Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 5 - 5: Real Fun Begins

The darkness disappeared as Ryder found himself in the land of light. He got his senses back.

"What the hell? I'm back at this place?" Ryder exclaimed as he found himself standing in front of the hut in the novice Village.

It was the same place he was sent to when Maya made him an NPC. It was also the place he died at.

"Wait a minute... did I just speak?"

"I really did it! I can talk! Are the restrictions lifted?" 

Ryder was shocked to find out that he was able to speak his thoughts out loud. He has gained back control of his body as well.

He was so excited that he couldn't help but jump high in the air.

He was freed from the restrictions. He could finally do what he desired.

As he was jumping in the air, A young boy came to him.

"Ah... Sir... Do you need help with something?" The young boy asked Ryder.

"Hmm? Aren't you the one that came two days ago and asked the same thing?" Ryder inquired.

'I remember this boy. He came to me on the first day I turned to an NPC. He was the first person to come to me for a quest. What is he doing here again?' Ryder thought with a confused look on his face.

"I don't understand, Sir. It's my first day in this village. You might be confusing me with someone else," The boy replied.

'What is happening? Did I travel back in time?' It was the first thought that came to Ryder's mind.

'Janus? Did you bring me back in time?' Ryder thought in his mind. He was wondering if Janus was able to hear him or not.

<Host is Correct! The time has been reversed so that the mission can be given>

Ryder heard Janus' voice that convinced him that Janus could listen to his thoughts.

Ryder wanted to ask another question, but he heard Janus' voice again before he could even ask.

<Ding... The first mission has been assigned to the host>

<Mission: Kill the player that killed you last time>

<Reward: You will regain your real body>

<Punishment for failure: Your will never get your real body back>

<Time Limit: 2 days>

'What the heck? Do I need to kill that bulky, Baldy? He's a player, and I'm an NPC. Despite him being a newbie, I'm inherently weaker.'

'Only the Village Sword Elder has the strength to do it. How do you expect me to do it?' Ryder thought with a frown.

He couldn't help but wonder if Janus was joking or if he was serious.

Janus didn't say anything, but that young boy said something instead.

"Ah... Sir? Do you have a quest for me?" The boy asked again.

"Hmm? yea, right. Go and find my stick, and don't disturb me," Ryder told the boy in a casual tone.

'I don't have time to play with that boy. I have more important things to do. I need to get ready to kill someone after all.'

He walked towards the Village Elder's dojo. The Village Elder was also the Sword Master of this novice village.

Back when Ryder had first entered this game as a newbie, he was taught his first sword skill by that guy.

"Elder Ruan! Can I learn swordsmanship as well?" Ryder asked the Village head, but surprisingly the Elder's answer was no.

"Why not?" He asked in shock,

"Only the beings sent by the goddess can learn the swordsmanship from me." He said.

Ryder realized that he must be talking about the players.

"What the heck! You old man, don't you want me to get my body back? You're literally killing me! Who made such a rule?" Ryder couldn't help but curse out loud.

"Control your temper, young man. It would be best if you behaved properly. Anyways, these rules were made by the Goddess Maya." The Village Elder responded.

'That idiot again? She can't do anything decent, can she? She always has to make things difficult for me.' 

He wanted to say that out loud, but he didn't want to die by the hands of the Village Elder for talking smack about their goddess.

"Please village head! I really need to grow stronger," 

Ryder begged him again, but that stubborn old man didn't fall for it.

"Looks like I can only use my own methods to succeed."

After failing in his task miserably, he turned back and left.

He went to the Village Shop. The shop sold many things, from weapons to shields.

"Hey Hades, What're you doing here? Do you need anything?" The owner of the shop asked as he glanced at Ryder, who was standing in front of his shop.

The owner of this shop was another NPC. His name was Marcus.

"Yes, Brother Marcus. I need to buy a shovel and some other things," Ryder told the shop owner as he rested his hands on the counter.

"Hahaha, Sure. Just name the things you need. I'll give you the best price." Marcus laughed as he told Ryder. 

"Ahh... Well, the thing is… Can I pay you later? I don't have money at the moment." Ryder said with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Sure, I'll trust you. If I don't trust you, then who will I trust?" Marcus smiled as he answered.

'I swear he's an angel! This guy is the best! Nothing like that crappy old village elder. Anyways, fortunately, I received everything that I needed.' Ryder couldn't help but praise Marcus secretly.

He took the things he needed and left the village. He walked into the nearby forest and started digging.

He dug for hours and only stopped when it was night. He packed his stuff and went back to that shabby hut.

"This feels way too real." 

The broken bed was not at all comfortable to sleep, but he finally managed to sleep amidst the crackling noises of the bed.

Ryder only slept for a few minutes when the light started shining on his face. He opened his eyes after much effort and realized that it was already morning.

'People are right. When you work hard during the day, the sleep will feel much shorter in the night.'

Ryder smiled as he got off his bed and got dressed. He picked up a shovel and left the house.

"Oh, You're here! I found your stick." The young boy came back with the stick.

Ryder wasn't surprised much as the boy had come at a similar time in the previous timeline as well. 

"Good, Keep that stick and here. Take these three beans. Go to the shop of Marcus for your next quest." 

He threw three beans towards the boy before he left. He didn't have much time to waste on the guy.

Most of the day was spent on digging, and the remaining time was spent on finishing other preparations.

It was again night time, but he was much more relaxed as everything was finally finished. The preparations were completed.

He walked back to his hut and slept like a baby. Just like yesterday, the night passed away in the blink of an eye, and it was already morning.

"Damnit! Can't the night be a little bit longer?" Ryder cursed as soon as he woke up.

He was in a pretty cranky mood as his sleep was too short.

He left the hut but didn't leave the village this time. He just stood at the front of his house and waited for the bald man to come.

Two hours passed, and finally, the Baldy arrived.

"There he is!"

Ryder finally noticed him as a smile appeared on his face.

"Hey, NPC! I heard that you're telling people to find your stick! I didn't find the stick! Why don't you give me those three beans anyways?" The bulky man said as he stood in front of him.

'As expected, he said the same thing as last time. It's time for the real fun to start.'

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