Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Big Trouble

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The six feet four inches tall Bai Zhixiong didn’t show any signs of fury on his dark face after he got hit. Instead, he shivered at the voice from the outside and looked very obedient.

Likewise, the other members of the basketball team all looked nervous.

With their heads lowered, they filed out of the restaurant silently. Each of them was slapped on the back of the head by the man waiting at the door. He struck Bai Zhixiong with greater force and sent him stumbling several steps forward. However, the six feet four inches tall Bai Zhixiong dared not to utter a word of complaint.

Looking at the magnificent and big body standing at the door, Hao Ren and his buddies couldn’t help but wonder about the man’s great strength. Especially since he could hold this group of big guys in the basketball team in check.

“Get your *sses back to training!” With another shout, the mysterious man escorted the basketball team members to the university, giving the people in the restaurant a magnificent broad back to look at. This man was even half a head taller than Bai Zhixiong!

“He should be Xie Wanjun, the captain of the basketball team. Only he can keep those guys on the basketball team in control,” Yu Rong, who was familiar with the situation at school, said.

From the start to the end of the incident, Hao Ren had never gotten a glimpse of Xie Wanjun’s face; this man was taller than the door when he was standing on the outside, and Hao Ren only got a glimpse of his back when he left.

“Ok, ok! Let’s get back to our dinner!” Hao Ren cleared his head and called out to the others.

With an awkward smile on her face, Xie Yujia joined his efforts.

However, their spirits were dampened by the interruption.

“Your victory over Huang Xujie disgraced him. His friends will probably make more trouble for you. Be careful.”

At Hao Ren’s silence, Xie Yujia continued, “But you don’t have to worry. At most, they will just do something to make you uncomfortable. They won’t do anything outrageous.”

“I’m not worried. They are making trouble out of nothing. And it’s not the first time the seniors bullied juniors in the school. They took basketball courts from Zhao Jiayi and his friends several times, and he had been wanting to summon some of his buddies to fight them,” Hao Ren said.

Xie Yujia sighed, “You’d better not fight, or the school would punish you.”

She thought about talking to her older brother and asking him to tighten his control on the guys on the basketball team. However, she knew it would be little use since it couldn’t eliminate bullying in the school as it was almost a part of the norms in the school. Besides, Huang Xujie, son of the deputy mayor of the city, set up the popular Rock Climbing Club and was close to the other sports clubs in the school. He was especially close with the players on the basketball team, who were the unrivaled tough guys in school.

The basketball team of East Ocean University was well-known all over the country, and it was last year’s champion of National College League, bringing great honor to East Ocean University. That was why the school treasured them despite their terrible academic performances. They triumphed over all the other ordinary students in strength, and more importantly, they had the school behind their backs as long as they didn’t do things that were outrages.

Due to his close relationship with them, Hua Xujie could almost do whatever he wanted.

Anyway, Hao Ren humiliated Huang Xujie by winning the race, and the latter would make trouble for him. Xie Yujia was a bit concerned about this.

While Xie Yujia was troubled with all these concerns, Hao Ren was thinking about something else. He wasn’t too concerned about Huang Xujie’s retaliation, even though the latter was the son of the deputy mayor.

What concerned him was the deep resentment between the so-called celebrity students and the regular students in the junior years. Zhao Jiayi and his buddies were repeatedly driven away from the basketball court by the members of the Rock Climbing Club and some players of the basketball team. This was just one example of the bullying happening on campus. If the situation continued, a huge fight would break out sooner or later.

If a fight broke out, no one would be the winner, especially the weaker ones like Zhao Jiayi. Hao Ren knew Zhao Jiayi had been contacting his buddies and was prepared to fight with those seniors from the Rock Climbing Club and the basketball team if they kept up the bullying.

Hao Ren wondered if it was time for him to dig out Lu Qing’s card and have a pleasant conversation with the vice president of the university.

The party ended in low spirits half another later. Zhao Jiayi returned to the dorm in a bad mood. If Hao Ren didn’t persuade him, he would have summoned his buddies to go after those guys tonight.

“Ren, if they dare to make trouble for you, give me a call!” Zhao Jiayi patted his chest and said.

Hao Ren smiled and replied, “I will be fine. They were just bluffing. They won’t do anything serious.”

In this dorm, Zhao Jiayi was the big brother. Zhao Jiayi had many friends from all circles, so he felt like he should look after his roommates.

However, he would never have guessed that Hao Ren had the school’s vice president Lu Qing behind him. In fact, in the so-called Dragon Tribe, Lu Qing must respect Hao Ren and refer to him as ” Fuma 1 “.

Even without Lu Qing behind him, Hao Ren wasn’t afraid of Huang Xujie. He had always kept a low-profile because he didn’t like to attract attention to himself, but he wasn’t scared by trouble.

The eventful day ended. The next day, everything returned to normal at school while some people still talked about what happened the day before.

In class, Hao Ren immersed himself in preparing middle school English practice questions. Knowing Hao Ren was tutoring the little girl in the evening, Zhou Liren left him alone.

The glory of the long-distance race champion was now just a memory. Hao Ren put the 1,000 yuan prize money into the shared fund’s box of the dorm room; it would be used for Room 302’s future entertainment activities.

To Hao Ren, only those self-important guys would care about such vanities and the girls’ screams. He did his best in the race because he entered his name into it and wanted to repay Xie Yujia for her encouragement.

The sky turned dark in the evening. Hao Ren rode Bus 767 and arrived on time at Zhao Yanzi’s home, a two-story house.

For some unknown reason, after having eaten food cooked by Zi’s mother, Hao Ren’s mouth would water each time he was on his way to Zi’s home to tutor her. Since yesterday was Monday and he didn’t come to tutor Zhao Yanzi, he was suddenly struck by a longing for the delicious dishes cooked by Zhao Hongyu when he was standing at the door.

With papers in hand, Hao Ren pressed on the doorbell.

Suddenly, thunder resonated in the sky, and a storm came instantly.

A downpour commenced. Standing at the door, Hao Ren was half soaked in the blink of an eye.

“Well, hurry in!” hearing the doorbell ring, Zhao Hongyu hurried over to answer it. Seeing Hao Ren getting soaked in the rain, she drew him in immediately.

Boom! Boom… With another string of thunder, dashes of lightning flashed across the sky outside the windows.

Very soon, the high buildings in the distance were engulfed by the white downpour.

Hao Ren put down his papers while he shook his head to get rid of the water in his hair. Zhao Hongyu handed him a white towel and told him in a light tone, “You can stay here tonight. Today, Elder Sun is responsible for the rainfall, and it shall last the entire night.”

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