Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 233

Chapter 233

With Muyang’s current strength, the earth was like a small, low-lying pool, which, to some extent, could no longer accommodate a large dragon-like him.

Even a little outburst of ki would often require caution, in fear of accidentally causing panic among the martial arts practitioners on earth.

The feeling of having his hands tied, coupled with the difficulty of meeting an opponent, causing Muyang to feel a sense of discomfort.

Perhaps the vast, expansive universe was more suitable for Muyang to live in, where it was effortless to do whatever he wanted.

When he wanted to fight, he could just find a desolate planet. Even if he collapsed the planet, his heart would not be burdened in the slightest.

This was incomparable on earth.

Earth was his and Mexia’s hometown, occasionally living on it and reminiscing about life was still very rhyme.

However, the long-term residence was obviously not suitable. After all, today’s earth was not yet the future explosion of strong people. Staying for a long time would only give him a feeling that his strength could not grow.

Next, after talking to Wuting and the others for a while and instructing them on their training, Muyang turned around. There was a sudden flash of light, and Muyang’s silhouette had left the Lookout.

“I wonder how Muyang trains. He has surpassed us by far.” After Muyang left, Wuting lamented.

Although their strength had increased a lot over the many years they had been in the Lookout, it was insignificant compared to Muyang.

“He hasn’t exerted his power yet, but we can’t even walk away from a single move in his hands.” Gillo sobbed.

However, he didn’t have any thoughts about being unhappy. When their strength gap reached a certain level, he didn’t have the idea of competing to win.

“Muyang didn’t do anything, to be precise. Just a wave of ki would have bounced us off.” Arlo shook his head.

That was truly frustrating.

“It’s like Son Gohan from before.”

At this time, Kami had carefully put away the Saibamen seeds given to him by Muyang. Upon hearing Wuting’s feelings after Muyang defeated them, Kami came with his crutches.

He knew that Muyang had been to the place where Kai lived to train. He must have been powerful because he had received the true teaching from Lord Kai.

However, the earth was able to emerge so many masters, and Kami was already happy.

Kami smiled, “You guys shouldn’t be too low. Muyang has received instruction from Kai in his martial arts, and it’s normal for his level to surpass yours.”

“What kind of god is Kai? Is he even loftier than Kami?” Wuting asked after hearing this.

Kami humbly said, “Kai is the highest god of the entire North Area. I’m just a Kami of one planet; how can I compare to the Kai?”

Kami was exceptionally respectful of North Kai, who was in charge of the entire North Area.

However, he didn’t know that the North Kai was actually so bitter compared to the other Kai that he was about to cry out loudly.

If Muyang knew that Kami attributed all of his growth to the North Kai, he had no idea how it would feel.

However, Kami couldn’t be blamed for this. After all, he had limited vision and didn’t know how strong Muyang was today, nor did he know about the universe level existences like the God of Destruction Beerus and Angel Whis.

He’d even now thought that Muyang was only a little more powerful than Son Gohan, to the extent of thirty or forty thousand power levels!

Upon hearing of the lofty status of the Kai, Wuting and the others were greatly horrified.

The supreme god of the entire North Area, how lofty must that be.

It turned out that Muyang had actually practiced with Kai, no wonder he was so powerful.

It was like when people like themselves were still receiving instructions from Korin. Even before receiving instructions from Korin, Muyang was already practicing on the Lookout. The difference in level could be imagined; it was huge.

Muyang was so powerful because he was receiving instruction at a higher level than the rest of the people like them!

If they could have such an opportunity, they might become as strong as Muyang.

No, it was possible that they would be even stronger!

The eyes of Wuting’s group turned fiery as if they had found a way to continue to grow stronger.

Wuting was busy pursuing the question, “Kami, how can we receive Kai’s instructions?”

In the meantime, Kami raised his eyebrows, “Kai is the holiest god of the North Area; mortals are not qualified to meet him. The entrance to Kai’s Planet is in the Other-World. That requires great merit to enter.”

“Is there no other way?” Arlo pursued.

“No.” Kami his head, “Back then, Muyang was able to apply to go to Kai’s Planet for training because he had the great merit of saving the earth.”

“Alas, it seems we don’t have that chance!”

Wuting sighed, feeling a little discouraged.

Obviously, the way to become stronger was right in front of him, but he and the others couldn’t get it. Didn’t able to see and touch it was the most painful part.

Kami laughed and said, “Don’t be discouraged. Didn’t Muyang leave the martial arts crystal behind? You guys can continue to get stronger by gaining comprehension.”

Kami spun around and took Muyang’s purple martial arts crystal and said, “You should build an altar in the Lookout’s main hall, and put this martial arts crystal on it. In the future, all the martial arts practitioners who come up from the lower realm will be able to comprehend the higher martial arts through their spiritual power.”

“Got it.” Nodding their heads, they quickly built an altar in the Lookout’s main hall and set the martial arts crystal on top of it.

“Shall we try it?” Arlo said, looking at the martial arts crystal.

“Let’s try it then.”

A few of Muyang’s junior brothers and sisters were much more frank. They knew their senior brother’s power best, so they sat cross-legged around the martial arts crystal, quickly pouring their spirit into it. Suddenly, Muyang’s profound martial arts were displayed in their hearts.

When Wuting and the others saw it, they imitated it as well.

Immediately the profound martial arts appeared in front of their eyes as vast as a sea of smoke.

The feedback in their spirit was most straightforward. The truths that took a long time to comprehend were directly dissected, and every flash of light caused them to scratch their ears and blush.

At this moment, they began to doubt.

Was Muyang really only learning his strength from Kai?

The knowledge of just one martial arts crystal made them comprehend a multitude. They probably wouldn’t be able to understand such profound martial arts even if they met Kai.

Hey, Kai was really something!


On the other hand, when Muyang left the Lookout to return to the Great Azure Mountain, he didn’t directly enter the Great Azure Mountain but landed in the Azure Mountain City and strolled around the Azure Mountain City Mall for a while.

He resupplied some daily necessities and bought some gifts for April and her disciple Kanalita on the way.

Putting a few gifts into the Acceleration World, Muyang turned around and appeared at the Great Azure Mountain foot with a faint smile on his face.

From afar, he saw a man in coarse yellow cloth sitting at the foot of the mountain. The man had a firm face, curly hair, and brownish-black skin on his body, like an ascetic monk.

“May I ask if you are a disciple of the Kami School? My name is King Chappa, and I wish to join the Kami School to learn martial arts, so please introduce me!” The man who called himself King Chappa got up and said to Muyang.

Muyang looked at him calmly, his deep eyes seeing through King Chappa’s physique at once.

“Your martial arts path is already set. Entering the Kami School isn’t much of a help. I think you should go to the Orin Temple; it’s more suitable for you there.”

“Orin Temple? I actually have the same idea, but my father insisted that I join the Kami School.” King Chappa said in a daze.

“Who is your father?”

“His name is Oman. He used to be a fighter, but he has now switched to martial arts.”

King Chappa was very calm, but he had some potential as a martial arts practitioner.

In the meantime, Muyang remembered vaguely that there was a person named Oman.

He recalled that many years ago, on the day before the 12th World Martial Arts Tournament, a fighter named Oman challenged the Kami School and was beaten up by Ness. Then he met Mexia, who was disguised as “Mellie,” and was eliminated.

So King Chappa was Oman’s son?

Muyang looked at King Chappa again. There were indeed a few Oman’s shades, but King Chappa had a much darker complexion and seemed to have undergone a hard training.

He still shook his head, “Kami School isn’t for you. Go to Orin Temple or Maple Leaf School; it will allow you to grow. If you don’t even want to, you can just go to Korin Tower. There are new martial arts on top of Korin Tower that will help you.”

King Chappa was surprised, “How do you know what’s going on up there in Korin Tower?”

Muyang laughed and said, “Because my name is Muyang.”

After saying these words, Muyang’s figure disappeared like a dream. King Chappa looked on in a daze, obviously not expecting that the young man he had met would actually be the “God of Martial Arts.”

“So it’s the legendary Senior Brother Muyang!” King Chappa’s eyes glinted with respect, “Since it’s a recommendation from the God of Martial Arts, I’ll go to Karin Tower.”


“Senior brother, you’re finally back. I’m hungry.”

April was lying on the glass table, playing with a Dragon Ball in her hand, rolling it around on the table. A few cut up pieces of dessert in one corner of the table, which she hadn’t eaten yet.

“Why don’t you eat by yourself first?” Muyang’s eyebrows rose.

April regained her vigor and stroked her hair, “I have to wait for my senior brother to come back and eat together. The food I cooked doesn’t taste good; I can’t eat it.”

Muyang held his forehead. April’s scientific mind was there, but her cooking skills were terrible, except for the desserts, that was pretty good.

The other dishes were a mess. Mexia had actually asked her to take care of him, but it was apparent that he raised her.

Setting the gifts he bought from the mall on the table, Muyang put on his apron and walked into the kitchen, “April, you go and get Kanalita too. The gifts on the table are for you guys.”


April happily stood up and bounced out, suddenly turning back, “By the way, senior brother, Panchy gave birth to a daughter two days ago. Her name is Tights. I want a senior brother to come over with me to visit her.”

Muyang’s voice came out from the kitchen, “The baby’s name Tights. Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Giggle… Okay!” When April was satisfied, she laughed like a child. She then ran off to find Kanalita.

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