Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 19

Chapter 19


A brunette girl named April let out a crisp laugh, and the young child seemed like she could be happy when she saw anything.

Looking at April’s playful and adorable appearance, Mexia’s image flashed on Muyang’s mind. That girl hadn’t come back for a long time since she had gone to the Superpower Academy. It just happened that the Superpower Academy was also in the Southern Region. This time he came over to attend the World Martial Arts Tournament, but should he stop by to see her?

Well, let’s wait until he finished participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

‘When the time came, I would give her a surprise.’ Muyang thought to himself.

Only after that conversation did Muyang learn that the young couple in front of him was named Claren and Fiumia. They were researchers at the Synthesized Research Institute. This trip was taken as a holiday to bring their children home to visit their families. Their two children named April and Sipriel, who, in addition to their sapphire blue eyes, had inherited their parents’ hair color, one brown and the other blonde.

They said that innocent children were the most delightful, Muyang didn’t believe it, not until he saw April and Sipriel. These two children were soft and cuddly; they were very delightful.


The train raced along the tracks for a few more days, and apparently, the weather changing in the surrounding area indicated that the train had entered the Southern Region.

At this time, it was still summer in the Northern Hemisphere, while it was a cold winter in the Southern Hemisphere. So, when you got off the train, the air you exhaled would be cloudy.

“Brother Muyang, I wish you the best of luck in the World Martial Arts Tournament.” The young man, Claren, put on his bowler hat and pulled up his suitcase to get off.

“I’ll accept your kind words.” Muyang smiled in reply.

“Mr. Muyang, Mr. Sith. We’ll see you if we’re fortunate enough to see you again. It’s been a very pleasant trip for us. Suppose we hadn’t already arranged our itinerary. In that case, we’d have wanted to get a proper look at the World Martial Arts Tournament.”

“Goodbye, big brother.” April waved her arms vigorously, then pulled the corner of her mother’s coat and headed out toward the outside of the busy station.

“Goodbye.” Muyang smiled as well.

This ordinary journey was quite fun because of the little girl. So, although Muyang knew that the possibility was very low, he hoped that he would have the chance to meet the little girl again.

At this point, Sith was watching them quietly while taking his luggage, and when the Claren’s left, he said to Muyang, “Come on, we need to hurry. We’re still a strait away from Maple Island, and we’ll have to switch to the ferry when we get out of the train station.”

“I know Uncle Sith, let’s go!” Muyang smiled and nodded, increasingly lamenting the inconvenience of transportation in this era.

No wonder the World Martial Arts Tournament was held once every five years; it must be due to the time spending on the road that would take a long time.

Of course, if you had Son Goku’s strength, you could swim halfway around the earth, but sadly Muyang didn’t have that kind of ability yet.


Maple Island was separated just a few miles of the strait from the vast Southern Region.

On this day, Maple Island was very lively. The people were welcoming the World Martial Arts Tournament that was held once every five years.

As the time for the World Martial Arts Tournament approached. The powerful practitioners from various martial arts schools around the world had gathered from miles away, making the entire island extremely lively.

Unlike the World Martial Arts Tournament that appeared in the original story, the World Martial Arts Tournament at this time was still just an exchange between various schools. Without being openly held by the official Earth government, the hosts were usually those highly reputable schools in the martial arts world.

The host of the World Martial Arts Tournament this time was the Maple Leaf School from Maple Island. Although the Maple Leaf School wasn’t as powerful and famous as the Turtle School and Crane School. It was still a very outstanding martial arts school in the current martial arts world.

“Let’s go find a place to stay, the World Martial Arts Tournament will be held in three days, for a total of two days, and there will be a three-day exchange after the tournament.” Sith led Muyang towards the town at the bottom of Maple Island’s mountains, explaining as he walked.

“So, does everyone has to live in this small town?”

Looking at the surrounding people, Muyang doubted that this town could accommodate so many outsiders.

Sith nodded, “According to the tradition, the host will arrange accommodation for those who finished in the top fifty in the previous tournament. At the same time, the disciples of the schools that were a quarterfinalist will also receive special treatment… Maple Leaf School is a big school, so they have enough rooms to accommodate the contestants to stay at the Maple Leaf School.”

“But like us, Heavenly Sky School, where neither disciples achieved the quarterfinal places or even the top fifty in the last tournament, we will have to take care of our own accommodation.”

Muyang nodded after hearing this; he knew that schools gave preferential treatment to the preferential players. The strong ones indeed would get preferential treatment wherever they went.

With a quick calculation in his mind, Muyang knew that this rule would divert about half of the people. The hotel in the town should be able to accommodate them.

As they talked, Sith and Muyang had found a hotel. After entering the guest room with warm hospitality from the staff, they went to get a simple meal. Then, Muyang began to prepare for the World Martial Arts Tournament that would be held in three days.

The daily meditation practice wasn’t deserted, but considering the fact that he was new here, Muyang didn’t enter the Acceleration Space. Muyang was practicing when Sith pushed the door and walked in.

“Muyang, do you want to take a walk outside and get familiar with the area?”

“Sure, that’s a good idea.” Just like the college entrance examination, when you have to get used to the environment beforehand. Muyang thought that he would simply end today’s practice and walk around the town with Sith.

“Hehe, there were so many martial art practitioners from around the world.”

Muyang followed behind Sith and looked around, as the participants continued to gather. There were already about a hundred people in front of Muyang. These were mostly young disciples of various schools. They were dressed in various martial uniforms; some teachers also led the team just like Sith.

With Muyang’s current strength, he was still unable to perceive his opponents’ strengths or weaknesses by using his ki. However, there was still some sense of the general threat. Muyang spread out his spiritual power but didn’t feel any aura that posed a threat to him, which meant that the hundred or so people in front of him were actually not his match.

“Come on, we’ll register at the Martial Dojo first.”

Sith was unaware that Muyang was secretly scanning these martial art practitioners. He just led Muyang towards the Martial Art Tournament’s registration booths.

As he walked, he said, “Those contestants just now were only from some medium or even small schools, so their strength isn’t that strong. The really powerful schools have had good results in the past, so they are all personally greeted by Maple Leaf School disciples. As soon as they arrive at the dock, they will be led all the way to the Martial Dojo to rest.”

Muyang nodded, Sith had already told him this before.

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