Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 50 - 51: Lord Demon

Ryder saw something in front of him.

It seemed like a small town that had hundreds of residences.

The town seemed quite small yet quite different. All the structures seemed like they were made from blood red stones that are giving a creepy feeling to Ryder.

With no other choice, he started walking towards the town to gain more information.

There were no guards at the entrance of the town, so he easily gained entry into the town.

As he moved deeper into the town, he didn't see any living being. This place looked like it was a ghost town where no one lived.

'Have I found an abandoned town?' He thought with a frown on his face.

He was starting to believe his notion, but he finally managed to find some people.

As he got to the center of the town, he saw a beautiful residence that looked much like a small palace of old times.

There were two giant statues in front of the beautiful Palace.

There was a crowd gathered outside the palace. It looked like hundreds of people were standing in a group.

Most of them had a cloak on their body, but there were a few that didn't have a cloak. Ryder was able to see the horns on the head of the ones that didn't cover their head with a robe.

'They must be the demons. Wish I had the cloak as well,' 

Ryder thought with a frown on his face. He didn't have a cloak to cover him and hide the fact that he didn't have horns.

He took his robe off and covered his head with his robe as he moved closer to the crowd.

"Kill her, My Lord!" 

"She deserves to be burned to ashes!"

"Kill her! Her father dared to attack the Lord! She needs to be killed!" 

He was able to hear a few shouts. He passed through the crowd as he tried to go to the front and see the whole situation.

After 5 minutes of struggle, he did manage to get a view of the situation.

There was an 8-foot tall demon standing at the door of the palace. There were two more demons that were standing on his left and right with a spear in their hands.

From their posture, it was clear that the demon at the center was the leader.

'He should be the lord they are talking about,' He thought.

There was another person between the crowd and the lord.

It was a woman standing there. Both her hands were tied by a rope, which was further tied to the two wooden poles.

The ropes were tied to the poles in such a way that stretched her hands to their limit and made it as painful for the girl as it could. Ryder could feel the pain she was going through.

Even after so much, the girl wasn't screaming or crying in pain.

She was just standing there like a half-dead person who couldn't feel anything.

"You all know that our lord has been assigned here by His Highness, the Demon King himself! He is in charge of this town and the town's management, but that girl's father dared to betray him for his greed!"

" It was like an act of disobedience towards the king and our lord! Thus we killed that traitor. That traitor did leave a daughter behind, but our Lord doesn't want to dirty his hand by killing that useless girl!"

" That's why we leave that girl to the town people's hand! You decide her punishment and deal with her as you wish, while our lord will watch. The one whose punishment our lord likes the most shall be rewarded!" The person that was standing on the right side of the lord said.

"This shall be the long-desired entertainment for our town people. Those who want to take part can raise their hand, and one will be chosen by our lord." The spokesperson of the lord further said.

Surprisingly, All the demons in the crowd raised their hands. Ryder also followed their lead and raised his hand.

"You!" The town lord pointed towards the tallest demon in the crowd.

The demon proudly moved forward and stood in front of the king.

He got down to his knees as he paid respect to the town lord.

"What punishment do you have in mind," The Lord himself asked.

"My Lord, I want to cut off both her hands and legs before pulling her heart out of her chest!" The demon explained his place.

"Too basic. Go back." Town Lord shook his head as he told the demon.

With an ashamed look on his face, the demon went back to the crowd.

The others again raised their hands as they waited for their turn.

"You!" The lord pointed towards another demon.

The demon came out and greeted him with respect.

"What is your suggestion?" The Town Lord asked.

"My Lord! I want to throw her in front of my bloodhound and watch her get torn to shreds," He said.

Ryder was surprised at how brutal their plans were. What was more surprising was the fact that he didn't see any change in the girl's expression as she heard the punishment that was being decided for her.

"Sigh, Not interesting enough," Town Lord sighed as he shook his head.

"Go back," He told the demon.

The demon went back with a depressed look on his face.

"You come forward," the Town Lord pointed towards another person in the crowd. It was a woman this time.

"What suggestions do you have?" The Town Lord asked.

"My Lord, I know the girl, and she is surprisingly weird. Unlike us, she never had any physical relationship with a demon. It might be a suitable punishment for her to let all the demons enjoy her all night long," She suggested with a creepy grin on her face.

"Interesting. Let me hear one more person's suggestion. If that's not good, we'll go with your plan," Town Lord said.

"Thank you, my Lord," The woman stood there as she waited for the next person to come forward and fail.

"You!" The Lord Demon pointed towards Ryder, who had his head covered with his robe.

Ryder was surprised to be chosen, but he still walked forth without taking a second to think about it.

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