Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 442

Chapter 442

“Isn’t this normal? You have to eat when you are hungry. Of course, I have to hunt when I’m hungry.” Seeing April’s fuss, Majin Android 21 let out a giggle as if it was a natural thing to do.

April’s nerves tensed up, the blue-colored eyes stared at Majin Android 21, this woman who looked a bit like her was simply a demon.

‘Someone so dangerous, she can’t be allowed near the Central Star.’

Her two eyes became sharp, and April immediately detached from Majin Android 21 some distance away. The energy in her body began to roll, and the white trench coat could not stop fluttering. The delicate skin surface was like a glaze, attached to a layer of crystal light.

“Aaahh, it seems that you are not willing to obediently become my food, but no matter what…. any resistance is useless. I always know, under the sky, there is no reason to reap what you sow.” Majin Android 21’s face showed an evil smile, the eyelids moved, and suddenly burning blood-red light.

Just then, there was a loud boom.

The red energy wrapped around Majin Android 21’s body suddenly swept away like a gale of fury, and the vast void became unstable all of a sudden. The body was like a flat boat in the sea rising and falling.

Feeling the wild and evil aura emanating from Majin Android 21, April’s face sank. Her face showed anxiety, and she secretly said, “Majin Android 21’s power is actually so strong, maybe only brother and Melissa together can deal with it!”

April’s heart was filled with a chill, and her expression changed dramatically.

“Hey, turn into a dessert.” Majin Android 21 clasped her hands to her chest, her slender fingers pointed towards the front, and her fingertips instantly shone with a point of light that came towards April like an electric light.


The warning of danger suddenly sounded, and April had no time to think. Her body involuntarily dodged, and at this moment, the eternal energy source was turned on to the limit. With a swish, a burning heat was felt at her cheek, and the magic lightning of Majin Android 21 brushed past April’s cheek and fell straight to a small astral body in the distance.

At once, a magical scene happened.

The small astral body that had been running peacefully actually miraculously changed its shape and finally turned into a palm-sized cake.

April’s bright eyes opened wide, the pupils inside shrank to pinhole-sized dots, and her scalp felt a sudden numbness.

“What kind of special ability is this? It is actually able to turn the astral body into a cake!”

The weirdness of Majin Android 21 made April feel palpitations.

Majin Android 21 was an Android 21 that had fused with Majin Buu cells.

The answer to the question of what Majin Buu was, April didn’t know, but the ability that Majin Android 21 had just shown had surprised her to the extreme. There were actually such bizarre guys in the world.

The lightning was called “Transfiguration Beam”.

The effect was the same as the tentacles on top of Majin Buu’s head. Anyone who was hit by the lightning would be turned into dessert.

“Shit, I can’t believe you dodged it.” Majin Android 21 spat her mouth, and the corners of her mouth hooked up with an evil smile, “I was just going to make a joke with you, but you’re not as weak as I thought you were up there. You should be able to make up for a lot of my energy loss, an unexpected pleasure.”

Between the words, Majin Android 21’s cold eyes flashed a scarlet electric aura, followed by rough and tyrannical energy to Majin Android 21 as the center of the sweep up. The body bent down, and Majin Android 21’s figure suddenly disappeared from April’s eyes. When it reappeared …… it had come to April’s heel.

The tip of his nose was almost about to stick to April’s cheek, and Majin Android 21 smiled demonically, “I wonder if you can withstand …… one of my attacks.”

“Not good!”

Wow, with a fist launched forward, the hard fist struck April’s body.

April’s face was bitter, and her body had shot out like a cannonball.

“Eh heh heh, this time, let’s see how you can dodge. You’ll turn into a dessert. Prey!!!”

The curved lightning flashed again. The lightning cut through the void and looked like it was about to hit the speeding April. Facing the attack of Majin Android 21, April opened her eyes but could not make a dodging move.

“Am I about to be devoured by Majin Android 21?” The figure of Muyang flashed in her thoughts, and April’s heart was filled with longing.

At that moment, a cyan figure blocked in front of April, and a sudden distortion occurred in the void. A well-sized channel appeared suddenly.

As soon as that channel appeared, it absorbed the electric light released by Majin Android 21 cleanly in a big gulp. At the same time, April’s body was held in place.

“April, if we are one step late, you will have to report to the Other-World.” A clear and pleasant voice sounded in April’s mind.

April broke free from the other party’s arms, “Sister Melissa, what brings you here?”

Melissa hooked up her fingers and knocked the back of her fingers on April’s head, “You didn’t inform us beforehand when such a big thing happened. If it wasn’t for Bardock, who was still reliable, you would have been dead.”

As Melissa said, if Bardock had not been thoughtful enough to use the Central Star’s contact device to contact Muyang and Melissa on the planet Sala, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

“I didn’t expect to meet this guy,” April said glutinously with an aggrieved face.

“Pay attention next time.” Muyang did not reprimand April like Melissa. After softly comforting a sentence, he turned around and gazed at Majin Android 21 with both eyes.

It was only right that there should not be a Majin Android 21 in this era.

“Majin Android 21!” Muyang’s cold voice was transmitted over radio waves.

“Huh? Two more guys looking for death? You should be the experts of the North Area, right? Strange, how come I haven’t seen you guys in other time and space?” Majin Android 21 sounded relaxed, seemingly not caring about the other side coming with a few more helpers. Anyway, the more they came, the more energy they would send to her… So, the happier she would be.

“I have not seen you either. You should be the one that the Time patrol is trying to capture. As a rule, you shouldn’t have the ability to travel through time and space.” Muyang looked relaxed, but in fact, he was always on guard.

“Hahaha, you know quite a lot.” Majin Android 21 talked as if he was an old friend.

Muyang laughed and did not reply, but took out a small golden card from his pocket, then wrenched it into two pieces in front of Majin Android 21. This card was given to him by Pitou and Noether to contact them urgently when they found out about Majin Android 21.

“Bastard, you actually have the Time Patrol’s alarm card.” Seeing this, Majin Android 21 was no longer as relaxed as before. Her face was cold, and her eyes were filled with cold light.

The Time Patrol group was like a dog’s skin. Once they were entangled, they couldn’t shake it off.

Majin Android 21 threw her arm with force, splitting the energy wind wall in front of her. With a sprint, she flew towards the location where Muyang and the others were.

“Melissa, this guy is not simple. You join forces with me, be careful of the magic lightning she emits, April you first hide to the side.”

Muyang suddenly shouted the power of his body swells up at the same time.


Melissa and April nodded in unison.

The battle soon began, Muyang first tangled with Majin Android 21. As long as he paid attention to the magic electric light on the other side, Muyang had the certainty to tangle with Majin Android 21. The silhouette suddenly flashed, and Muyang stopped in front of Majin Android 21. His arms suddenly crackled, and there was a series of movements.

This time Melissa also leapt forward. The Legendary Super Saiyan power burst out, silver-white electric arcs wrapped around the body, golden hair upward.

Melissa’s Legendary Super Saiyan form was a bit like Super Saiyan 2!

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