Do You Want to Marry Me?

Chapter 124 - Chapter 124:1 Don’t Want It Anymore

Chapter 124:1 Don’t Want It Anymore

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Back in high school, Lu An was forced to participate in a performance during a National Day school event because of Jin Nian.


Back then, Jin Nian knew he could play the piano, and she persistently hounded him to perform.

She even insisted that he would look handsomely suave, akin to a television drama’s male lead while playing the piano.

Seeing her adamant persuasion, Lu An couldn’t bear to disappoint her, and thus, he decided to participate.

On that occasion, Lu An, playing the piano on stage, became the center of attention.

And during that time, Jin Nian sat in the audience, watching Lu An.

In Jin Nian’s eyes, Lu An was even more handsome than a TV drama’s male lead.

After that performance, Lu An ruined his usual arrogant image and attracted countless girls to fall in love with him. The number of girls who confessed to him had increased several times.

At that moment, Jin Nian was enveloped in an unfamiliar emotion. This feeling permeated her body, coursing through every cell.

“No, please don’t.”

She began imploring Lu An, her tender voice having an irresistible quality.

Lu An gazed at her watery eyes and flushed cheeks. A unique sense of contentment adorned his handsome face.

This transformation was all thanks to him.

After Lu An concluded his action, both of them were drenched in sweat. Sweat seeped through their clothes and soaked half of the bed.

Lu An held Jin Nian in his arms and they proceeded to tidy up. Jin Nian clung to him like a kitten, unwilling to lift her head.

The room had been dimly lit before, giving her the illusion that her actions were inconsequential.

With the room now brightly lit, she suddenly realized the extent of her recent actions.

An inexplicable sensation churned within her, a feeling that wasn’t sadness yet triggered an urge to cry.

Clutching Lu An’s attire, she softly murmured, “Lu An.”

She didn’t quite understand her reasoning for calling out to him, but the moment his gaze met hers, a surge of embarrassment washed over her.

Particularly as her mind gradually cleared, the sense of humiliation intensified.

Lu An too perceived this change. In the darkness, Jin Nian seemed more willing to reveal herself, and her advances toward him grew bolder.

At that instant, Lu An chose to dim the lights, leaving only a small night lamp.

“Be good, don’t be scared.”

He soothingly caressed Jin Nian’s back.

The bathtub was filled with water, and as Jin Nian stepped into it, Lu An settled on the tub’s edge, aiding her in cleansing.

Feeling Lu An’s hands glide over her body, Jin Nian blushed and closed her eyes, too shy to meet his gaze.

Once they finished cleaning up, they retired to the secondary bedroom.

The bed in this room was indeed small. When the ounce of them lay together, they really couldn’t even turn over.

However, Lu An harbored no dissatisfaction. He embraced Jin Nian snugly, planting a couple of gentle kisses on her cheek before asking, “Is your boyfriend getting top marks now?”

“Shut up.”

Jin Nian’s embarrassment had now turned into exasperation.

Yet, Lu An had no intention of letting her off. He leaned in close to her ear once again, teasingly saying, “You can’t handle this much?”

Jin Nian was incredibly sleepy, but she still attempted to cover his mouth.

Observing her reaction, Lu An decided not to tease her further. He gently patted her and coaxed her into slumber.

Soon, Jin Nian was fast asleep. Lu An gazed at her serene sleeping face and chuckled softly, giving himself a mental score of a hundred.

Even if he didn’t achieve a perfect score now, what about in the future?

He was determined to keep Jin Nian satisfied, ensuring she had willingly given him a full score.

So, this was what being in love felt like.

The experience of love was truly wonderful.

Lu An wasn’t very tired. Now, with his eyes fixed on Jin Nian, he couldn’t resist leaning over to kiss her. She lay in his arms, tender and fragrant, an irresistible presence.

The bed was undeniably small, yet holding Jin Nian close, Lu An found himself sleeping contentedly.

Though, it was a bit torturous.

Lu An’s discomfort reached a point where he had to get up in the middle of the night and visit the bathroom to find relief in his five-fingered companion.

In the realm of married men, he might be one of the few who had to endure such circumstances.

Exiting the bathroom and returning to the room, Lu An saw Jin Nian cocooned beneath the sheets, sleeping peacefully.

Lu An gently climbed onto the bed and was about to embrace her when he saw Jin Nian take the initiative to burrow into his arms.

Lu An was pleasantly surprised. He thought that Jin Nian was awake, but when he took a closer look, he realized that she was sleeping like a little pig.

This was her subconscious reaction.

This reaction made him even happier.

Leaning down, he planted a soft kiss on Jin Nian’s lips. His heart brimmed with happiness.

It was truly wonderful.

At seven in the morning, Lu An awoke.

He glanced at Jin Nian, who was still sleeping and leaned over to kiss her. Then, he quietly got out of bed.

Considering Jin Nian’s late night and penchant for sleeping in, he couldn’t bring himself to wake her.

Lu An changed into his exercise attire and headed out for a run.

The fire in his body couldn’t be completely vented on Jin Nian, so he had to find something else to vent it.

After running for an hour, Lu An especially went to his hotel..

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