Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 507

Chapter 507

“Search around, maybe we can find something.”

Cell should have just come out of the eggshell at this time, and was still in the initial incubation stage.

Muyang, April, and Bulma searched around the time machine, and then found a creature like a cicada in the grass more than three hundred meters away from the time machine. He was moving and struggling to remove the shell on the surface.

“Eh? What is so disgusting?” Bulma picked up the wooden stick from afar and poked it.

“Bulma, stay away from him.” Even if it were Cell who had degenerated into his original form, it was not something a weak woman like Burma could deal with.

April approached Muyang and asked, “Brother, what is this?”

Muyang said, “He came from a parallel world in the year 788, which is 27 years later.”

When Bulma heard this, she carefully observed Cell. Cell had two hard shells on his head. His limbs were curled and his head was slightly cracked. He was in the process of turning into a shell.

“Eh, the aura on its body is very chaotic, but I can feel the aura of Goku and Piccolo. At the same time, there are also a few other evil auras…”

This kind of creature is obviously not born naturally. Could it be an artificial life?

April immediately thought of the artificial human in the small world.

“It can’t be an Android again, right” Bulma asked in surprise.

“It’s an Android.” Muyang nodded.

Cell was a sFusion’s Super Android for Saiyan, Namekian, and Frozen Caln Bloodline. However, due to the combination of too many high-level genes, they suppressed each other. They could only rely on devouring vitality and Android 17 and Android 18 to obtain the final evolution.

“I want to study it!” April’s beautiful eyes flashed with a glimmer of light.

“Up to you.” Muyang shrugged, indicating that he had no objections.

To be honest, Cell’s body had many complicated high-level genes that limited his development. Before he became a complete form, it was a problem whether he could reach the Super Saiyan 2. For Muyang and April, it was like a little mouse in an experiment, a good material.

A smile bloomed on April’s face. She held the cicada that was shedding its shell in her hand, and Cell immediately twisted it in resistance.

“Brother, look, he is actually resisting.”

“Let me go, who are you people! According to the information, there shouldn’t be people like you on Earth?” Cell let out a hoarse roar, like the cry of a cicada, which was especially ear-piercing.

“You can still talk…”

April was even more interested. The hand that was holding Cell directly transformed into the shape of a demon. Her tender arms changed shape like plasticine and directly wrapped Cell.

Cell found that his resistance had no effect at all. “Impossible, how can there be such a powerful guy on Earth? Are you an Android? No, other than Android 17 and Android. 18, there shouldn’t be other Android in this era!”

A cold light flashed in Apulean’s blue eyes. “You know Android 17 and Android. 18?”

Cell did not answer, “…”

Muyang said, “He is called Cell. He is a Super Android created by Dr. Gero on the blueprint of Dr. Gero. Because too many genes were integrated into his creation, he needs to devour Android 17 and Android 18 (mainly swallowing black stones) to evolve from the complete form.”

“But in the era he was in… the Android has been destroyed, so he had to grab the time machine to come to us.”

April’s smile became brilliant. “So it’s to devour Android 17 and Android 18! I almost understand his existence.”

Android 17 and Android 18 were Lapis and Lazuli. They were the two well-behaved juniors of April. Now, someone actually wanted to devour them, and it was known by her as an elder. Thus, it was easy to imagine the fate of Cell.

“Brother, send me to Acceleration World. I want to study this cicada there.”

Muyang smiled and nodded. Then, he opened Accerelation World’s passageway.

No, it shouldn’t be like this. The computer told me that as long as I devour Android 17 and Android 18, I can be invincible. I clearly came to this era… I can’t accept this!! Cell twisted his body to come out of his body. However, April’s magic wrapped around him. The more he tried, the faster the power in his body flowed. If this continued, he would not even be able to maintain his original form.

“Be honest.”

April shouted coldly. She grabbed Cell and entered Acceleration World. As for what would happen to Cell if he fell into April’s hands, it was unknown. It would not be good anyway.

Muyang was not worried about April’s safety at all. Not to mention that Acceleration World was completely under his control, just based on April’s own strength and ability, Cell could not resist even if he wanted to. In terms of devouring ability, how could Cell compare to April, who had the ability of Majin Buu?

It would be good if he was not devoured.

“Uncle Muyang, is that guy also an artificial human?” Bulma was shocked.

After getting Muyang’s confirmation, Bulma sighed, “So Android can still be so ugly. I thought all artificial human beings were modified according to the human body.”

Because of the good genes in their bodies, they were both beautiful and handsome. April was also a natural beauty. Even if she showed her demonic form, she was full of charm. Only Cell looked like a monster, completely breaking the impression that Bulma had of Android.

“That guy is a creature that Dr. Gello of another world synthesized based on the genes of various races. He is not a natural creature…” Then, he told them about the future of the parallel world.

“So that’s how it is. The other world is very miserable. In the other world, I actually married that Vegetta. I can’t believe it. Why would I give up on Goku…” Bulma shook his head, feeling worried for his own aesthetics.

“Because it’s a parallel space, the development is different. There are no Melia and I there. Lazuli and Lapis are also demons that destroy the world.”

Bulma knew that parallel worlds could not be mixed with her own world, so she did not continue this topic to avoid making herself feel uncomfortable.

Once again, she jumped into the time machine. Bulma checked every button in the cockpit. From time to time, she would think about the principle of the time machine. She wanted to see how the brain of the other world was grown. To actually be able to develop such an epoch-making equipment like the time machine, it was indeed amazing.

Muyang saw that Bulma was studying the time machine in high spirits, so she did not disturb her. She contacted the Capsule Corporation and asked them to send more people to help Bulma. Then, she opened Acceleration World’s passage and walked in alone.

When she stepped into Accerelation World, she saw that April had already opened her large experimental platform. Cell was fixed on the experimental platform by something pink like rubber. It was the body tissue of Majin Buu.

“Brother, help me. I want to dissect his body to see the internal structure.”

Muyang smiled faintly. “Alright.”

Aphra immediately picked up the strengthened blade used for surgery and cut open the hole in Cell’s chest. Then, strange internal organs were extracted one by one and placed into different training devices to store them.


Cell was already dumbfounded at this time and struggled with all his might. This was completely different from what he had imagined before he transmigrated.

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