Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 250

Chapter 250

Muyang gazed calmly at Melia and Melis, silently nodding in his heart.

Worthy of being a Saiyan of Planet Sala. Either originating from their bloodline or being born knowing how to train ki, their talent was much better than Planet Vegeta’s Saiyans.

The strongest Saiyans in the entire Planet Vegeta was not as good as them in combat.

“The ki in you is perfectly formed. However, before you learn Kaio-ken, you have to grasp the subtleties of ki more seriously, or else the suddenly enhanced ki will directly crush your bodies.”

Muyang was like a strict teacher and began to educate them strictly.

The sisters would be his wives when they grew up, and for their good, they couldn’t waste the talent in them.

Fortunately, the Saiyans of Planet Sala was just like the earthlings, paying much attention to the training of ki.

Although the fine aspects were not as painstakingly researched as the earthlings, the origin seemed to be the same.

Muyang taught them without the trouble of starting all over again.

“First, you guys need to overcome 60 times gravity to bring out the potential of your body; then I will teach you how to control the ki in your body.”


The two girls nodded stubbornly and thoughtfully as their bodies continued to tremble.

After about ten minutes had passed, Muyang saw that both girls were almost exhausted.

So, he withdrew the powerful gravity and stuffed one Senzu Bean into each of them, allowing them to recover quickly.

Chewing the Senzu Bean and swallowing it, a surge of energy immediately flowed through her body. Melia got excited and jumped out of the central planet’s range with a bounce but was quickly pulled back by a gravitational force.

“Remember this feeling of excitement. Don’t let it go, and try to control it a little.”

Muyang said as his arm sliced across the void. A large mass of ki gathered under his control, condensing into a crystal.

He was then inputting his perceptions into it, quickly producing a more basic martial crystal.

Planet Sala’s training experience was rich. However, the sisters were still very young and didn’t have much essence. At this time, Muyang chose to let them comprehend their martial arts path.

The sisters also seemed to see that Muyang was really serious about teaching them, so they happily sat around the purple martial crystal on either side.

Soon, a profound and mysterious insight was intuitively displayed in front of their eyes. Their eyes were glowing with brilliance as they continuously absorbed the knowledge within.

At this time, a piece of soft blue body leaped over from afar, directly lying on Muyang’s head.

“Gaia, stop it. Now, I’m training them.” Muyang patted Gaia, and the creature quieted down.


Gaia jumped around the sisters, smelling their ki.

Half a day later, Melia and Melis awoke from the realization of the martial crystal. By this time, both seemed to have learned a lot, and their ki was a little more inward.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so dirty.” Melia yelped, smelling something strange on her body.

“So dirty.” Melis flattened her mouth, also a little unhappy.

Muyang laughed, “You guys were sweating from enduring 60 times gravity and sitting still for so long before, so you naturally carry some sweat smell on your body.”

“It’s so annoying; I want to take a shower. Is there any water here?” Melia jumped up, looking for the location of the pool. However, the central planet was just that big, and it was all flat green space at a glance, so how could there be a place for her to bathe?

Muyang saw the situation and shook his head. The former soul state of Mexia would not care about this.

He immediately waved his arm and reclaimed a hot spring not far away. The water in it was still steaming hot.

“If you want to take a bath, go over there!”

“Wow, hot tub.”

Melia shouted with a wow, taking off her pale blue short sleeves and pants as she ran, not even minding that Muyang would see her body.

As she plopped down, Melia jumped into the hot spring, happily playing in the water. When Melis saw it, she also stripped off her clothes and jumped down.

The two sisters seemed to be defenseless against themselves.

However, what could such little girls know?

While picking up the clothes that Melia and Melis threw on the grass, Muyang smiled lightly as he watched them play in the hot spring.

Melia and Melis weren’t tall yet. Their skin was fair and pink, and their whole body was like a scrub board.

Eight-year-old girls, their body was nothing to look at. At this moment, Muyang somewhat misses Mexia’s mature body.

So, he took out the two bionic robots that Mexia had used before, tidying up their clothes.

The tight black dresses outline an excellent curve. The figure was soft and voluptuous, or was it Mexia’s body.

There was a clatter, and Melia climbed up wetly from the sink, standing curiously next to Mexia’s bionic robot.

“Uncle, who are these two?!”

Muyang said, “She is your past life.”

Melia looked curiously, “Did my past life look this pretty?”

Muyang glanced at Melia and saw that her wet hair was dripping with water droplets. Her body was naked, so he brought a dry towel to cover her body and wiped off the droplets for her.

He then wrapped her up in a bath towel, just like Bulma took care of Goku in the original story.

“Don’t just walk around naked from now on.”

“Hehe.” Melia squinted her eyes and spat her tongue, not caring at all.

Muyang shook his head. It seemed like there was still a long way to go to educate them!

Waving towards Melis, Muyang also dried her off. By the way, the two of them were still the princesses of Planet Sala, and being born that way, they couldn’t enjoy the life of a big fish and meat.

So he needed to treat them better!


In the following days, Muyang taught them the training techniques of ki in the Accelerated World.

Both sisters were brilliant Saiyans. With the help of Muyang’s martial arts crystal, they could soon control the ki in their bodies with precision.

At this time, Muyang could start teaching them Kaio-ken.

By the way, when Mexia was in the North Kai’s Planet, she had also learned the Kaio-ken.

However, she didn’t have that memory in this life, so she had to start from the beginning. Melia and Melis were quick learners. In three months, they had mastered the basic technique of how to perform Kaio-ken.



Two delicate voices rang out one after another, and dark red light shone as Melia and Melis used Twice Kaio-ken.

A wild, windswept up, 40,000 power level swept out in a moment, and the entire world became windswept.

Muyang looked on with a shallow smile, “Not bad. You have already mastered the technique of applying Kaio-ken.”

Although Muyang had taught them Kaio-ken, it was equally forbidden for them to use more than Twice Kaio-ken.

In his words, the two sisters’ bodies had not yet grown, and forcing them to use high multiples of Kaio-ken in their too tender state would affect their physical development.

Since the sisters had seen their former appearance, they were envious of Mexia’s figure body that was voluptuous in the way it should be bumpy and concave.

However, they also refrained from using more than Twice Kaio-ken to avoid affecting their development.

“Uncle, look at us, we’ve learned Kaio-ken. So, take us out for a walk!”

Melia freckled and pulled Muyang’s hand. These past few months, Muyang had become much closer to them, and the sisters had become more pampered in front of him.

“Does Melies want to go out too?”

“Yeah.” Melis nodded.

“Good, I’ll take you guys out.”

Muyang waved a big hand and very readily agreed.

This was an excellent opportunity to nurture a relationship with the sisters. Muyang was going to raise them from a young age, just like April said so that they would somehow become dependent on him.

This way, when they awaken their memories of Mexia in the future, there won’t be any conflicts. Their personalities will be integrated to the maximum extent.

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