Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Soon Muyang realized that his worries were unnecessary, and it wasn’t even something that he should be worried about.

When he took the lens-like object in his hand and observed it, suddenly, there was a “beep” sound. The lens-like object seemed to be automatically activated, and the green light appeared in the lens. The moment it touched his skin, and a string of unknown symbols appeared on the bright green lens.

Muyang was shocked as he looked at the scouter that had been activated, his complexion changed, and his heart swelled.

Remember that many of the alien probes were equipped with communication capabilities. Now, that this lens-like probe’s activated, would it reveal the Earth’s location?

Although Earth’s location was not a secret in the universe, it was never a good idea to send out a rash signal. It would be bad if the aliens were attracted because with Earth’s current power level, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the aliens.

But speaking of it, this lens-like object was worthy of being alien’s high-tech. It was still good even after all these years.

Muyang sighed as he took the lens and looked at it again. He found that the printout on it hadn’t changed since it turned on.

He looked closer at the character; it was only a short line. There weren’t many digits of symbols, it was only four, and apart from the lens and the bracket that covered it, there was no antenna to be found.

After thinking about it, Muyang didn’t care whether he could read the symbols displayed on the lens or not. He directly retrieved the lens into the metal box and then continued to search through the ship for a while. After made sure that he couldn’t find anything else useful, Muyang picked up the box and left the crescent-shaped valley.

He rushed back quickly, avoiding the sight of countless wild beasts eyeing him.


Finally, Muyang returned to his place.

In the dim candlelight, he opened the metal iron box again and picked up one of the lenses.

“Beep!” “Beep!” “Beep!” Due to the fact that it sensed some heat on the skin, the lens automatically activated again, and a series of data quickly appeared.

Just like the previous printout, the data was very minimal, only a string of characters.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t understand it, because Muyang had roughly calculated that this should be something like a scouter. The data displayed would always have some pattern, whether it was decimal or binary.

Observing the data on the lens carefully, Muyang pointed it at himself and gradually raised the ki in his body. Sure enough, the symbol at the end of the data changed. And as the data jumps around, there was a specific pattern of reciprocity on top.

Muyang drew these symbols one by one onto the paper, then studied them carefully. Soon he discovered that the characters were actually divided into four sections, each of them supposed to represent a progression.

So far, the first two sections had remained unchanged.

Luckily, Muyang was once an electrician and had learned the principles of digital circuits, so, at least this allowed him to find a hint of how to crack it.

“Whatever the base is, it can be calculated from the fluctuation of the data.”

Finally, after numerous trials and errors, Muyang confirmed that there were sixteen variations on the last digit of the lens, which meant that what was displayed on the lens was most likely a hexadecimal data.

Comparing the characters displayed on the lens to the hexadecimal he knew, Muyang pointed it at himself and measured the maximum ki of the data.


The lens shows a string of data, and the characters are replaced with the Earth’s hexadecimal code, “002F”.

Convert to decimal – “47”.

In other words, Muyang’s current ki number or “Power Level” was 47 points.

“That’s not a bad number, at least not among earthlings.”

Muyang looked at the data and gasped. Knowing that a year ago, when Muyang had just crossed over, his power level wasn’t even estimated to be 15. It had been a difficult year until he could finally triple it.

“Well, now, with the specific data for comparison, the training looks even more clear. it’s just that I don’t know if this data is consistent with the universal power level calculation method, but at least, it should be about the same.”

Compared to the Scouter of Frieza Force in the original story, the one that Muyang had in his hands lacked the geolocation function. From the monotonous character display, it also seemed to not have a communication function.

Obviously, it was just a simple scouter, but according to the original, it seemed to have a wider detection range, with all four digits of hexadecimal filled, the upper limit could almost detect 65,000 power level.

It was such a shame that Muyang could only make the last two digits jump slightly right now.

Mu Yang smiled slightly as his heart was rising with enthusiasm.

‘This was a quantitative comparison. In the past, I knew that I was growing every day, but the exact amount of growth was very vague. With this scouter, it was like playing a game, as I watched my level rising.’ This visual performance made Muyang feel more motivated.


Isaac and Muyang sat face to face in the martial arts building.

After the seven-day guidance ended, Muyang was left alone by Isaac.

“Teacher.” Muyang nodded slightly towards Isaac.

He had tested Isaac and other elders with the probes before. In their everyday condition, Isaac’s numbers were between 60 and 70. Among the other teacher, Isaac holds the highest number, which was 74. Still, Muyang knew the characteristics of martial arts practitioners on Earth, so he wouldn’t consider it their highest fighting power.

In a true full outburst, Isaac’s power level might be over 80.

“Have you encountered any difficulties during this period of training?” Isaac smiled as he asked.

“I feel good so far, and has not encountered a bottleneck,” Muyang replied.

“Hmm.” Isaac nodded then solemnly and seriously said, “Mu Yang, in about three years, there will be a grand Martial Arts Tournament on Maple Island in the Southern Region, in which masters from all over the world will gather there.”

“It’s a rare opportunity to practice, and what teacher means is that I want you to go and represent the Heavenly Sky School.”

“A Martial Arts Tournament that brings together masters from all over the world?” Muyang’s heart raced as he heard the words, wasn’t that the World Martial Arts Tournament.

“Teacher, please tell me about the Martial Arts Tournament details,” Muyang said hurriedly.

Isaac laughed lightly and said, “Even if you don’t ask, I’ll still tell you more about it.” He looked at Muyang with a light smile and moistened his throat.

“Speaking of the Martial Arts Tournament, the full name is ‘World Martial Arts Tournament.’ It has actually been held many times. The first time it was just a private exchange between the top schools, but as the scope of the exchange has expanded over the years, the Martial Arts Tournament has become grander. Now it’s still mainly held by the top schools, but the participant has expanded to include the entire martial arts community.”

“Three years from now, the 11th World Martial Arts Tournament will be held.”

“In the past, our Heavenly Sky School didn’t have any decency to send disciples to participate because we lacked strength. You are the most outstanding disciples in our new generation, so I hope you will be the representative of Heavenly Sky School. It doesn’t matter whether you get a good result or not, consider it as an opportunity to practice.”

Isaac explained patiently. In his estimation, if Muyang could practice seriously in the next three years. It shouldn’t be difficult for him to get good results in the World Martial Arts Tournament. However, it would be too difficult to say that he would win the tournament.

Isaac’s expectations were not high, as long as he could get in the quarterfinals, it would be great. It’s just that Isaac didn’t know that he had actually underestimated Muyang’s ability.

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