anticipation.

Jiang Chen, who was now a Half-Step Divine King, faced six Divine Kings, alone. Without using his Dragon Transformation to boot. It was truly an exciting battle to watch!

Jiang Chen wasn’t pushed back even though he was facing the six of them. The latter wasn’t holding back too as that was akin to suicide. Although Jiang Chen was just a Half-Step Divine King, he possessed the might of a Divine King. Although this caught them off guard, it did not stop their advances.

“This fella is too f*cking strong, when can I be half as great as him?”

“Yeah, I’m pumped just from watching their batlle. Jiang Chen is truly a demon lord. I have to say… he’s too powerful, all of us are not his match.”

“We think of him as a rival, but he may not even look at us. That is just how big of a gap we have. Sigh”

“Why is he acting so outrageously when he’s such a talented fella? I feel pity for Jiang Chen that he has to die at such a young age.”

“He can only blame himself for being too full of himself. He shouldn’t act so unruly just because he thinks he’s powerful. The experts of the whole Linhe Boundary have gathered to face him, can he face them all? Hilarious, this is a prime example of overconfidence.”

More people felt pity for Jiang Chen after he had given them a great shock. Yet, it was still a fact that he’s hated by everyone.

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