Dominating Sword Immortal

Chapter 913 - Sky Puncturing Sword(1)

Chapter 913: Sky Puncturing Sword(1)

“Mei-er, your luck is pretty good. Not only did you meet a once-in-ten-thousand-years genius, you even befriended him. Although our martial dao is prideful, human resources are absolutely indispensable. Back in the day when Mysterious Queen entered Life and Death Realm and became a top figure of True Spirit World, she had some backing from Dragon King behind her. And Ye Chen has the backing of both Dragon King and Mysterious Queen. I, in the end, am somewhat lacking compared to them, and my words will not hold as much weight as theirs. However, this Ye Chen will certainly become a top figure of True Spirit Continent in future.”

The middle-aged man was precisely the patriarch of Demonic Blade Sect, Demonic Blade King. He had a three star battle strength and quite a bit of fame in the Blood Sky Continent. However, from the perspective of the whole True Spirit Continent, three star battle strength was not authoritative. Four star battle strength was barely enough, and only five star stage held the power to summon the winds and rains with a word. In the upcoming era of chaos, the support of a peak King was absolutely necessary. Without such backing, those with ordinary strength could be killed on a whim.

“Master, during Mei-er’s brief association with him, Mei-er could see that he is a person who heavily cares about chivalry and uprightness. If we treat him with sincerity, he will return the favor. However, if we only try to worm in and get closer to him, he’ll never form a deep relationship with us.” Lanshan Mei warned Demonic Blade King.

“You’re right. Chivalry and uprightness…we’ll treat him as a friend, and not try to gain his friendship.”

How could Demonic Blade King not understand this point?

“Welcome, Demonic Blade King and young miss Lan, to our humble dwelling. Your presence is an honor.” Li Zhangfeng walked out of the hall and greeted the two with a smile.

Demonic Blade King faintly nodded. With his status, he had no need to pay attention to a martial artist in Sea of Soul realm. However, this martial artist now had the backing of Ye Chen, completely changing his status.

“Sect Master Li, we’re here to see Ye Chen.” Lashan Mei said courteously.

Li Zhanfeng said, “Elder Ye is cultivating the sword at the center of the mountain range. I’ve already sent somebody to notify him. Why don’t you have some tea in the palace and relax for a few moments?”

“Alright.” Demonic Blade King nodded.

Just as the two were about to step out, a sword light appeared in the distance and landed on the plaza in the next moment.

“Young miss, Lan!” Ye Chen faintly smiled at Lanshan Mei, then turned his gaze towards Demonic Blade King, “This gentleman is…?”

Lanshan Mei introduced, “Ye Chen, this is my master, Demonic Blade King, and also the patriarch of Demonic Blade Clan.”

As she spoke, she also sized up Ye Chen. Compared to before, she could feel an additional frightening suppression from his body which suppression could not be concealed. Even though Ye Chen had retracted his King aura, this suppression could not be retracted. This was because after entering Life and Death realm, both the soul and Zhen Yuan rose to new heights. Even if a King didn’t release their pressure consciously, experts under Life and Death realm would still suppress it. And once the King deliberately released their pressure, martial artists might not even be able to move their bodies. Of course, some peak geniuses were exceptions.

Her master, Demonic Blade King’s, body also released this pressure, but it didn’t seem as strong as Ye Chen’s.

“So, it’s Demonic Blade King, welcome!” Ye Chen cupped his fists.

Demonic Blade King smiled, “Please don’t mind our unannounced visit. Once we heard that you’ve entered the Life and Death realm, we immediately headed over to verify the truth with our own eyes. Congratulations!” Demonic Blade King cupped his fists in return.

“Please, follow me!” Ye Chen pointed to his own summit, then said to Li Zhangfeng, “Sect Leader, I’ll receive them.”

“Alright.” Li Zhangfeng knew he had no business amongst them. However, for a King to personally visit their Eternal Sky Sect would make them gain a lot of face.

The three flew to Ye Chen’s elder summit and descended on the pavilion which was located at the highest point of the summit. Inside, there were stone tables and stone chairs. Sitting on the chairs, one could see the sea of clouds flowing under them and feel the moist wind blowing against their faces, giving an ethereal feel to the mountain.

Ye Chen didn’t have anything good to receive his guests. As for Monkey Wine, they were not particularly familiar. Thus, he would certainly not take it out. Fortunately, he’d prepared some precious fruits and upper grade tea. He boiled the water and added the tea, causing an aromatic smell to pervade the surroundings.

Upon pouring the tea, Ye Chen took out a bowl filled with fire pears from his plant storage ring and placed it on the table.

“Good fruit!” Demonic Blade King couldn’t help but praise upon tasting one.

“I didn’t have anything good prepared. Pardon me!” As Ye Chen held his teacup, the mountain breeze made his black hair and blue robes gently flutter.

“Brother Ye hasn’t been titled yet?” Demonic Blade King asked.

Putting down the tea cu, Ye Ye Chen replied, “There is no hurry. I’ll go in a few days.”

“That is fine. There is no prize for going earlier anyway.” Demonic Blade King glanced at Lashan Mei and smiled, “I heard from Mei-er that brother Ye has also created a sword art based on Vibrational Power. This Lan has some success in studying the vibrational power. How about we exchange pointers?”

Ye Chen strangely looked at Demonic Blade King. The latter was clearly trying to impart his knowledge regarding Vibrational Energy in the name of exchanging pointers. Even with Ye Chen’s exceptional comprehension, he might not have accumulated one-tenth of understanding compared to Demonic Blade King. With the latter’s guidance, his future path of vibrational power would become a lot straighter and shorter.

“I’ll be glad, of course!”

Regardless of what the other’s aim was, Ye Chen was not going to miss this opportunity. If he wished to establish a relationship with him in this manner, then he had already succeeded.

Actually, the reason Demonic Blade King raised the matter of exchanging pointers was not entirely to impart his skill to Ye Chen. He wished to see how powerful Ye Chen, this frightening genius, had become after entering the Life and Death realm. Moreover, he believed that Ye Chen was one of the people who should be aware of what was going in True Spirit Continent. He could easily acquire some crucial information from him.

To exchange pointers, the two didn’t choose a new area. Both decided to not use Zhen Yuan or will, limiting the scope of damage.

On the sea of clouds, the two stood hundred meters away from each other. On the side, Lanshan Mei sat alone in the pavilion, sipping her tea and waiting for a good show.

“Brother Ye, be careful!” Demonic Blade King took out a long, black blade, its edge flickering with a cold light.

“You be careful too.” Ye Chen slowly pulled out his Evil Shattering Sword with his right hand.


Demonic Blade King’s speed was explosive. Amidst a flicker, his figure appeared before Ye Chen and chopped while the edge of the blade glowed with a black light. However, the latter’s response was not one bit slower. The Evil Shattering Sword kept the long blade at bay, transmitting vibrational power.


A vast ripple spread out, scattering a portion of sea of clouds into nothingness.


Demonic Blade King heartily laughed, and then he began to issue one blade strike after another, seeming as if he would never stop. Powerful vibrational energy was properly confined within his blade, only erupting when making contact with Ye Chen’s sword.

If it had been an ordinary King facing him, they would have already lost their weapon. Moreover, their arms would have been injured, causing them to retreat while spurting blood. However, Ye Chen was also proficient in vibrational power. Since Demonic Blade King was only using basic blade moves, he could match him without any trouble.

‘This Ye Chen’s achievements in vibrational power are indeed frightening. In such a short time, he could exhibit vibrational power to such a degree!’

The more they exchanged blows, the more startled Demonic Blade King became. At this point, he knew that he could not do anything to Ye Chen through ordinary blade moves. Although the counterpart’s achievements in vibrational power lacked compared to him, he was superior in exhibiting it through the sword’s edge. Every time his blade collided with his sword, one-tenth of the blade’s power was being squandered.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Magnificent sparks flew in the clouds, seeming as if they had spirituality. Sometimes they would spiral, sometimes flutter downwards, and sometimes shoot straight downwards. The sparks created after every exchange all had different trajectories, seeming enigmatic.

“This is my Demonic Chop!” Holding his blade with both hands, Demonic Blade King growled and resolutely chopped. Compared to Lashan Mei, the Demonic Chop seemed at least ten times more powerful in the hands of Demonic Blade King. The blade was exceptionally clear, sparkling at the edge of his blade.

“I have my Sky Cutting Sword too!” On the other side, Ye Chen neither dodged nor retreated, facing his opponent with the first style of Vibrational Sword Arts.




Several kinds of sounds erupted together at that very moment as the two stood unmoving with their weapons pressed against each other. The sea of clouds around them shook, being slashed from every angle by the vibrational power in the next moment.

Kacha! Kacha!

Tunnels appeared in several huge summits nearby while huge rocks rolled down their slopes.

It should be known that the two had not used Zhen Yuan or will. It was purely a competition of blade arts and sword arts. Despite so, the aftermath of their battle was still horrifying.


As the vibrational power completely erupted, a warped cloud of air erupted, sending the two flying off.

“Powerful! The next is the blade move I call Rampaging Demon Blade. It took me ten years to perfect it. Brother Ye, be careful!”

Demonic Blade Arts as well Demonic Chop were blade arts passed down in the Demonic Blade Sect. However, Lanshan Mei’s Annihilation Chop as well as Demonic Blade Emperor’s Rampaging Demon Blade were both self-created by them in accordance with the Demonic Blade Arts. The former’s Annihilation Chop was not complete, but its might could already be seen. Unlike it, Demonic Blade Emperor’s Rampaging Demon Blade had already been completed.

Raising the blade horizontally, Demonic Blade Emperor growled before his whole body shot forth. As he thrusted the blade forth, and the blade energy gushed out like a thunderbolt.

‘So powerful!’ Ye Chen’s pupils shrank. This move shook his state of mind, making him feel like he just couldn’t resist it. Although the second style of Vibrational Sword Arts was not completed, he didn’t care a this point.


A cloth tearing sound echoed as Ye Chen’s hair wildly fluttered and a magnificent sword light enlarged.


Amidst a distorted metal-grinding sound, huge sparks flew as the sword and the blade resolutely collided. Sparks danced and spiraled around the two, as bright as the sun. With a muffled groan, Ye Chen’s entire being was blasted off. The cloth at his right arm was shred into pieces, fluttering in the air like butterflies with strings of blood between them.

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