Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 33 - 33: I Thought It Was A Pervert

"Finally, the preparation is complete," Ryder let out with a smile on his face.

"Nope, everything depends on the execution tomorrow," He said in full seriousness.

He logged out of the game.


Maya was still trying to understand what was going on.

She ran a full scan on Divinity, but nothing odd was discovered.

"Hades..," She muttered softly as she remembered the name.

Who was the boy who could come inside her world of Divinity and still be out of her control? She had decided to keep a special eye on him from now on.


Ryder woke up in the real world and took off the Divinity glasses. He put the glasses in his spatial storage that was awarded to him by Janus.

It was already midnight by now.

Ryder had decided to go to sleep and give some real rest to his body.

He drank a little water from a nearby bottle and laid down on the bed.

** Pick up the phone, or there'll be Explooosion... Pick up the phone, or there'll be Explooosion**

He had just closed his eyes when his phone started ringing. 

The loud rock music was his favorite, and he used it as a ringtone.

He picked the phone and brought it closer to his ears. He didn't even bother checking the number.

"Brother!!! Why didn't you answer my friend request?" The person on the phone said.

" Who the hell are you?" Ryder said as he felt annoyed.

"I'm Shu! Shu Ma...I mean, Shu! How can you forget me so soon, big brother," Shu said.

Shu's voice sounded like he was quite hurt.

" Oh, fa...I mean, Shu. Sorry, I was a little sleepy. Why did you call me, though?" Ryder asked.

He finally opened his eyes as he began talking seriously.

"I sent you a friend request on Divinity. Why didn't you accept it?" He asked.

"You sent me a request? When? I only got one request, and that too was from someone named Big Daddy," Ryder replied.

" That's me, brother! There can only be one Big Daddy in this world! I'm that Big Daddy!" Shu let out in a determined voice.

It was as if the title of Big Daddy was really important for him. No one should even think about taking a good title from him.

"Wait a minute? That was you?" Ryder asked in surprise as if it was the first time he heard about it.

"Yup. That was me. I told you about it in the morning, didn't I?" Shu responded.

" You did? I must have forgotten then. I got the request from some Big Daddy. Judging by the name, I thought that it must belong to a pervert," Ryder replied.

"That's why I didn't answer the request. If I know that you were that perv...I mean, if I knew that you were that person, I would have accepted it instantly," Ryder shamelessly lied as he pretended to be ignorant about it.

"That's good. Don't forget to accept tomorrow, alright? I'll check on the day after tomorrow," Shu said.

Ryder couldn't help but find Shu's phrasing strange.

" Why won't you check tomorrow? " Ryder asked. 

" Well, I can't log in for the next 24 hours. I was killed today. Speaking of that, do you know? Something really strange happened to me today," Shu replied.

" I had learned 'Slash' from a sword elder and was facing a snow wolf outside the beast valley, but strangely, I wasn't able to use the skill. When I tested it before, it was perfectly fine, but when I attacked the wolf, it was like the skill suddenly disappeared. I couldn't use it. The wolf killed me," He further said.

" You know what the worst thing is? I had just bragged in front of the newbies that I was going to solo the Wolf. I still remember their laughing faces as I miserably failed," Shu felt like crying as he told his emotional story. 

"Maybe that skill was in the cool down, or you passed the daily limit? It can happen. I think this experience will help you in the future," Ryder comforted Shu.

" Thank you, brother. I feel so much better now," Shu responded.

Ryder could feel that Shu was actually somewhat anxious before, but he felt quite calm now.

"Alright, I'll leave you to your sleep. Good night brother," Shu said.

"Good night, Shu," Ryder replied.

Ryder disconnected the phone and put it back.

He had again closed his eyes and was about to sleep when the grim reaper spoke again.

<A new Sub-Mission has been assigned to the host.

Mission: Apologize to Alice for not listening to her.

Reward: 5 origin points shall be added to the host's account.

Punishment for failure: 10 origin points shall be deducted, and All-Seer will be taken back.

Time Limit: 10 minutes>

Janus said.

"I was wondering when you would appear. You can't let me rest in peace for a moment, can you? Also, when did I not listen to her," Ryder spoke in an annoyed tone as he sat up.

Janus didn't explain.

This time, Ryder didn't argue much as he knew that nothing he said would help.

He stood up and left his room.

He walked towards Alice's room. He opened the door and silently entered inside.

Alice was in a deep sleep in her bed at the moment. Ryder did hesitate for a brief moment, but he took a step forward.

He stood in front of Alice as he observed her calm sleeping face.

He couldn't help but be stunned at how cute she looked when she slept.

He bent forward and whispered into her ears, " I'm sorry for not listening to you,"

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