Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Book 7, Chapter 109: The Final Battle 6

Book 7, Chapter 109: The Final Battle 6

The human race used to be called the Inferiors before eventually being relabeled as Traitors.

The humans, on the other hand, had always referred to themselves as Immortals.

This name was meant to evoke the notion of the human race’s eternal efforts to defeat

the gods and reach the peak. [1. The character for “immortal” is composed of two components: the left representing “human” and the right representing “mountain”.]

Today, however, every immortal except one had been killed.

Silence was now the last immortal on earth.

And the gods would not permit a single immortal to continue living.

Silence clearly knew this, which was why he called himself a human instead.

By removing the mountain, the immortal had become human.

This was the origin of the human race.

The immortal’s fall from the peak.

To restore the human race’s population, the Human Ancestor utilized the unique method of reproduction of the Dream Spirits with his crippled body, as well as the boundless natural resources available to him in the environment, and produced a group of fellow humans. Soon, he had created twelve of them, allowing them to naturally begin the slow process of recovering their population.

Because the Human Ancestor was inherently unable to utilize immortal energy, the humans that he had created were different from the Immortals as they also could not utilize immortal energy.

Thus, even if their presence was discovered by the gods, they probably wouldn’t care.

They would almost definitely think that they were a brand new race that was completely distinct from the Immortals.

After all, to them, what distinguished one creature from another was not their appearance but rather their substance.

The Ravagers, Dark Astrals, and Elementals all had humanoid figures. After all, they were, by and large, created in the image of their creators. After confirming that these humans were not the Immortals that they had vanquished, the gods allowed them to continue developing.

Only the Human Ancestor knew that their core bloodline was still that of an immortal.

A defective immortal, but an immortal nonetheless.

Even though this defect made it virtually impossible for any of his descendants to cultivate immortal energy, the possibility was not zero.

As long as there was even a one in a billion chance, the opportunity still existed.

And as long as there was still an opportunity, there would always be hope.

This was perhaps the Human Ancestor’s greatest source of motivation.

After the new human race was established, the Human Ancestor settled in and patiently bided his time. Of course, he knew that even if the human race reawakened their capacity to use immortal energy, their chances of defeating the gods were next to zero. After all, even the powerful Immortals had been defeated.

This meant that the human race not only needed to reawaken their ability to cultivate immortal energy, but they also needed to grow stronger than their predecessors while the gods needed to become weaker.

But how could he do that?

The answer was to incite internal conflicts.

The Human Ancestor soon set his mind to stir up trouble amongst the gods.

Unfortunately, his efforts were futile.

At that point in time, the gods were currently extremely content with their environment. The land that they possessed was vast and filled with natural resources and there were only a few hundred gods to split them between. There was no need for them to fight against each other, so there was simply nothing that the Human Ancestor could do.

Instead, the gods began to fight against the Origin Beasts once more.

The Origin Beasts’ conflict with the gods had existed for far longer than the gods’ conflict with the Immortals. Origin Beasts were far more vicious than the Immortals and stronger as well. The destruction that they wreaked was much more severe as a result. Their rebellion against the gods had occurred not just once but repeatedly.

This time, however, something felt different.

To their shock, the gods discovered that the Primordial Continent’s energy levels were permanently falling.

They finally realized that, in the process of fighting against the Origin Beasts, the Primordial Continent had shifted off of its original position at the center of the Origin Energy Sea and that it was actually floating away. This last battle had only accelerated this process further, causing the Primordial Continent’s Origin Energy density to thin quite significantly.

Finally, the gods began to panic once more, and they made the unanimous decision to drag the Primordial Continent back to the center of the Origin Energy Sea.

And they had also chosen to use Kun’s territory as the boat to drag the Primordial Continent back with.

That was the moment the Human Ancestor realized that his opportunity had arrived.

On that day, he found an Origin Beast.

The Blood Ancestor.

Back then, the Blood Ancestor had been a simple-minded fellow, completely lacking in intelligence.

It faithfully followed its instinct to devour the Servant Races.

At the time, the Primordial Continent’s society was divided into three levels: gods, Origin Beasts, and Servant Races.

The Servant Races were the lowest in status of the three. They were forced to supply the gods with faith and were even used to feed the Origin Beasts sometimes. The gods didn’t care about them at all, since the Origin Beasts did in fact need to eat. It was just that they sometimes had an annoying habit of biting the hand that fed them once they were satiated.

Naturally, the Blood Ancestor instinctively tried to eat the Human Ancestor when he saw him.

The Human Ancestor made no attempt to stop the Blood Ancestor from doing so.

After all, his essence was a little bit special.

He had initially been an Immortal who was capable of wielding powerful immortal energy. Then, he had abandoned his physical body to enter the Dream God’s body and transformed into a Dream Spirit. This had given him some of the Dream Spirit’s unique characteristics, allowing him to evolve and assume new forms.

Now, he was giving up on his human body once again, and his Dream Spirit characteristics reactivated.

His spirit burrowed into the Blood Ancestor, connecting himself to the Blood Ancestor’s consciousness.

The Blood Ancestor began to evolve.

His intelligence rapidly climbed.

With this newfound intelligence, his muddled mind finally gained a hint of clarity.

He came to understand what the Origin Beasts’ fate was, as well as the dire circumstances that they were in.

In the past, the Origin Beasts had moved purely based on instinct, but from that day onwards, they were able to move with intention.

And even though the Human Ancestor had been swallowed by the Blood Ancestor, he was still alive.

His consciousness still existed, and it began to condense within the Blood Ancestor’s body.

The seed of a Dream Spirit had been planted within the Blood Ancestor’s body!

Dream Spirits were consciousness entities at their core after all, and even the Blood Ancestor could not stop one from sprouting.

The Human Ancestor resurrected for a second time, and this time, he had gained the Blood Ancestor’s ability to generate countless clones.

When the Dream Spirit finally matured, it took the form of a young child within the Blood Ancestor before separating itself from the Blood Ancestor and flying off as a little bat.

All the Blood Ancestor knew was that he had lost control of one of his clones.

This was not a big deal to him, and he actually didn’t even notice that it had taken place. At that time, all he could think of was revenge. The Human Ancestor had gifted him with intelligence and the outlines of a basic plan.

After resurrecting and regaining a physical form, the Human Ancestor once again descended into a human. He would never forget his original status or his mission to exterminate the gods.

He began to stockpile a large number of clones, repeating the process with a number of other Origin Beasts.

More and more Origin Beasts began to gain intelligence and memories, and an overarching plan to fight back against the gods eventually emerged.

Everything proceeded according to the Human Ancestor’s plan.

By now, the gods had finished their preparations to haul the Origin Realm back to the center of the Origin Energy Sea, and the transformative expedition was already underway. This expedition was so grand that it consumed all of the gods’ attention and focus, leaving them with no spare time or mental resources to think about anything else. They dragged the world back as quickly as they could, hauling the continent back to the center of the Origin Energy Sea.

That was when the Origin Beasts struck.

They severed the connection between Kun’s territory and the Origin Realm, causing the Origin Realm to stop in its tracks while Kun’s territory began to float back on its own.

The gods were badly stunned by this development and hurriedly attached themselves to the Origin Realm.

Since the gods could push even the Origin Realm, it was only natural that they could also push Kun’s territory. However, when they reattached themselves to the Origin Realm, the Origin Beasts immediately unleashed a furious barrage of attacks specifically targeting this connection.

Now that they possessed intelligence, the Origin Beasts were smart enough to directly strike at the gods’ weaknesses, forcing them onto the back foot. Even though the gods were very powerful, they were completely suppressed by the Origin Beasts.

The two parties fought for a long time, with neither side showing any signs of achieving victory.

Even so, the gods were incredibly powerful. As children of the world itself, and as controllers of Method Power, they were able to slowly but surely close the gap between themselves and the Origin Realm.

When they saw that the gods were inching ever closer, the Origin Beasts grew agitated as well.

A few of the Origin Beasts that had awakened their intelligence chose to sacrifice themselves by slamming their giant bodies into Kun’s territory itself.

They bravely leapt through the air, passed through the Origin Energy Sea that even the gods could not cross, and then slammed into Kun’s territory, forcing it under the surface of the Origin Energy Sea.

They were directly attacking Kun’s territory!

Kun’s territory was what kept the gods safe from the Origin Energy Sea. It was their shield, but it was also their weakness.

And the intelligent Origin Beasts were now attacking this weakness with all their might.

Finally, under the constant onslaught of the Origin Beasts, Kun’s territory began to sink.

This time, even the gods couldn’t keep it afloat.

When they realized that destruction was imminent, the gods had no choice but to use their remaining strength to construct the Barrier of the Gods.

The gods had gone out in a final blaze of glory.

They joined hands to erect a barrier that could protect themselves. At the same time, the Lord of Time, the Lord of Light, the Lord of the Sea, the Sun God, the Warrior God, the Spider God, and the Artisan God unleashed all of the energy within their bodies to firmly attach Kun’s territory to the Origin Realm before they became fully submerged.

At least seven powerful gods had died immediately.

But their sacrifice gave the other gods a chance to return to Kun’s territory.

What no one realized was that, at that crucial moment, a small human had entered Kun’s territory as well.

The Human Ancestor.

His hatred of the gods made it impossible for him to give up on crushing them. Even though they were fully cut off and isolated, he refused to give them even a chance at survival.

Only their permanent and everlasting death would allow the human race to truly rise to prominence.

The Human Ancestor began to wait once more.

He continued to generate some more humans in this fashion, allowing them to provide faith to the gods. This time, however, he had a few new tricks up his sleeves.

For instance, the new humans that he created offered up far less divine power than before.

Due to Kun’s territory’s natural restrictions and the Human Ancestor’s interference, the overall faith that the gods received decreased significantly. Even the divine power that offerings could provide was limited.

And there were far too many gods within Kun’s territory to share this meager amount of faith.

At that point, the Human Ancestor knew that he no longer needed to interfere. The gods would inevitably begin to fight amongst themselves.

Indeed, the dire straits that the gods suddenly found themselves in resulted in a significant amount of internecine discord. The sudden lack of resources resulted in the gods turning on each other for survival, and the battles grew larger and larger until the entire Kun’s territory was embroiled in the earth-shattering war known as the Twilight of the Gods.

Meanwhile, the Human Ancestor sat and calmly watched the sun rise and fall, clouds roil, lightning flash, thunder roll, rain fall, and flames fill the sky. The fall of each god filled his heart with immense pleasure.

Then, he saw a god falling from the sky like a burning phoenix, only to land near him.

The god was not yet dead.

When the god lifted up his head, the Human Ancestor realized that his face was very familiar.

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