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Chapter 422 - Hoped For The Disgrace Of The Jun Family

Chapter 422: Hoped For The Disgrace Of The Jun Family

Shen Peiyi wasn’t the Shen family’s biological daughter?

Then whose daughter was she?

“Boss, we also know that the Shen family couldn’t have developed from a small pharmacy to its current scale without the support of the Jun family, so… Miss Shen is very likely to be Jun Guoxiong’s illegitimate daughter!”

This conclusion, even if there was no conclusive evidence at the moment, was absolutely tenable!

The Jun family and the Shen family originally weren’t on the same level. Could it be that the Jun family funded a small medicine shop as charity?

This funding lasted for more than twenty years.

Probably no capitalist would be willing to do this kind of money-losing business!

Unless, there was a special reason behind it!

If Shen Peiyi was really Jun Guoxiong’s illegitimate daughter, then all of this would make sense.

“Okay, I got it. Are you with Mu Yunfeng?”

He seemed to have heard Mu Yunfeng’s voice just now.

On the other side, Guan Tezhu coughed awkwardly.

“Yes, I just happened to run into President Mu and Special Assistant Yan.”

Mo Boyuan did not intend to question him.

“Let him answer the phone.”

“Yes, Boss.”

On the other side, when Mu Yunfeng heard that Mo Boyuan was looking for him, he said,


“President Mu, it’s indeed a call from my boss. Answer it.”

Only then did Mu Yunfeng stretch out his hand to take the phone.


“Where are you guys now?”

“Imperial Phoenix.”

Those who could enter Imperial Phoenix were either rich or from a blue blood background.

Coincidentally, Mu Yunfeng and the others were among them.

Therefore, Imperial Phoenix could be considered a stronghold where they gathered frequently.

“I’ll be right there.”


When he heard this, Mu Yunfeng was surprised.

“Brother, you really want to come over?”

“What not?”

That was unexpected.

Of course, he definitely wouldn’t say that out loud. He just silently lamented in his heart.

“Alright, then we’ll wait here for senior brother to come over.”

However, after ending the call, Mu Yunfeng and the others fell into a short period of silence.

After a long while,Guan Tezhu finally said meekly,

“Are you sure the boss is coming?”

Mu Yunfeng picked up his wine glass and took a big gulp.

“Yes, he asked us to wait for him here.”

Yan Xi frowned.

“He probably has something to tell us!”

Otherwise, his boss wouldn’t have come in personal!

Many people in Yun City knew the identities of Mu Yunfeng, Yan Xi, and Guan Tezhu.

Mo Boyuan had been hiding behind the scenes all these years. If he suddenly showed up at their gathering, it would be difficult for them to explain.

They guessed that there might be something important, so they asked the waiter to come in and take away the wine. Then, they brought in some fruit plates, snacks, drinks, and some fruit wine.

They also went to the bathroom to tidy up. When they came out, they all looked like elites of the business world.

On the way here, Mo Boyuan received a message from Mo Xu.

He didn’t expect that the owner of the unknown number was actually the eldest Young Master of the Jun family, Jun Guoxiong’s biological son — Jun Zhan!

At this moment, at the Yun City International Airport, a plane flying to Country M officially took off.

On the plane, Song asked curiously:

“Devil, why did you send that message?”

Jun Zhan’s eyes were originally closed, but they suddenly opened, and their was a sneer on his face.

“Reminding my stepsister is the same as telling the Mo family.”

If Mo Boyuan knew, how could he let him off the hook so easily?

He would definitely investigate it thoroughly!

And this was exactly what Jun Zhan wanted.

Although Jun Zhan as a member of and the heir of the Jun family, but he was the person who hoped for the disgrace of the Jun family the most!


Jun Zhan thought, Jun Guoxiong, it’s time to reap what you sow!

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