Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 206 - Chapter 206: Divine Rune Equipments, the Space Scythe!

Chapter 206: Divine Rune Equipments, the Space Scythe!

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Chaoge City, which had just recovered its peace after a great battle, was once again filled with a strange atmosphere after the conversation between Gu Changqing and L9527.

At that time, it was already quite strange that five Dark Divine Runemasters was able to sneak in. Additionally, even a Space Devourer had invaded the trial space.

Gu Changqing didn’t think much about it at first. But at this moment, what happened had to make him pay more attention.

There must be a bigger conspiracy behind the previous invasion. Also, why did the Dark Divine Runemaster who saved Diqin Naxi suddenly attack Chaoge City?

Did he want to obtain something from the city?

On the other hand, the Otherworldly Demon’s action was more reasonable. After all, it came from Blue Star and was the human race’s enemy. Anything was possible.

However, it seemed that they had made an agreement to attack Chaoge City together.

Moreover, before Gu Changqing came, the two of them were still fighting each other. No matter how one looked at it, it was a strange and reasonable coincidence.

It was as if there was an invisible hand manipulating everything in the dark.

This made him a little frustrated. The stronger one was, the more they disdained using schemes and plots.

He could defeat all enemies with his strength, but he couldn’t stand it when someone was scheming around him. Just like Diqin Naxi, as long as he caught her, he could crush her like an ant.

However, she had repeatedly escaped, and would constantly find trouble for him behind his back.

He confirmed it several times and even opened a wormhole to check the space node where Chaoge City was located.

He confirmed that the barrier in that city was foolproof, and left L9527 there to continue defending the city.

Gu Changqing passed through the wormhole and returned to Luoshui. The first thing he did when he arrived was to check the city’s barrier and make sure that everything was fine.

He continued to explore the buildings around that he had yet to finish exploring. However, the most important thing seemed to be the city’s arsenal. Other than that, there was nothing special about it.

After looking around a few times, he confirmed that he hadn’t missed anything. Gu Changqing ended his investigation around Luoshui City.

Zhang Hu and the others still hadn’t returned from the trial space. The one in Luoshui was obviously more difficult than in Chaoge.

After all, the space generated each participant’s mirror image. It wasn’t easy to win the fight.

However, Gu Changqing believed that they would definitely be able to successfully complete the trial.

All of a sudden, the Divine Rune Eye notified him that someone had completed the trial.

Knowing this, he teleported to the city center. In his divine sense, a spear in the arsenal had disappeared.

At this moment, Huang Di’s figure appeared from the empty void. He held the spear as he stood in front of Gu Changqing.

“I got this thing, but it seems that my armor doesn’t need it!”

Huang Di casually handed the spear to Gu Changqing with a disappointed


“Save it for the others and see if they will need it.”

Gu Changqing casually threw the spear into his space ring.

Huang Di being able to come out first was originally within Gu Changqing’s expectations. After all, the former was the strongest person other than him. In addition, he had rich combat experience and a powerful will.

Defeating his own mirror image was an easy task for Huang Di. Moreover, looking at his expression, he must have gained a lot of benefits.

“Let me go again!”

Huang Di didn’t stop for a break. Gu Changqing opened the trial space for him again. The other party disappeared from the city as he started another trial.

Gu Changqing thought that the second one to come out would be Monkey King or Zhang Hu. However, what surprised him was that the second person to return was actually Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird was just like Huang Di when he came out. Her face was full of vigor, and she even had a mischievous smile. In the arsenal, a huge set of armor had disappeared.


Vermilion Bird excitedly walked over to Gu Changqing and showed the armor she had obtained. The armor was entirely black and emitted a cold light. On its back were sharp thorns that exuded the same light.

Gu Changqing sized it up and said, “This armor doesn’t seem to be tailored for humans.”

Vermilion Bird said excitedly, “Let Huahua wear it!”

He was stunned, an image popping up in his mind. He imagined Huahua wearing the armor and curling up into a ball and bouncing continuously as she rolled while screaming, “Super Flesh Bullet Bounce!”

This visual didn’t really seem serious.

He threw the armor to Vermilion Bird. There was no need to keep what his subordinates could use. Vermilion Bird happily put the armor into her space ring and then started another trial.

Zhao Feng, Taotie, Zhang Hu, Monkey King, and Qi Yuna soon all came out. However, apart from Monkey King’s divine rune obtaining a purple-gold crown, the rest of them obtained things that they couldn’t use, all of which were handed over to Gu Changqing.

Time passed bit by bit, and everyone completed the trial space faster and faster.

Gu Changqing’s space ring had already collected more than 5,000 divine weapons of all kinds, and the others had more or less collected things that they could use.

Zhang Hu obtained a weapon called the Demon God Hammer. It was completely black and engraved with soul-stirring demonic patterns.

Every time he swung it, there would be lightning. Compared to the Tiankun War Halberd, it was more domineering.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng had obtained a pair of Wings of Divine Wind that doubled his speed.

Wu Rui obtained the Dragon’s Reverse Scale. After fusing with his divine runes, he activated the scale. This made it so that his Black Flood Dragon Divine Rune could temporarily transform into a divine dragon. Moreover, his attack and defense power both obtained a double increase.

Qi Yuna had obtained the Xinghe Chains. With a raise of her hand, she could lock onto a region’s space. Gu Changqing could not help but take a few more glances at this ability.

Vermilion Bird had obtained the Phoenix Feather Coat. This item helped her forcefully switch spaces for a short period of time to avoid fatal attacks.

Taotie had obtained the War God Axe. A swing of it was enough to destroy everything.

Monkey King had obtained another piece of equipment after the purple-gold crown, which was the Cloud Boots. These boots helped increase his speed.

Despite all this, it was a pity that Huang Di did not obtain suitable equipment for himself.

However, while Gu Changqing was collecting equipment, he unexpectedly found something that he could use, which was the Space Scythe!

The Space Scythe had the magical ability to break through spatial barriers.

Gu Changqing summoned the Grim Reaper, and as expected, he directly absorbed the Space Scythe. The scythe replaced the Grim Reaper’s original one.

He then waved his scythe without using much divine rune power. A spatial crack was easily formed by the Space Scythe.

“How about we try it on the barrier?”

Gu Changqing flew to the sky above Luoshui City, where the barrier was hidden. He urged the Grim Reaper to swing his scythe once again.

The space rippled, and a wound appeared on the barrier. Then, it lit up with a faint light and repaired its wound.

Gu Changqing was a little disappointed, but at the same time, he felt lucky. If the barrier of a main city could be broken so easily, it would be a tragedy..

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