Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Ning Ning Doesn’t Want to Go to Class


Mo Boyuan, who was already in the MPV, couldn’t help but ask himself.

Deep down, he didn’t want to admit it, but when he thought about that woman’s behavior for the past two days, it seemed that Tan Yiming’s words were indeed somewhat close to reality.

He instantly felt annoyed. Picking up his phone, he really wanted to call and question her, but his number had long been blocked, and he was no longer a good friend on WeChat. What else could he do?

“Whoosh ~ ”

The car door was pulled open, and Zhou Xian’s forehead was covered in sweat:

“Brother Mo, the coffee you asked for, freshly ground, has just been delivered. ”

However, the coffee that he usually liked suddenly did not smell good.

“You drink it. ”

Zhou Xian exclaimed in mild surprise. At this moment, Mo Boyuan was already leaning against the back of the chair with his eyes closed. His heart was full of turmoil.

After Zhou Xian to got into the car, it was quite a while before Mo Boyuan spoke again:

“When is the flight? ” He seemed to have thought of something.

“It leaves at three o’clock. ”

Three o’clock?

It was already half past one. It would be two o’clock by the time he reached the airport. If he still had to look for someone, he might not be able to make it in time.

J. M. Morgan’s side was very anxious. Now, they were just waiting for him to go over!

“Brother Mo, is there anything that hasn’t been resolved? ”

Indeed, but…

Forget it, we’ll talk about it when we get back.

“Let’s go to the airport. ”

“Yes. ”

In the vintage-looking shop, the mother and son happened to sit near the window.

They didn’t have to wait long for the dishes they ordered to be served.

Pumpkin soup… mung bean crisps… and finally, the paper-wrapped fish.

The fish on the tin foil was still smoking. Just looking at it one could tell that it was crispy, fresh, and smooth. It looked exquisite and tasty.

Slurp, slurp~

The little man could be heard slurping his saliva.

The corners of Jiang Tingxu’s eyes twitched. She took the wrapped bowls and chopsticks, tore them open, and handed them to the little guy before her:

“Okay, you may eat now. ”

“Yes, yes! ”

“Drink some pumpkin soup first. This fish might be a little spicy. ”

“Okay, but Ningning is not afraid of spicy food. ”

After that, the mother and son ate happily. The little guy’s nose was red from the spicy food. While drinking the pumpkin soup, he continued attacking the plate of fish.

They weren’t aware that a staff member had been looking at the two of them for a long time. The mother was beautiful, the son was cute, and they looked like they were enjoying the food so much. He couldn’t help taking a photo with his phone and sharing it to his Moments on WeChat.

“Today, a mother and son came to our shop. Looking at them eating so happily, I couldn’t help but record this beautiful scene!

“Yes, the mother is as beautiful as a fairy, and the baby is as cute as an elf! ”

However, no one expected that this ordinary Moments would soon reveal a shocking secret!

It took the mother and son an hour to finish the dishes they ordered.

Stretching his back, he said, “Wow, Ningning is so full! ”

“Who told you to eat so much? ”

“It’s delicious, Jiang Tingxu. Let’s eat it again next time, okay? ”

Looking at her son’s eager eyes, she had no heart to refuse him:

“Okay! ”

The little guy sitting opposite her was so ecstatic that his shining pupils could barely be seen, as his eyes had formed little crescent moons.

She looked at her watch:

“it’s almost time. Let’s go. It’s time to send you back to the old house to attend class. ”

When he heard that it was time for class, his happy expression was instantly replaced with one of resentment:

“Jiang Tingxu, Ningning doesn’t want to attend class, ” he complained to his mother.

As a child, of course he wouldn’t like to attend classes. Moreover, it was right after he just had a good time with his mother!

His mood was like a roller coaster. He was in the sky just a moment ago, now he had fallen to the ground.

“What classes do you have now? ” She hadn’t paid much attention to them before.

The little guy immediately started to count with his little fingers:

“Piano, English, arithmetic, Go chess, horse-riding, taekwondo. Hmm, I also have to go to kindergarten every day! ”

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