Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: First Time Taking Public Transport

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“Mm, it’s beautiful.”

The sudden realization that something was amiss prompted the little guy’s beautiful brows to knit in a frown.

“You’re wrong, Jiang Tingxu. Only girls can be called beautiful. I’m a boy, so you have to call me handsome.”

He was Mo Boyuan’s son alright—stubborn!

Fortunately, the bus came at exactly that moment.

“Be good and get in. There are a lot of people in the bus, so don’t let go of me.”

“I’m not dumb.”

His bratty little face was asking to be pinched whenever one looked at it.

They got in the bus and inserted coins.

There were few people on that trip and the back rows were empty.

It was the first time the little guy had ever taken a bus in his four years of life, so it was an entirely new experience for him.

“Hurry up, Jiang Tingxu. Let’s sit in the back. There are seats in the back.”

“Be careful. Walk slowly and don’t run.”

The driver began driving as soon as mother and child were seated.

Throughout the journey, the little guy kept twittering excitedly.

“Wow, so cool~

“Wow, it’s so beautiful outside~

“Jiang Tingxu, there are so many little cows over there!”

‘Ahem, my dear son, can we not behave like Granny Liu entering Grand View Garden? [1] Don’t you see that everyone in the bus is looking at us?’

Fortunately, none of those people ever thought that the child—who looked like a hillbilly entering the city for the first time—was actually the eldest grandson of the Mo family!

Mm, I saw it, I saw it. But it’s all fake. If you want to see real ones, I’ll take you to the zoo when we have the time.”


Jiang Tingxu suddenly felt suspicious.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never been to the zoo?”

Even though she had never brought her own child there, there were still many other people in the Mo family. Did none of them bring him?


The kid had been spoiled by everyone in the Mo family!

The little boy’s eyes opened wide. “I haven’t been there before. Is this so surprising?”


It appeared as though he really never went there.

“Alright, I’ll bring you there during your holiday next time.”

Who would believe that the dignified Mo family grandson, at his age, had never been to a zoo not even once?

“Yeah. No taking it back okay. Pinky swear.”

“Okay, pinky swear.”

The speed of the bus was subpar. It swayed and shook all the way before finally arriving at the stop nearly an hour later.

However, that hour was equivalent to 10 minutes for the little guy.

“Why are you in a daze? We’re getting off. Hurry up and follow me.”


It was quite obvious that the boy was slightly reluctant to leave.

The platform was diagonally opposite the main gate of Silk Cloud Apartments and some distance away from the main road. Qiao Ran had already started beckoning and shouting toward them from the opposite.

“Dr. Jiang, here! Over here!”

Jiang Tingxu brought her son to the opposite side and Qiao Ran was very much surprised by the little guy behind Jiang Tingxu.

“Dr. Jiang, who is this kid?”

“My son.”

Qiao Ran nodded and said, “Oh, your son. Hold up! Your son?!”

Her change in expression was worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Nurse Qiao was so overwhelmed with emotion that she could not even control herself and her feet became restless.

“Dr. Jiang, you actually have a son? How is that possible? You didn’t give birth to him, right?”

Jiang Tingxu did not even need to answer. The little guy was very upset after hearing that and stepped forward.

“She did!” he shouted at Qiao Ran fiercely.

After touching his son’s head to comfort him, Jiang Tingxu deliberately teased Qiao Ran.

“You need me to show you the scar from the C-section?”


“No, it’s okay…”

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