Dominating Sword Immortal

Chapter 879 - Star Poison Fire Diamond

Chapter 879: Star Poison Fire Diamond

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“This fire poison is trouble.” Ye Chen took out a large number of Zhen Yuan crystals and refined them with his eyes closed. Soon, the evening passed and the sky darkened. It was only then that Ye Chen opened his eyes and slowly let out a breath full of fire poison.

“Zhen Yuan is fully recovered, but expelling this poison won’t be so easy.” Ye Chen could feel that although his recovered Zhen Yuan had suppressed the fire poison again, it was extremely tenacious and slowly corroding his flesh and bones. Ye Chen had cultivated to limb regrowth realm, but that only covered his four limbs. Thus, an injury targeted at his vitals was still extremely dangerous.

“Oh well, I can’t expel the poison in a short time period, but it won’t be any trouble in the long run.”

Ye Chen didn’t think too much of the fire poison. He was not an ordinary person, and he didn’t have an ordinary body. For a mere fire poison to kill was almost impossible.

Turning his head, Ye Chen saw many people; almost all the higher-ups of Eternal Sky Sect had come.

“Elder Ye!” Seeing Ye Chen opening his eyes, Li Zhangfeng let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Chen faintly nodded, “I’ve caused your concern.”

“Elder Ye is acting like an outsider. For Elder Ye to turn misfortune into blessing is the fortune of our Eternal Sky Sect. Can Elder Ye tell me why were you fighting with Kings? Was it because of our sect?” As soon as the battle finished, Li Zhangfeng immediately rushed over. However, Ye Chen was recovering his Zhen Yuan, so they could only wait to not disturb him.

Ye Chen shook his head, “I am not clear, but it has most likely nothing to do with the Eternal Sky Sect.”

This was pure intuition on his part.

“Alright, I’m going into seclusion to heal. If there is nothing, try not to find me.” The Fire Poison inside his body was still an annoyance, causing him to waste a lot of Zhen Yuan.


With a flicker, Ye Chen headed toward his summit. In the underground chamber of the supreme elder’s palace, he sat cross-legged on a stone platform while holding a storage ring.

“I wonder what riches do Kings have…”

Killing Blood Hand King, Ye Chen had obtained his storage ring, armor, and gloves. The armor was at peak semi supreme grade while the gloves were a bit better, at pseudo supreme grade. Life and Death Kings also had distinctions; be it Giant Wolf King, Poison Fire King, or Blood Hand King, all three were ordinary Kings without a doubt. If one didn’t have immense strength, not having supreme grade treasures was quite normal. Not everybody could have opportunities like Ye Chen after all.

By relying on his powerful soul power, Ye Chen erased Blood Hand King’s soul imprint in the ring, then poured his own soul power in.

Blood Hand King’s wealth was quite normal—thirty thousand supreme grade spirit stones, a hundred million upper grade spirit stones, and three kinds of supreme grade materials—ordinary supreme grade metal star iron, thirty fire cloud stones, and thirteen ice stones.

Star Iron was the most common supreme grade material to forge supreme grade treasures with. Ye Chen had Death Qi, but his small chunk was far from enough to forge a supreme grade sword. Therefore, it needed to be mixed with other metals, and Star Iron was a good match without a doubt. Although it was said to be ordinary, it had a high compatibility, and would rarely clash with other metals.

Blood Hand King had several dozen thousand jins of Star Iron, but its volume was quite small, about a person’s head. In Gemstone Islands, Ye Chen had bought three kinds of supreme grade materials, including a fist sized Star Metal. Both together were more or less enough to forge a supreme grade sword.

As for Fire Cloud Stone and Ice Stone, they were also good materials to forge supreme grade treasures. Fire Cloud Stone could give a fire attribute to the treasure while Ice Stone ice attribute; both were quite rare.

The other two supreme grade materials Ye Chen had bought from Gemstone Islands were a chicken-egg-sized Beehive Iron and a thumb-long Red Copper. Adding all together, Ye Chen had a total of five kinds of supreme grade materials.

In addition, Blood Hand King’s storage ring had a large quantity of upper grade materials and semi supreme materials.

“Alright, I won’t lack materials to forge upper grade and semi supreme grade swords.”

Although Ye Chen had purchased a lot of upper grade and semi supreme grade materials, they were hardly enough to keep up with his consumption. They were far from enough to perfect his upper grade sword forging art, much less to speak of semi supreme grade.

Ye Chen’s upper grade storage ring was far better than Blood Hand King’s. So, after pouring all the wealth of Blood Hand King into his own storage ring, he made an inventory check.

Spirit Stones—a total of fifty thousand supreme grade, as well as more than a hundred and sixty million upper grade spirit stones.

Five kinds of supreme grade materials—Star Iron, Beehive Iron, Red Copper, Fire Cloud Stone, and Ice Stone.

Other precious materials—two million Zhen Yuan crystals, a three thousand year old upper grade Fire Pear Tree, and a few soul stones.

These were precious enough that even Life and Death Kings might not have them. Apart from these, Ye Chen had no lack of upper grade materials, herbs, weapons. All in all, he was extremely wealthy. In comparison, Blood Hand King’s wealth didn’t seem much, but it was not hard to explain.

At Life and Death Realm, cultivation base was the most important. If one had anything good, they wouldn’t wait to exchange with usable treasures or supreme grade spirit stones. It could even be said that at Life and Death realm, one’s cultivation base was a huge wealth. Unfortunately, this wealth was already digested by oneself, and others couldn’t snatch it.


Letting out a breath, Ye Chen retracted his attention from the storage ring.

“It’s time to expel the Fire Poison.”

Every day this poison was not expelled, each day was not far away from a disaster. Ye Chen had no intention of parting a portion of Zhen Yuan to suppress Fire Poison while battling someone else.

Operating the Green Lotus Sword Technique, Ye Chen’s whole body gleamed with a green hue. This was the indication of Zhen Yuan integrating with the whole body. There was no part of his body that didn’t have Zhen Yuan.

As he gazed inside his body, Ye Chen’s brows creased. This fire poison was actually occupying a part of his body. It was extending its range, completely corrupting the cells and making them a part of its influence. The life force and Zhen Yuan inside the cells were becoming nutrients for it.

As he pushed his inner gaze to its peak, Ye Chen involuntarily sucked in breath of cold air. Although it seemed as if his Zhen Yuan was suppressing the Fire Poison, his scalp went numb as he saw his Zhen Yuan being converted into Fire Poison. This conversion was extremely minute, and could easily be looked over.

“Seems like I underestimated this fire poison’s danger.” Thinking for a moment, Ye Chen took out several ice-attributed upper grade herbs and swallowed them after chewing for a while. An ice-cold liquid slowly spread to his internal organs and limbs, but was expelled by the regions infected by the fire poison. Fortunately, it slowed down the speed of the poison devouring his life force and Zhen Yuan.

Having eaten a dozen ice-attributed upper grade herbs at once, Ye Chen’s body cooled down, and his temperature went five times below the norm, almost turning him into a block of ice.

“No more ice-attributed upper grade herbs…I’m afraid this poison won’t be easy to restrict.” Ye Chen finally turned grave. The fire poison was vastly different from other poisons. “Alright, let’s try supreme grade Ice Stones.” Ye Chen didn’t dare to directly eat an Ice Stone, but he could wear it to influence the fire poison inside his body.

“So cold!”

He could normally hold the Ice Stone in hand with the help of Zhen Yuan restrictions. However, now that he had to restrict the fire poison, he would naturally use Zhen Yuan. As a result, traces of frost appeared on his skin. If an Astral Reaching Realm expert approached Ye Chen at this moment, they would be instantly wounded, and if they went even closer, they would be completely frozen out of vitality.

Enduring the biting cold in his bones, Ye Chen took out Yuan Emperor’s painting. “Perhaps senior Yuan Emperor knows how to deal with this fire poison.” Unfolding the painting, he poured in Zhen Yuan.


A black figure turned around and walked out of the painting.

“What is it now?” Yuan Emperor seemed to have asked subconsciously.

Ye Chen said, “Senior, you know what is this fire poison in my body?”

Actually, Yuan Emperor’s phantom could feel the strangeness of Ye Chen’s body without any words. The latter’s body temperature was lower than an iceberg. If it went any lower, his body would be frozen alive.

Placing his palm on Ye Chen’s shoulder, Yuan Emperor poured a trace of Zhen Yuan in Ye Chen’s body. After a while, he said gravely, “This is the Star Fire Poison.”

“Star Fire Poison?” Ye Chen had no clue.

Yuan Emperor’s phantom explained, “At a star’s core, apart from high temperature is a frightening fire poison. Usually, this fire poison is not dense, and is quite scattered, so it’s not that dangerous. However, with the passage of time, there is a chance that this fire poison will concentrate and form a Fire Poison Diamond. When the concentration of fire poison reaches an extreme, it gradually changes, turning into a strange poison that is extremely hard to expel.”

“Who did you fight against to end up like this?” Yuan Emperor’s phantom asked.

“An ordinary Life and Death King.” Poison Fire King was not that powerful amongst King, even though he was much stronger than Giant Wolf King.

Hearing his words, Yuan Emperor’s phantom said, “With his strength, he couldn’t have cultivated fire profound and poison profound to the high stages, so he couldn’t have created a poison comparable to the Star Fire Poison. If my guess is not wrong, he must have found a Poison Fire Diamond, and his attacks must have been let out by combining it with his own body’s fire poison.”

“Star Poison Fire Diamond’s fire poison…No wonder!”

Ye Chen suddenly understood his situation. Poison Fire King was a human, yet he attacked by spouting energy from his mouth. This meant that he must have a Poison Fire Diamond inside his body that helped his attacks.

“How can I expel it?”

Yuan Emperor shook his head, “Very hard! If I were alive, this matter would have been simple. But, despite having huge Zhen Yuan reserves, the current me can’t do it. After all, I’m not alive. If I forcefully try to expel it, a simple accident might ruin your body. If you had reached the late stages of limb regrowth, I might have still tried. But, if you reach the late stages of limb regrowth, you will not even need my help, and will be able to expel it slowly by yourself.

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