Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

On Korin Tower.

Since breaking through the first limitation, Muyang was like a brand-new person. The shackles that used to hold him captive were gone, and his training speed was just like taking a plane, simply changing every day.

In the third month, Muyang was able to snatch the kettle from Korin.

“Oh, when did you get so good at this, kid.” After Muyang snatched the kettle, Korin looked at him with great surprise.

This young man’s growth had shocked him. Muyang had actually snatched the kettle from his hands in just three months. One must know that Master Roshi took a full three years to snatch the kettle, which was considered fast.

“There, Korin, you gave me too much praise; it means you taught me well.”

“Tsk, don’t you dare put a high hat on me.”

Korin took a glance at Muyang, and shaking his fat body, “All the basics I can teach have been passed on to you. The third stage is ki convergence and perception, which is something even more profound. At the current stage, you can only learn ki convergence, as for perception, that’s beyond the stage of a martial arts practitioner.”

Muyang listened attentively. The convergence of ki was far easier than perception, as it only required comprehending the state of mind like water.

As for the perception of ki involved even deeper secrets and required controlling the fluctuations of the ki to a subtle level.

That was the stage of The Lookout practitioner.

Korin can only teach about ki convergence here. Suppose you want to learn how to use ki to perceive your opponent.

In that case, you either have to comprehend it on your own, or obtain Korin’s approval, get the token that led to The Lookout, and then go to the Heavenly Realm to practice.

So now, Muyang was still learning how to control his ki from Korin.


Time passed like fine sand, slipped away unnoticed.

In the blink of an eye, another half a month had passed. Under Korin’s guidance, Muyang had been growing rapidly while constantly compensating and absorbing the essence of Korin’s martial arts. Muyang also gradually grasped the connotations of ki, and at this time, his ki was able to be introverted. Finally, it was no longer as sharp as before.

“Ugh, there’s nothing more I can teach you.” Korin looked at Muyang as if he was a monster.

This kid was simply a monster. After only three months, he had made himself unreachable. This talent was definitely one of the best among earthlings. However, what Korin didn’t know that it was all because of Muyang had a cheat called Acceleration Space.

Muyang accepted all of Korin’s praise, and he smiled, “I’ve been troubling Immortal Korin for a while.”


Korin held his beard and nodded, “It’s not a problem. The whole point of Korin Tower’s existence is to produce good martial arts practitioners, but unfortunately, it’s getting less every year, and no one can climb up.”

“By the way, Immortal Korin, I see you’ve been eating some kind of dried flat beans for the past few days. Does that stuff fill you up?”

Korin glanced at Muyang, “Oh, that’s a Senzu Beans. If you eat one and you won’t have to eat for ten days.”

Muyang’s eyes lit up. Of course, he knew that it was Senzu Bean, which was precious in the late Dragon Ball stage.

However, for now, it was still only used as a stomach filler, which didn’t reflect its value.

“Oh, Immortal Korin, why do you make me eat flour every day when there is something good? It’s excessive!”

“Cough, that’s a training for you, a martial arts practitioner must endure hardships… as for eating flour, that’s a tradition passed down from ancient times…” Upon facing a sweeping look of contempt, even Korin himself was too embarrassed to continue.

“There’s no way around it; the production of Senzu Beans isn’t very high. It’s usually only sixty or so a year, and I have to consume about forty a year. So, the amount is really not much.”

“Well, Immortal Korin, let’s have a discussion. Why don’t I go down there now and move a batch of seafood up for you? I’m sure with your ability. You can keep the seafood fresh. I’ll trade this seafood with you for Senzu Beans, what do you think?”

Muyang narrowed his eyes as he thought of his own little plan. Korin Tower could store flour up here; there was no reason why it couldn’t store other things.

Since Senzu Beans only help to fill the stomach, what was the difference if you used fish instead?

Besides, Senzu Beans didn’t taste like anything, so how could they taste better than seafood? If you opened a small stove, you’d get a delicious smell every day!


Sure enough, upon hearing that Muyang was planning to exchange seafood for Senzu Beans, Korin’s two eyes suddenly widened. There was literally light in his eyes.

However, in order to maintain his immortal reserve, Korin said calmly, “That’s a good idea. I can’t leave Korin Tower on weekdays, so if you’re willing to do it for me, it’s not inconceivable!”

It’s done! Muyang’s heart shouted loudly as if he saw a large number of Senzu Beans waving towards him.

“Immortal Korin, how many Senzu Beans are you planning to change…” Muyang asked carefully.

“Of course, the more, the better, I’ll keep a little for myself, and that’s enough… I’ll replace all the rest. Wait a minute; I’ll go see how many Senzu Beans are left.”

Korin went to the bottom floor of the tower and began to search through the boxes and finally found a large brown pottery pot with the word “Senzu Beans” in red.

After opening it, it was full of bright green dried beans. It was roughly estimated to be 15,000 to 16,000 of them.

I couldn’t believe there were so many!

At this time, Muyang couldn’t help but secretly hold a grudge. How many Senzu Beans did that dead fatty Yojirobe had ruined that made Son Goku, and the others had to share one with a few people if they wanted to eat it?

“This is all of it. This is what I’ve saved for over eight hundred years, and now that the production of Senzu Beans is getting lower. I’m going to leave a few thousand for preparation, and the rest will all be given to you in exchange for seafood.”

After he spoke, Korin paused, and his ears perked up, “Of course, because of one Senzu Bean could cover ten days meal, your seafood…”

“…has to be able to cover ten days’ meal as well!” Muyang didn’t hesitate.

“Well, that’s not a problem then.” Korin nodded in satisfaction. One Senzu Bean was enough to cover ten days of meals, and if the seafood didn’t do the same, then the deal wasn’t fair.

Taking out an empty earthenware jar from the side, Korin said as he filled it with fairy beans, “Actually, this Senzu Bean is much better than the food on the ground. It’s perfect for martial arts practitioners to use after their training, as well as for them to use against enemies, do you know why?”

“Because it works fast! It can quickly regain physical strength!”

Muyang answered truthfully. The Senzu Bean’s hunger-filling function alone was an excellent advantage, not to mention that it also came with a healing function. However, Korin might not have been injured and didn’t know about it.


Korin looked back at Muyang and found that he was very good at grasping the key to the problem. Korin then nodded inwardly and sighed, “Speaking of seafood, they don’t function as well as this…”

As Korin paws paused, Muyang’s heart was beating faster.

He calmly said, “You have a point, Immortal Korin. I think the same too, but I can provide more seafood to ensure that you are satisfied! And we also have a stove on the ground that can cook all kinds of delicious food. I’ll bring one for you as well when I go down there.”

“Haha, it’s rare for someone like you to have such an intention, so bring me one.” Korin squinted and smiled.

Seeing the cat’s claws began to fill the pottery jar with Senzu Beans again, Muyang wiped his sweat.

He secretly thought Korin was indeed quite outdated. He sure knew how to negotiate a price, but luckily he didn’t succeed in the world of business mainly because the money wasn’t paid properly.

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