Dragon Emperor, Martial God

Chapter 746 - No Arrow Shot in Vain

Chapter 746: No Arrow Shot in Vain

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The knee-high water didn’t affect the silver-gray car in the least. Cui Lao drove faster and faster. It took him only eight minutes to cover eight kilometers.

Pierce was hovering around twenty meters above the ground with Ling Yun on his back. Ling Yun chuckled disdainfully at Chen Jianwei.

He raised his head, allowing the rain to splash on his face, even into his eyes. Ling Yun didn’t blink though, he could see just as well even now.

Such was the result of physique tempering.

A shrill cry came from the sky. Ling Yun looked up into the sky again and saw dozens of small bats.

“Are they finally here?”

Ling Yun snorted and smiled with ease. His body and eyes flashed with excitement, showing a trace of killing intent.

Out of the twenty-nine members of the Blood Clan that Chen Jianwei brought with him from the United States, Ling Yun had Embraced four and killed thirteen. There were twelve of them left!

The twelve bats rendezvoused with Chen Jianwei in the sky and transformed into their full forms, each looking sinister. They looked down at Ling Yun from high above.

“The precious virgin blood is now in the silver-gray car below. We have to get her back as soon as possible!”

Chen Jianwei’s words were minced with temptation. He knew the best motivation for the Blood Clan during the night was the mention of fresh maiden blood.

“Let’s swoop down together later. Ten of us will deal with that guy in black, while the other three will find some way to destroy that car and bring the girl back!”

Chen Jianwei deliberately left out all details of Ling Yun’s power.

He wasn’t worried about the lives of these descendants of the Blood Clan. His original plan was to somehow trick them after talking to Grand Duke Dracula and suck their blood dry to become an Earl immediately.

The twelve of them were worked up after hearing that, and they swooped down directly!

One thousand meters, eight hundred meters, five hundred meters, three hundred meters…

They were getting faster as they got lower. Ling Yun snickered as he calculated the distance.

Two hundred meters!

“Hehe, you won’t be able to escape at such a distance!”


The golden bow reappeared in Ling Yun’s right hand, along with three silver arrows in his left!

The bow was drawn into the shape of a full moon!

“Shoo, shoo, shoo!”

Shot out like a shooting star!

The bowstring twitched slightly from the aftershock, and the arrows had already gone through the heads of three Blood Clan members!

There was no time to dodge at such a distance and speed. They didn’t even have the time to react!

Of course, they had also become huge targets after they transformed!

“Cha… cha… cha…”

Blood was accompanied by smoke. Ling Yun poured his pure Yang True Qi into the arrows when he shot. These were the arrows of death to the Blood Clan.

The damage was immense!

The three who were shot groaned loudly. They endured the pain, trying to pull the sharp arrows out. Unfortunately, all of them had a look of horror in their eyes when they pulled out the arrows!

“Sh*t, this is a pure silver arrow! Sh*t!”

The three of them fell from the sky awkwardly and slammed into the ground like kites with a broken string.

Pure silver restrained the Blood Clan. Even though the arrows Ling Yun took out were merely coated in silver, it was enough to deal with these Barons and Viscounts!

“Shoo, shoo, shoo!”

“Shoo, shoo, shoo!”

Ling Yun didn’t have the time to admire the falling Blood Clan members. His left hand repeated the same motion with high speed!

Load the arrow, pull the bow, release!

He loaded three arrows each time. These three arrows would definitely hit the Blood Clan members!

No arrow was shot in vain. Every single one of them took a life. Ling Yun couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction from the killing!


“The arrow is made of pure silver!”


Nine members of the Blood Clan were shot in their vital spots. The remaining three flapped their wings desperately, trying to climb high into the sky.

“Isn’t it too late for you to escape?”

Ling Yun’s eyes twinkled. He loaded another three arrows casually and took aim at them. Release!

The three of them screamed and fell! No one managed to escape!

Chen Jianwei flew down quietly during the diversion that the twelve Blood Clan members provided. He was but thirty meters away from the fast-moving car!

Chen Jianwei was just a breath away from smashing the car into pieces and reclaiming Cao Shanshan!

Chen Jianwei was delighted. He thought that he had a chance since Ling Yun was concentrated on the attack squad. Chen Jianwei took a deep breath and was about to lurch forward with his remaining strength!


Ling Yun turned around!

He shot an arrow out!


The arrow entered Chen Jianwei’s chest and shot out through his back!

“Clank!” Sparks flew!

The arrow penetrated about twenty centimeters deep into hard rock, its shaft still vibrating from the impact!

Just how much strength did Ling Yun use for the shot!


Chen Jianwei screamed due to pain. He thought all was over. However, he realized that he wasn’t affected by the silver other than a slight burn.

Could Ling Yun have used the wrong arrow in his hurry? Or did he perhaps run out of pure silver arrows?

Chen Jianwei didn’t understand, so he stopped going after Cao Shanshan. He endured the pain and flew out of Ling Yun’s attack range.

Ling Yun laughed. He could have caught Chen Jianwei if he had displayed his Qinggong, but he didn’t do it. He let Chen Jianwei escape.

He wouldn’t be able to kill him if he were to catch him anyway. He still had to have someone to manage him, so capturing him now wasn’t very wise.


The wind kicked up, and Ling Yun looked up in shock!

A huge black cloud rushed over from the distant sky. It was bats, bats that couldn’t be counted!

“F*ck, are the bats having a meeting!”

Ling Yun dared not underestimate this turn of events. He immediately cautioned Cui Lao through telepathy. “Cui Lao, be careful, there are a huge number of bats coming at us now!”

Ling Yun’s expression became serious. He knew that the bats that Chen Jianwei brought back with him were all either dead or had become his loyal servants. Therefore, these bats must have been sent by Grand Duke Dracula.

It was absolutely too many. It reminded Ling Yun of the unpleasant scene in the crater where he encountered a lot of bats!

“Cui Lao, slow down. Stop when necessary to use the Fire Talismans. Protect Shanshan!

“Pierce, fly lower, and glide along the roof of the car!”

Ling Yun gave a series of instructions as he activated his Yin-Yang harmony balance to its maximum. His Yin-Yang Eye went through the rain cloud and looked on coldly at the bats!

The smallest bat, which was flying at the highest spot, was a Marquis. Below it were about twenty Viscounts, after which, there were about two hundred Earls!

The lowest rank was that of a Viscount this time!

“F*ck, Dracula’s lineup is too big!”

Ling Yun was speechless. This meant trouble.

“Pierce, is an Earl afraid of pure silver?” Ling Yun asked, his heart pounding away.

“Noble Master, every member of the Blood Clan below the Grand Duke rank is afraid of pure silver. Only the truly noble purebloods aren’t afraid of pure silver. Of course, they are still disgusted by silver…” Pierce explained quickly to Ling Yun. He was a Baron previously, so he knew a lot more than Paul and Chester.


Ling Yun heaved a long sigh of relief. Luckily that was the case. If not, it would mean huge trouble.

Of course, Ling Yun was only afraid of a ranged fight. These Blood Clan members would be killed by his Devil’s Blade and Dark Storm as long as they dared step within fifty meters of him.

Chen Jianwei, on the other hand, was elated. He quickly flew to greet the crowd of bats as he bled.

“Viscount Chen greets Honorable Marquis!”

Chen Jianwei was over the moon. He didn’t think that Grand Duke Dracula would send such a huge army over on a moment’s notice.

Eight Earls would be enough to lift the silver-gray car and fly away with it. There wouldn’t even be a need to destroy the car first.

The two hundred or so Viscounts were just ammunition in the eyes of the Marquis. They could make as many as they wanted. There were no feelings attached to them.

The Marquis, who flew the highest, transformed into an elegant and handsome gentleman. He flapped his wings and smiled at Chen Jianwei. “Mister Chen, you seem to be hurt. Is there anything I can help you with?”

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