Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 212

Chapter 212

The energy of 240,000 power level erupted in full force. In a moment, the entire barren planet trembled. As they felt the terrifying energy in the air, no matter if it was the Armored Squadron or Dodoria or the Ginyu Force, all of them were frightened and covered in a cold sweat. 


A muffled sound struck everyone’s chests.

Muyang stuck close into Salza and Dore’s body range, bringing up his fist and punching out violently.

Salza and Dore shuddered.

The violent force penetrated through the battle-armor and instantly damaged their internal organs severely. Two mouthfuls of blood spurted out; Salza and Dore’s eyes became dilated.

After a successful move, with an expressionless face, Muyang stepped forward again and put his hands on Dore’s body that was closest to him.

In such a close distance, and such a sudden strike! Dore couldn’t dodge at all.

With a bang, intense ki erupted out, instantly piercing through Dore’s body.

With a scream of “Ah,” Dore’s eyes filled with blood. Like a kite with broken strings, he fell from the air, suffering such severe injuries that he obviously couldn’t survive.

If this scene had gone according to the original story, Dore would have had a 185,000 power level when he appeared. However, with 120,000 power levels, Dore was strangled as a member of Cooler Armored Squadron.


As he watched the two reliable members of the team, Neiz and Dore, suffer a series of attacks and killings from the opponent, Salza’s heart sunk. His pupils narrowed to a point, which made him think of leaving the planet quickly.

Ever since its appearance, the Cooler Armored Squadron had never encountered such a strong enemy. Salza was well aware that he was no match for the opponent and that there was only a path to death if he continued to stay here. 

Hmph, it’s too late to leave now!”

Muyang smiled; the pressure on his body from the Triple Realm King Fist was tremendous; he wanted to finish the opponent off in an instant. 

With a flash of lightning beneath his feet, Muyang suddenly appeared in the middle of Salza’s escape route. He then quickly went forward in the opponent’s horrified and unwilling gaze. He grabbed the battle-armor on the opponent’s body and smashed it down with one fist. 

Ukrh…” Salza’s face twisted up. A mouthful of bitter water pouring up from his abdomen.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Don’t ask too many questions.”


A vast amount of energy hit the body.

At this moment, it was as if Salza’s mind had stopped, and there was no other sensation in his body but severe pain.


Salza looked forward with a shocked face. Then, “AAAAGGHH!!!” He was painfully spurting blood, hissing and miserable voices echoed through the air. 

“Next, it’s time to send you on your way,” Muyang said flatly. His body was burning with dark red flames, raising his hand and aiming his palm at Salza’s head. He then said coldly, “KI WAVE!!!”

A huge wave of ki surged out from between Muyang’s palms. The azure-colored ki wave was like a pale dragon with a terrifying atmosphere. Because it was so close, Salza didn’t even have time to recover before his head was hit by the terrifying ki wave, completely crushed into pieces.

This happened so suddenly that the Cooler Armored Squadron was officially declared extinct on top of this barren planet in just a few breaths of time!

This news was enough to cause the entire galaxy to shake.

Casually shrugging off Salza’s headless corpse, Muyang swept his eyes towards the disc spaceship that was preparing to leave the atmosphere not far away.

“Dodoria and Ginyu Force, how could I let you escape at this time?”

Muyang’s eyes gazed at the spaceship in the sky. He took a deep breath, and his palms began to gather slowly—a surge of exhilaration condensing out between them, quickly flashing with a bright white dazzling light. 

“You guys should stay behind, too!” he smiled.



Bright white ki rose vastly. The bone-chillingly thick waves of ki splitting the clouds and rising from the ground. 

The atmosphere was suddenly stirred up. Under the air pressure effect, a circle of terrifying shockwaves descended in the opposite direction with Muyang at the center.

The dazzling ki shockwave was like a pale dragon, penetrating through the atmosphere with great force, targeting the disc spaceship that the Frieza Forces were riding.

If someone looked at the barren planet from outer space at this time, a bright flare could be seen clearly.

The disc spaceship was engulfed by a ki shockwave and was suddenly like a sand sculpture on a beach got washed by a huge wave. When the wave receded, everything was photographed flat. 

It was brutal, direct, and non-negotiable.

In a matter of seconds, Dodoria and Ginyu Force’s Burter and Recoome followed Salza’s footsteps, and all went to the Other-World. 


On top of the barren planet, after witnessing Muyang’s powerful attack, the Saiyans Bazda and Asike couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, looking unbelievably.

“Asike, I am not seeing things, right?” Bazda’s eyes were somewhat dull. His body should have trembled slightly from the surging energy fluctuations around him.

Powerful masters like the Ginyu Force and Dodoria were killed so easily..? 

Asike’s mouth was open. His expression was equally stunned, “You’re right. They really are dead.”

“Are they killed by a ki wave?”


They returned to their senses and looked at each other, unable to help but shiver. It was terrifying. How could there be such a master in the universe?

Each of the members of that Ginyu Force had 30,000 to 40,000 power levels. They were already unimaginably powerful masters in the Saiyan’s eyes. They didn’t expect that the Ginyu Force wouldn’t be a match in the hands of the person in front of them.

There was also the Cooler Armored Squadron. Although Asike and Bazda had never heard of their name, from the fact that Dodoria and the others had suffered such a cold reception and had tried their best to restrain their emotions, the strength of the Cooler Armored Squadron was definitely above the Ginyu Force.

However, such a team was also easily exterminated by that black-haired man. 

The opponent’s terrifying intensity could be imagined.

It was simply as terrifying as hell!

Bazda and Asike didn’t know that the Cooler Armored Squadron was powerful. If they knew that every member of the Cooler Armored Squadron had a power level of over 120,000, and their team leader Salza even reached 150,000 power levels. There was no telling what kind of expression they would have. 

After destroying Dodoria and a few members of the Ginyu Force, Muyang quietly looked away in the sky. 

“Senior brother, you can collect your points from the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters.” Mexia poked her head out from Muyang’s collar.

“Ah…” Muyang shouted afterward. 

Yeah, Dodoria and the two Ginyu Force members were on the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters list. Together, they could collect nearly 100,000 points!

However, now that they had been blown to smithereens by him, how could he exchange them?

It was a mistake! Muyang slapped his head, looking very frustrated.

Then his eyes glanced towards the bottom and saw the corpses of those people of the Cooler Armored Squadron, and a smile crept back onto his face.

Luckily, the bodies of the Cooler Armored Squadron’s men were still there.

Like a bolt of lightning crossed the void, Muyang blinked and appeared in front of Salza’s corpse. He then took out that purple card of the Galaxy Mercenary, as if taking pictures of the bodies on the ground in all aspects. 

This card had many functions. Apart from being able to log into the Galaxy Mercenary’s background, it could also take pictures.

Click, click, click!

Muyang took a quick shot at Salza and the bodies of Dore and Neiz.

With this, the photo of him killing the Cooler Armored Squadron was saved. In fact, using this card as a small terminal, he could directly connect to the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters to receive and complete missions. The detailed results would be verified by the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters, who would contact the Galactic Patrolman. However, the exchange of items could only be done in the Central Area. 

Receive the mission.

Submit a mission.

With the idea of giving it a try, Muyang took the mission to kill Dodoria and the Ginyu Force members along with it. 

The next step would be to wait for the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters and the Galactic Patrol review.

Looking at the master who was just as powerful as a god and was now taking pictures of the dead bodies, Bazda and Asike looked at each other. Now, it was a matter of leaving or not leaving, and they didn’t know what to do.

“Senior brother, we’ve earned enough from this.” Mexia flew around happily.

Muyang nodded, “According to the bounty, killing a member of the Cooler Armored Squadron will earn a few 180,000 points. That’s almost 540,000 points in total. Even if we don’t count the reward from Dodoria, we’ll have over 500,000 points right there.”

Muyang put away the card, not expecting that he had earned the points needed to exchange the “Saibamen Manufacturing Technology” on this trip out. 

“It seems that for masters, earning points is easy,” Mexia said.

Muyang nodded. For masters, earning points was like playing.

Of course, the true masters probably wouldn’t be too keen on the number of points. It wasn’t the number of points that mattered. Just like the Namekian Bilgir, who wasn’t very interested in points.

“Of course, the Instant Transmission ability was instrumental in making this so easy for us. It saved us a lot of time spent on the road, which would have taken years for anyone else.”

Mexia thought about it. It seemed like that was indeed the case.

At that moment, Muyang swept his gaze towards Bazda and Asike, who was not far away; they must be the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta!

Being swept by Muyang’s sharp gaze, Bazda and Asike shivered and took two steps backward in unison. 

In their hearts, they thought bleakly, ‘This master, who had just exterminated Dodoria, did he still want to kill us to shut us up?’

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