Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 214

Chapter 214

Although Muyang wanted Mexia to reincarnate into a Saiyan in the future, it would still a long time from now. It was still a little too early to talk about this now that Mexia’s soul mutation wasn’t complete.

After gathering their thoughts, Muyang and Mexia sat on top of the waterfall for a long time.

The target of their mission this time was a dark creature named Euster on the “Planet Leara” in the North Part of the North Area.

According to the information, it had about 80,000 power levels. This mission was not challenging for the current Muyang and could only be said to be a way to pass the time.

“Senior brother, after completing the mission. Can we go to Planet Domini again? My body is convenient, but it’s too small. It doesn’t feel like being a human at all.”

On the way to Planet Leara, Mexia suddenly turned around and said in Muyang’s ear.

Muyang said, “Of course. Your current soul power is enough to support a large body. So let’s get a normal human-sized one.”

The Spring of Life on Planet Ambera had caused Mexia’s soul power to grow by a large amount. Now, she was able to control an average human-sized body with this split soul. Moreover, Gaia in the Acceleration Space was also growing, so it could be predicted that Muyang and Mexia wouldn’t lack the Spring of Life in the future.

“To prepare more, I need several bodies to switch at any time.” Mexia blinked her eyes.

Muyang tapped his finger on Mexia’s head but still very accommodatingly agreed. Having a few more bodies on hand was also a good idea. It was the same reason why he had bought more than one spaceship. After all, it was a man-made object; there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t break down someday.

Mexia smiled and flapped a kiss on Muyang’s face, making Muyang smiled and immersed in this warm atmosphere.


Muyang’s Instant Transmission was launched, and the two of them appeared in the blink of an eye on the distant Planet Leara. The mission to kill Euster didn’t take too much time for Muyang.

It was overcast and rainy weather; the lights above Planet Leara were green and full of sin.

Planet Leara was a lawless and sinful planet, continually making all kinds of shady deals. Euster was the acknowledged overlord of several nearby planets, occupying a large amount of wealth. The incredible power of 80,000 power levels made Euster invincible, and everyone was afraid of him.

The inhabitants living under Euster’s rule were miserable. The long-standing oppressive gangster policy made them want to rebel, but challenging Euster resulted in their body parts being removed and brutally killed.

Until one day, all this misfortune ends.

In a city filled with darkness everywhere, Muyang quickly found Euster’s location with his ki sense and entered the house where Euster lived.

“Who are you?” Euster sat on the couch like a lord. A big cigarette in his hand and his purple eyes were long with vertical pupils, like cold-blooded lizards.

“The person who kills you.”

Before Euster had time to make any reaction, a thin ki blade condensed in Muyang’s hand. With a virtual stroke, the ki blade entered the body with a poof, and Euster was instantly killed.

“Y-you…” Euster’s two eyes stared at Muyang, and his pupil had lost its brilliance.

All the movements were flowing without any hesitation, and it was only a few seconds between before and after.

After taking a faint glance at his target and confirming that the opponent was dead, Muyang snapped a picture, and his figure flickered, disappearing like a nightmare.

The bell rang. The fierce alarm sounded in the house, alerting the entire sin city. However, when Euster’s subordinates arrived, they only saw Euster’s gruesome death, while the murderer had already disappeared…

After the death of Euster, the entire Planet Leara was immediately thrown into chaos. These dark aliens began to fight for power after the boss’s death, and a firefight began to unfold.

However, none of this was what Muyang needed to be concerned about.

“Senior brother is so quick. You’ve finished the mission so quickly.” Mexia gushed.

“It was necessary.”

“Let’s hurry up and go to Planet Domini! I want to have a normal body sooner.” Mexia affectionately pressed against Muyang’s cheek. She had been looking forward to having an average human-sized body for a long time.

“Everything is as you wish.”

Quickly agreeing, Muyang immediately activated Instant Transmission. Because he had used Instant Transmission to go to Planet Domini, the second trip was very convenient and didn’t go through much transit.

As Muyang took Mexia to Planet Domini to replace her body, news of the destruction of the Cooler Armored Squadron and the waning of the Ginyu Force members also spread through the North Area.


North Area Northern Part, the planet ruled by Cooler.

With his hands behind his back, Cooler stood on top of a vast rooftop, emitting a trembling air.

“So, Salza and the others have really been killed off?”

An oozing cold light shone among Cooler’s bloodshot eyes.

Cooler’s body was purple in its Base Form, with only the head, shoulders, and wrists covered in rock-hard white armor and a purple tail behind it.

Cooler’s overall form was very similar to Frieza’s Final Form but in opposite colors. While Frieza was mainly white, with only a small amount of purple on top of his head, shoulders, and arms, Cooler was the exact opposite.

Compared to Frieza’s petite Final Form, Cooler was a bit more refined and dominant.

The only thing that was the same was that both had bloodshot eyes that were as chilling as a demon’s. The gaze that defied everything was a pride that came from the marrow of their bones.

“Yes, we have found Lord Salza’s and the others’ bodies on top of that planet.” The reporting alien trembled and said.


Cooler snapped harshly. Not sure if it was disdain for Salza and his people’s strength or dissatisfaction with the cowardly display of the alien before him.

A laser swept over, and the alien in front of him looked on unbelievably, instantly blown to smithereens. Cooler’s anger wasn’t over the deaths of Salza and his people; he wouldn’t have the slightest bit of pity for the dead losers; he was just angry that someone had damaged his pride.

“Did you hear that a few of Frieza’s men died as well?”

Cooler turned around and asked another four-eyed alien.

The alien with weak legs and wiping sweat answered, “Lord Frieza’s Ginyu Force has lost two men, and Dodoria, who was a staff officer, disappeared with them.”

“Looks like it was a team effort! Do you have any leads there?”

“I heard that it was done by someone from the Galaxy Mercenary, a newly registered mercenary. This is all public information, but we haven’t found his details yet. The Galaxy Mercenary are very tightly controlled on this information.” The four-eyed alien said carefully.

Cooler’s deep voice growled, “Then get on it. I want all the information on that man.”

“…Also, I’m going to re-elect the Armored Squadron, and everyone is welcome to apply.”

Although high power levels were scarce in the universe, the universe was so large that a single North Area had an unknown number of planets. That was why Cooler wasn’t worried about the lack of power level subordinates at all.

“As ordered, your subordinates will do it immediately!”

The four-eyed alien breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly responded loudly. It then hurried out of Cooler’s sight.

“Huh,” Cooler grunted and clasped his hands to his chest, gazing proudly at the night sky.

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