Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 39 - 39: So Shameless!

He heard an error message.

"Strange. I can't pass the mage class onto you. It looks like you aren't made to walk on the path of magic. Such a pity." 

The woman said as she sighed. She released Ryder's hand.

Ryder was stunned, but he knew better than to curse his destiny. He had other options, after all.

"Ahh... Sir Warrior, I realize that becoming a warrior is my destiny. Please grant me the warrior class." He said without the least bit of shame as he switched teams.

He slid to the right and stood in front of the warrior.

"Hahaha, I can understand. You were bewitched by that woman's charms and finally realize that you're made to be a warrior." The Warrior responded with a light laugh.

He held Ryder's hands and passed his class.

[The Warrior wants to give you a class. Will you accept?]

He heard the game's notification and saw a screen with a yes or no icon. 

He tapped on Yes.

[Error! Since the Quest of Salem has been accepted, this class can't be selected.]

'Fuck!' He almost cursed out loud but controlled himself.

"Sorry, young man. It looks like it's not in your destiny to be a Warrior.

Ryder didn't give up as he looked at the Thief in the corner.

He hurriedly walked up to her, but the results were the same.

The same thing happened with the hunter.

Only the Priest was left. Although he didn't want to be a priest, with no choice, he walked towards the priest.

Ryder had tried to get 4 classes, but all four tries ended up in failure. He couldn't become a Mage, Warrior, Hunter, or a Thief.

The only option left was to become a priest.

Although he didn't want to be a priest, being a priest was better than being nothing.

He stepped towards the Priest with a disappointed look on his face.

"Hey, boy. Can you at least pretend to be somewhat happy? I know that the priest class is not the most exciting, but it's not as bad as your expressions are making it look. " The priest was somewhat upset as he noticed Ryder's upset expression.

The other mentors were trying to control their laughter as they looked at the priest.

"Oh, sorry senior. I was thinking about something else. It wasn't about the class. In fact, although I haven't said it before, I have wanted to be a priest since my childhood. I wanted to be a priest when I came here."

" Unfortunately, I came under the effects of the luring words of others. I apologize, senior."

Ryder shamelessly lied as he tried to coax the Priest.

"Hahaha... I believe you. The other guys are indeed quite shameless! They dared poach you? It's good that you learned the truth at the right time. " The priest believed his words as he started laughing loudly.

The other 4 that were laughing previously had their mouths opened now.

"So, shameless!" They all said at the same time.

"Don't disturb me. Let me give this saintly young man the class he deserves." The priest let out as he glared at the others.

"Come on, Young Man. Show me your hands." The priest said to Ryder.

Ryder extended his hand.

The priest caught his hand and began the process of giving a class.

[The Priest wants to give you a class. Will you accept?]

He heard the game's notification and saw a screen with a yes or no icon. 

He tapped on Yes.

[Error! Since the Quest of Salem has been accepted, this class can't be selected.]

The cursed notification again appeared in front of him.

"What the fuck!" This time he couldn't control himself as he cursed out loud.

"Sorry, young man. I'm unable to give you the class. I apologize." Although the priest was visibly upset as Ryder cursed out loud, he still gently replied to him.

"So strange! This boy is the first one to come to get a class, and he can't get any class. It's so strange. " The mage let out with a stunned look on her face.

Even she couldn't believe that Ryder couldn't get a single class.

"Don't worry, young man. Although you couldn't get a class today, there are quite a lot of unique classes out there. Maybe you're destined to get one of them." The Warrior tried to comfort Ryder.

"If you can't get an adventurer class, you can get a professional class as well. You can be a merchant. They can get quite rich."The thief said as well.

Ryder didn't say anything as he silently left the place.

He left the church in anger.

"This fucking Salem quest! Did I really have less troubles last time, and now I got more?" He let out in annoyance.

<The main Mission of being the first person to leave the Novice Village had been completed. The assigned reward has been given.>

He heard Janus' voice.

"Perfect timing. Fast as always." Ryder let out sarcastically.

<Reminder! Only 10 minutes left before the time for the Sub Mission will be over.

If the host can't complete the mission, He shall fall asleep for 24 hours.>

"Whatever. It's not like sleeping for 24 hours would do anything now. I already completed the dangerous one. " Ryder said as he left.

He personally believed that there was no way he could make Maya call him Daddy in the next 10 minutes. He was prepared to lose.

He walked forward as he wondered what he could do now that he had no class.

As he was walking, he stopped in his tracks as he saw a familiar face.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

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