Dragon Emperor, Martial God

Chapter 738 - Preparations for the Rescue!

Chapter 738: Preparations for the Rescue!

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Ling Yun and Tang Meng came out to welcome Cui Lao.

“Pleased to meet you, Cui Lao!” Tang Meng’s eyes sparkled as he spoke politely to Cui Lao.

Cui Lao nodded with a smile and replied warmly, “Hey, Tang Meng’s here?”

As the saying went, the weather in the month of July was akin to the temper of a child. It changed as it liked. The sun was still glaring just before, but it had suddenly hidden itself behind some clouds.

Ling Yun grew anxious at the impending rain. “Move the things inside!”

The thousand-mile soul chasing powder might be wonderful, but it had one weakness — rain. The light scent would be totally washed away by the rain. It would be difficult to find Cao Shanshan even with Ling Yun’s senses.

The two hundred kilograms of silver was placed in eight safes, and these eight safes were quickly placed into the black van Cui Lao came in.

“Tang Meng, take them out for lunch. After lunch, think of a way to bring those medicinal herbs here.”

There were dozens of bags loaded with medicinal herbs. They were brought there by a large truck, but the truck couldn’t get into the place, so they could only transport them in batches.

“Oh yes, call back and ask them to continue purchasing medicinal herbs in Qingshui City. Buy as much as you can, and store them in Mansion Number One. The supply cannot be stopped!”

Tang Meng snickered proudly. “Big Brother Yun, rest assured, we have gathered even more variety and amount then what you originally needed…”

“You do know how to work things around…”

Ling Yun nodded satisfactorily. Tang Meng really had foresight into what he wanted.

“I have to do something with Cui Lao. I’ll see you when I get back.”

Ling Yun followed Cui Lao into the black van, which went towards the suburbs of Beijing.

After half an hour, the two of them once again arrived at that unremarkable, dilapidated factory outside of the Seventh Ring Road.

The weapons workshop of the Ling Family!

This time, the van went straight to the warehouse.

“Warehouse, no unauthorized entry!” An eye-catching warning was posted right outside.

The door to the warehouse was huge. It was big enough to accommodate two trucks parked in parallel. The area inside was larger, with a huge open space. There were more than ten warehouses inside, and the door to each was tightly shut.

Ling Yun activated his divine sense and immediately knew that it wasn’t a warehouse. It was a huge tunnel into the Ling Family’s secret weapons workshop.

Obviously, the transportation of raw materials into the workshop was through this tunnel.

This design was ingenious. Ordinary people would certainly never think of it.

Cui Lao took out a very sophisticated remote control after they went into the warehouse. He pointed it towards the door and pressed it gently.

The door of the warehouse slowly fell. This huge warehouse immediately became completely isolated.

Cui Lao smiled at Ling Yun. “The material used to build this warehouse is absolutely soundproof…”

Ling Yun was stunned. How much money would it take to make such a huge area completely soundproof?

Why couldn’t the Ling Family make ends meet after they fell eighteen years ago? The money wasn’t spent on the luxuries of lifestyle but in these kinds of invisible places!

This was their foundation, which was burning money!

Cui Lao pressed the button on the remote again. The “door” of the warehouse began sliding to the sides, revealing its true face.

It looked like an empty warehouse, but Ling Yun knew that the real weapons workshop was behind the wall of the door.

The driver was one of the remaining thirty-six men of sacrifice. He was obviously very familiar with this place. He drove in again. Only then did Cui Lao disembark.

Cui Lao used the remote control yet again and came to the wall. He pressed a certain place on the wall lightly, and the wall suddenly split open, exposing a dark grid.

The barriers were strong, and the defensive measures were even greater than that of a bank’s vault.

The dark grid had the interface of an automated teller machine. It had a screen with a place to enter a password.

This screen was also a video intercom system. Ling Yun could see Ling Seventeen’s face reflected in the screen.

“Cui Lao, you’re here?” Ling Seventeen’s gaze was no longer bleak but was filled with energy.

“Un, open the door,” Cui Lao replied to Ling Seventeen with a smile. He then turned to Ling Yun and said, “Fourth Young Master, we were under the surveillance of Ling Seventeen once we entered the warehouse.”

If the declining Ling Family could have such a highly secured weapons workshop, what about the six other major families?

It would make the rescue infinitely more difficult if Chen Jianwei were to hide Cao Shanshan in such a place!

A steel-cast wall of about half a meter thick began to open from the middle. A hot stream of air gushed out when the door was fully opened.

Ling Yun turned back to look at the warehouse door closing behind him. It was, in fact, a huge transportation tunnel.

“Mighty Fourth Young Master!”

Ling Seventeen came to Ling Yun and gave a hold fist salute. “Ling Seventeen thanks Fourth Young Master for saving the Ling Family!”

Ling Seventeen was already aware of the happenings at the Ling Family villa last night.

Ling Yun smiled. “I’m part of the Ling Family. Protecting my family is something I should be doing. Why are you thanking me? Do you view me as an outsider?”

Ling Seventeen shook his head rapidly, saying that he didn’t dare.

“What is the progress of the silver arrows?”

“Fourth Young Master, I led my men to work on it from yesterday until now. We have made more than two hundred silver arrows, of which twenty-four of them are full-body sterling silver arrows,” Ling Seventeen said breathlessly.

Ling Yun was extremely happy upon hearing that. “Let’s go and take a look!”

The three of them quickly came to the place where the arrows were made. Ling Yun saw five neat bundles of arrows, of which four bundles were fifty arrows each. The other smaller bundle was made of sterling silver.

Every arrow was a meter and a half. They were long and sharp. All of them were made of pure silver, and they were dazzling under the light.

The four bundles of arrows were made according to Ling Yun’s request, by coating a layer of sterling silver on them. It might look the same, but Ling Yun knew that the effects would differ tremendously when used on the Blood Clan.

Ling Yun took one of the pure sterling silver arrows in hand and found that it was at least two kilograms. He couldn’t help but frown. That meant that the two hundred kilograms of pure silver ore would only be enough to make a hundred such arrows.

War was the one thing that burnt the most money.

It was the same, no matter the era. Missiles, aircraft carriers, guns and their ammunition, which of these didn’t require a huge sum of money?

“Alright, just make them according to this. I am sending you two hundred more kilograms of silver ore. Make them all into this type of arrow!” Ling Yun instructed Ling Seventeen without hesitation. At the same time, he thought that it was time to get his four Blood Clan servants to bleed a little.

Ling Yun had also realized the importance of not only money but also reserves of resources.

For example, medicinal herbs, metal ores, minerals, etc. No matter how much money one had, they might not be able to get them on the market immediately!

But what if they had accumulated tens of thousands of kilograms of silver ore? They could use it whenever and however they wanted!

Ling Yun felt that the arrow was too thick. It was as thick as an ordinary cigarette! “Can you make the diameter of the arrow half its current size… If not, it will affect the speed of the arrow.”

The same amount of silver ore could then make double the amount of arrows.

“Fourth Young Master, I tried that before. There will be some drifting, which will affect the accuracy if it’s made so thin…” Ling Seventeen explained seriously to Ling Yun.

Ling Yun smiled. “Don’t worry. It will affect the accuracy of others, not me.”

Ling Seventeen nodded, indicating there was no problem.

Ling Yun bent down and stored all of the arrows into his spatial ring. He then discovered a new tragedy — his spatial ring was completely full.

The two King of Stones have taken up too much space… Ling Yun thought to himself. The Imperial green jade King of Stones, especially, was enormous. Just it alone took about 70% of the space in the spatial ring.

There were also the candied gourd and the Shennong Cauldron. These items had taken up too much space.

Ling Yun got the man of sacrifice who tagged along to unload the two hundred kilograms of sterling silver and put the eight empty boxes back into the van.

“Do it as fast as you can…” Ling Yun pointed at the silver ore and told Ling Seventeen.

Ling Yun felt that the Grand Duke and Earls that Chen Jianwei had invited should reach Beijing soon.

“Yes! Ling Seventeen will obey Fourth Young Master’s instructions!”

Ling Yun nodded and left the weapons workshop with Cui Lao.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Heavy thunder blasted in the distant horizon just as the van left the small factory!

The sky had become gloomy!

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