Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“It’s starting. Brother is ready to gather his qi.”

“Oh, look at senior brother’s posture, he’s become even stronger than before.” Sith, Karl, and other elders spoke freely and observed.

“It’s a rare opportunity. Muyang, you have to take a closer look, and Mexia, you can do that as well.” Clarissa, the other female elder of the six elders besides Yula, said.


There was no need to remind him of this, Muyang would definitely watch it with rapt attention.

Finally, he was about to get in touch with Qi Based Technique and learning the most famous technique of attack in the Dragon Ball World. Muyang was in a surging mood with twelve thousand spirits.

Not far away, after some adjustment, Isaac’s brewing qi was gradually completed. As he continued to brew, Isaac’s powerful body was revealed, and every muscle on his solid body began to tremble. The solid muscles propped up the martial arts outfit on his body, and every tremor seemed to be an emergence of power.

Compared to earlier, at this point, Isaac was like a beast that was ready to explode at any moment, with a fierce qi lingering all over him.

Since he wasn’t too far away, Muyang could sense the change in his teacher even more clearly. The intense feeling of pressure, as if a field of energy had enveloped him, it felt very oppressive.

“This is the intimidating power of Qi Based Technique… it’s truly daunting!”

The shuddering sensation of the truth that was displayed on the body amazed him and triggered his desire.

Meanwhile, as Isaac was slowly brewing up the qi waves, Muyang’s mind couldn’t help but remember the image of Mater Roshi destroying the entire mountain when he first demonstrated Kamehameha.

Compared to Master Roshi, Isaac, of course, wasn’t that powerful; nonetheless, it didn’t stop Muyang from watching him.

Sweat dripping off Isaac’s cheeks, and he growled. His qi was strengthening, veins exposed, and coiled on the surface of his skin. At this point, Isaac had already raised the active level of all the qi in his body. On top of that, he could see his brothers and sisters nodded.

“Good, you’re indeed worthy of being a senior brother. Your mastery of Heavenly Sky Beam is becoming more proficient.” Sith couldn’t help but gasp in amazement.

“I’m afraid the power will be incredible when it’s performed later on.” Karl also watched carefully.

“What can you say about senior brother, we may not be able to catch up with his power even if we practice for a few more years.” Yula glanced at some people who were still a bit behind Isaac.

“Let’s take a look. Senior Brother Isaac’s qi attack is about to come out.”

“Muyang, Mexia, watch carefully.”

As Isaac roared, the qi on his body was concentrated on his right arm. His left hand was pressed on his right shoulder to stabilize the qi, his arm was erected, and the two fingers of his right hand formed a sword. A seemingly invisible cyclone began to flow between the two fingers as the strong qi gathered and began to heat up!

At this point, the preparations had been completed. It could be seen that Isaac’s right hand slowly moved to his chest area, to do the final accumulation of strength. The qi between his fingers had gathered more and finally shone with a bright blue light.

“It’s coming up!”

The radiant light blossomed and stirred everyone’s emotions, making them excited.

“Qi Wave!” Muyang was shocked; he could only stare blankly.

“It’s actually glowing…”

Mexia’s mouth was wide open, and so were her cute little eyes.

Suddenly, Sith and the other elders reacted, “Hahaha, that’s right. This is the ‘Heavenly Sky Beam’ that had been passed down for generations by the teachers in our school. Indeed, you are worthy of being a senior brother, Brother Isaac. This level of qi is rare in the world; the brightness gives me a surge of excitement…”

“Yeah, this strength might only be comparable to the legendary Master Roshi’s Kamehameha.” The teachers were proud to have such a powerful inheritance.

At this point, Isaac, who had been brewing for a long time, was ready to go, and the loud roared was heard, “Heavenly Sky Beam!!”

Then, along with this roar, the crooked arm straightened outwards sharply, and the direction pointed by the two fingers was the direction of the attack. It was a smooth rocky cliff that had been standing there through the wind and rain for who knows how long, and today it was time for it to break.

The beam of qi that shone with an azure luster flared out from the fingertips.

Crash! Like a laser flared out, the vast qi struck through the air and hit the rocky cliffs in the distance, creating a power similar to the cannonball explosion.

The earth rumbled and trembled violently as the winds howled, the smoke and the dust filled the air, and the deafening noise pierced the eardrums.

The dense smoke and dust brought up the splattered gravel like a bullet. When the smoke gradually dissipated, what emerged was a mess. The cliff suddenly exploded into a large pitch-black pit with a bathtub size, with a depth of about… afoot.


“This kind of strength is very rare in the world.”

“It taught me to be passionate, even when I can’t exert that kind of strength yet!”

There was a burst of applause with a sense of stonewalling.

Muyang, on the other hand, looked at the large hole blown up by his teacher, Isaac, with complicated eyes and a bit of a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

This kind of strength…honestly, it didn’t reach the desired result that Muyang had in his heart.

Even Son Goku and others Kamehameha and Dodon Ray were nothing compared to Master Roshi’s strength that was capable of destroying a large mountain. But looking at the elders around… they seemed to have applauded it.

Thinking about it again, Master Roshi had the reputation of being “The God of Martial Arts” of the Earth. There were only a few masters who had reached his level, so how could Muyang compare his teacher with Master Roshi.

Isaac, who had released a qi wave, was obviously exhausted. His body was staggering, and if it wasn’t for Karl, who stepped forward to hold him, Isaac might have fallen on the ground.

“Brother, take a rest first,” Karl said.

“Yeah, releasing qi wave takes too much physical strength.” Isaac took two breaths, and his pale face began to regain its color.

“If it were me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to support it.” Karl shook his head.

“Watch carefully, this is the teachers’ secret technique, the Heavenly Sky Beam! If you’re willing to practice for a few decades, you will achieve this kind of strength too.”

Practice for decades…

Muyang’s eyes trembled, but he didn’t know what to say, so he could only nod his head awkwardly and politely.

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