Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 10 - 10: Selecting A Skill

"Janus, Open the store! "

He commanded in a low voice as he sat on his comfy bed. He was curious about the store and the things he could purchase from it.

'I have 20 origin points from the completed missions. Let's see what I could get with it,' He thought.

Another screen opened in front of his eyes. There were many items displayed on the screen, most of which were foreign to him. There was only one thing that he knew about, which was the Strengthening Pill.

Other than the Strengthening Pill, all the other items were unknown that made him click on them to find out their specialty. Surprisingly, a single Strengthening Pill cost 40 origin points.

"Strange. The reward for finishing the main quest is only 30 origin points, so in a sense, I gained more from the side quests than I will gain from the main quest."

" Is human life really that worthless?" He muttered with a perplexed look on his face.

"Janus! Isn't the reward for the main quest too low? How can it only be 30 origin points?" He tried asking Janus, but Janus' reply didn't help in the slightest.

<The rewards are fixed and can't be changed>

'Well, I should've expected as much from him.'

"Let's see what I can get." 

He didn't know when it started, but he realized that he had started talking to himself a lot.

He began scrolling down the list of items. There were many strange items there, but most of them cost over 30 origin points. The items that cost less were too few.

<Enlightenment Pill:90 origin points. It can increase the intelligence of a person and make them comprehend the truth of nature>

'Is learning the truth of nature really that helpful? I don't even know what that term means, but the cost sure is high.'

<Native Boxing Manuel:50 origin points. Learning the skill can help you fight tens of humans without falling to your knees>

<Love potion:90 origin points. It can make any person fall in love with you once the potion is used on them>

<Warning: Effects only last for a day>

"This potion is quite badass. Too bad that the effects only last for a single day. After the day is over, and the person is freed from the effects of the potion, Won't that mean my death?" 

He kept scrolling and scrolling. There were hundreds of items on the list. Some were quite good, while others were troublesome to deal with. The strangest thing that he noticed was that none of the items in the list cost over a hundred purchase points.

"Hey, Janus! Tell me honestly, am I restricted from seeing the more expensive items?" He asked Janus.

He had a feeling that this god-like system can't be this simple.

<The host is right. You have been limited to items worth 100 origin points. The restriction will be removed after the host completes a certain number of missions>

Janus answered back in the usual emotionless voice.

"How many missions do I have to complete to unlock the next level of the store?" Ryder asked Janus.

<The number depends on the difficulties of the assigned missions. It can range from 5 missions to 15 missions>


'Honestly, I don't even feel like reacting. 15 missions? That's too far to even think about. I'm already finding it difficult to complete the first main mission.'

He shifted his focus back to the screen in front of him and chose an item.

<Lower Martial Arts Manual: An offensive fighting technique which can be used for defense as well as attack>

"I really need it. Although I know how to use a sword because of playing Divinity for over three years as a knight, I can't go around with a sword in the real world. I'd get arrested by the police before I can even take a step out on the street. The manual cost me 15 origin points only."

As soon as he double-tapped on the screen to select the Manual, Another screen appeared nearby.

<Ding… Purchase successful>

<Press 'Yes' the screen to learn the skill directly. It will cost you five origin points>

<Press 'No' on the screen to get the manual only>

He looked towards the second screen and noticed that there were only two options on the screen. Yes and No.

"Of Course I would choose yes. Although it will cost me five origin points, it's much easier as well. Who knows how long it would take for me to learn that skill manually!" 

With a wry smile on his face, he tapped on yes.

As soon as he touched yes, the screen disappeared. Years upon years of memories flooded his brain. It felt like he had been practicing fighting Martial Arts for many years.

'This feeling is so amazing. I can't even describe it.'

He was excited to learn the skill and increase his strength, but he suddenly started feeling tired and sleepy.

"I should probably take a nap for a few hours."

He yawned as he fell to his bed. He instantly fell asleep.

"Hmm?" Where am I?"

Ryder found himself standing on a stage. He was wearing a tuxedo. 

Alice was standing in front of him in a beautiful white gown. She looked as pretty as an angel.

She looked into his eyes as she opened her sweet lips slightly.

"I do" The words escaped her mouth.

"Very good. With the power vested in me by Divinity, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You both may kiss each other now," A female voice said. He looked in that direction only to find Maya standing there with a book in her hand, dressed like a priest.

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