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Chapter 403 - Was The Jun Family Mentioned

Chapter 403: Was The Jun Family Mentioned

The two principals standing at the gate finally heaved long sighs of relief when the couple got into the car and the car drove a long distance away.

“The mortals suffer when the gods fight!”

The principal agreed wholeheartedly with the deputy principal’s complaint. However, he still said to the deputy principal.

“Don’t mention this matter to anyone else.”

“Understood, understood.”

In the car.

Mo Boyuan’s gaze was very deep. It was hard to know what he was scheming.

Jiang Tingxu looked out of the window and frowned slightly. After a long while, she opened her mouth.

“What is the relationship between the Shen family and the Jun family of Jin City?”

Hearing his wife’s question, Mo Boyuan’s pupils constricted.

“We will know after the investigation is over.”

Guan Tezhu had already sent people to investigate this matter. It seemed like they wouldn’t have to wait too long.

However, Jiang Tingxu shook his head slightly.

“I’ll ask Muxue.”

Ever since they graduated from high school, Su Muxue had spent a lot more time together than Shen Peiyi as compared to Jiang Tingxu.

Muxue might have heard Shen Peiyi mentioning something.

Of course, this was just a guess. Whether it was true or not, she would have to ask her first.

Mo Boyuan acknowledged her response. Jiang Tingxu had already dialed Su Muxue’s number.

“Little Tingxu, why are you calling me at this time?”

“Muxue, I have something to ask you.”

“Huh? Ask!”

It was obvious that there were many people on Su Muxue’s end. At this time, she should be drinking afternoon tea or shopping

Su Muxue was indeed shopping in the mall. The person beside her was none other than Tan Yiming.

After Tan Yiming admitted it in front of the eldest brother of the Su family, the parents of the two families talked to each other. None of them had any objections.

Therefore, after working hard for so many years, Tan Yiming finally became her official boyfriend!

Of course, Su Muxue wouldn’t admit it to her best friend. She didn’t even intend to mention it.

Jiang Tingxu heard the noise from the other side. She didn’t know that Tan Yiming was there.

“Muxue, did you hear Peiyi mentioning the relationship between her family and the Jun family from Jin City?”


“Who? Shen Peiyi?”


“She always likes to call that guy Brother Jun? Wait, is that Brother Jun from the Jun family of Jin City?”

Su Muxue was so drunk the last time that she had long forgotten about Jun Zhan.

However, Shen Peiyi did mention Brother Jun quite a few times. Not long ago, Su Muxue met Shen Peiyi at several banquets. Shen Peiyi said that she came with her Brother Jun.

She really didn’t expect that he would be from the Jun family of Jin City?

“I mean, did she ever mention to you that the Shen family has a relationship with Jin City?”

“Oh, let me think about it.”

“Sure, take your time to think about it. Don’t worry.”

In the shopping mall, Tan Yiming shook his head helplessly when he saw his girlfriend thinking hard about something on the spot. He reached out and pulled her into Starbucks.

Isn’t it better to sit and think?

Why did she have to stand?

Su Muxue didn’t refuse and followed him in. After sitting down, Tan Yiming ordered two cups of coffee.

Finally, Su Muxue seemed to have thought of something.

“Little Tingting, I remember it now. Shen Peiyi did mention it!”

“What did she say?”

“Um… um… at that time, I think she got bullied badly at a cocktail party. I brought her out of the party. When we were outside, she said something. Basically, she said:

‘Don’t think that they are the only ones with noble statuses. Who isn’t one?’

After saying that, she cried even more aggrievedly, saying that if it wasn’t for something that happened many years ago… I didn’t hear the details clearly.”

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