Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 363

Chapter 363

“Oh, indeed, only 10,000 power level, but your courage just now is worthy of praise.”

Melia shook her head. She walked step by step towards Vegeta and Shasley; each step brought huge pressure on them. When she came to Vegeta, the wind howled, the ground cracked, and the huge pressure had crushed their inability to breathe.

Vegeta once again attacked Melia. Unfortunately, Melia snapped her fingers and sent him flying again.

“Vegeta, are you okay?” Shasley’s face was pale as she clutched Vegeta’s hand.

“Ahem, it’s okay.”

Vegeta looked at Melia in horror. Melia’s light blow directly shattered his past pride.

“I am the prince of Planet Vegeta, how am I not even be able to beat a woman? Damn, this woman is definitely not ordinary. Perhaps the only way to match her is to use the Great Ape Transformation!”

Vegeta’s face tangled, and his heart flashed through a thousand threads.

If the opponent’s power level was only the one just now, then he might have some hope of winning by using the Great Ape Transformation. The only uncertainty was that Vegeta did not know if that was the opponent’s limit. If the judgment were wrong, an opportunity that could have been eased would have been lost, and this choice could have directly buried their lives.

“Vegeta, you want to cast artificial moon for Giant Ape Transformation?”

Just when Vegeta made up his mind to prepare for the Great Ape Transformation, a light voice directly scared Vegeta out of cold sweat. The light that just coalesced dissipated; Vegeta looked at the black-haired man with a shocked face.

Muyang’s cold face appeared in front of Vegeta, and Vegeta actually did not notice when he came over.

“No need to think about it. Even if you managed to turn into a Great Ape form, it’s only a hundred thousand or so power level. You’re not a match for Melia at all.”

‘Damn, there are still two of them here.’

‘So, Melia is the name of the woman just now, and with just one woman, we were defeated without a fight… If there are more of them, we simply couldn’t!’

Thinking of this, Vegeta moved his throat, feeling some bitterness.

With a disheveled expression, Vegeta sighed, “Who are you people? Look at your appearance, you are not Saiyans!”

Melia’s hand just now had made Vegeta feel humble.

Muyang looked at him and laughed, “I am indeed not a Saiyan.”

“But my wife is.”

At this time, Melia also withdrew the pressure shrouded in Vegeta, standing with Melis to the side of Muyang. The bird-like appearance wasn’t as ferocious as it was just now. However, none of the people present dared to underestimate her.

If not for the mercy of the opponent just now, Vegeta was afraid that his life would not have been saved.

“What exactly is your purpose? I definitely will not let you take Shasley away.”

“Shasley? You mean this female Saiyan beside you? Our target is not her.” Muyang laughed, “This time I came over, firstly to see how the rumored Saiyan prince really is; secondly well…” Muyang’s finger pointed to Raditz.

“We’re here to find him.”

“Me?” Raditz was pointing at himself in disbelief.

Not only Raditz, even Vegeta and Nappa were also stunned. There were several people who were too strong in front of them… but they actually came to find Raditz.

How on earth did this guy offend them?

“You are the son of Bardock!”

“Do you…. have a grudge against my father?!” Raditz sniffed. His body took a step backward, and his face turned pale.

Raditz first thought it was his father’s enemies who came to the door. His mind even made up a revenge plot with a beginning and an end. His father must have accidentally offended the opponent when he was on a mission and made a deadly feud. Then, after the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the opponent could not find his father and went straight to him.

Otherwise, how could a small Low-Class Warrior such as himself caused the opponent to make a great effort?

Thinking of this, Raditz’s entire body went soft.

Muyang looked at Raditz in surprise and said with some amusement, “Your brain circuit seems to be a bit peculiar. How did you think that we have a grudge against Bardock?”

“You guys aren’t here to seek revenge….,” Raditz asked cautiously.

Melia whispered in Muyang’s ear, “Raditz looks silly. He’ s just too useless.”

Muyang looked at Melia and said to Raditz, “No, we are going to take you as requested by your father. You should come with us now.”

When Raditz heard that Muyang and the others were not looking for revenge, he was relieved on the spot. However, when he heard that the opponent was going to take him away, he looked at Vegeta and Nappa helplessly.

Nappa deliberately turned his head away, and Vegeta did not say anything.

“I’ll… go with you guys.” Raditz said with a trembling voice.

“This choice is wise, then come with us!” Muyang laughed lightly and didn’t tell Raditz exactly where to take him.


In the time of returning to the gravity ship base, Melia suddenly turned back to look at Vegeta, “You’re a Saiyan Prince but you don’t live up to your name. If you’re still so bad in the future, I’ll take that woman next to you.”

Vegeta smiled. His face immediately darkened angrily, clenched fists. Due to excessive force, the nails sink deep into the skin.


Seeing Vegeta’s blackened face, Melia couldn’t help but laugh, and jumped onto the tray under the gravity ship together with Muyang and the others, and the tray slowly rose.

After the ship closed, the hull shone with a crystal flash, and then swoosh, the whole heavy gravity ship into a stream of light.


“Damn it!”

After the ship disappeared, Vegeta finally could not hold back the anger in his heart. His fist smashed angrily on the ground, and the ground was smashed out of a big pit. Just now, Melia’s words deeply stabbed Vegeta’s pride. His usual arrogant prince could not stand it.

“Vegeta, you’re okay, right?” Shasley worried.

Vegeta’s face was gloomy. His face was as cold as frost, “Shasley, our strength is not enough. If we were strong enough just now, we wouldn’t have to lift our heads in front of those three.”

Sashley nodded hard.

“In the next days, we have to work harder. What that woman said just now is not wrong, our strength is still too far behind. Compared with the real masters, this power of ours is nothing at all.”

Vegeta was greatly enlightened. He finally stopped being proud of his little power and resolved to work harder.

“Vegeta…” Shasley thought of Vegeta’s previous performance, deeply moved.

“Why are you looking at this prince so much?!”

“No….” Shasley silently shook her head, looking at the little prince who only reached her chest, thinking that Vegeta would be better if he grew up a little more.

At this time, Nappa resentfully stood to the side. In front of this man and woman, he felt as if he was superfluous. He wondered if it was an illusion. The air seemed to be filled with a sour smell of love.

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