Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3270 Leaving Now

Chapter 3270 Leaving Now

"That's fine with me. You're the one who formed a spirit pact with her, no?"

Lea lightly nodded, lacking a bit of assertion as she had yet to fully form a pact with Calypsea. After all, she didn't have enough power to hold her, and her soul could be hurt if Calypsea did not fully accept the pact, as she was still closer to Davis than her.

"That settles it. After this little spirit can control its energy enough, you can have her back."

Saintess Lunaria nodded before she looked as though she was going to teleport away as spatial undulations emerged from her.

"Wait…" Davis gave Calypsea to Lea and finally spoke, "What do you require in return?"

He asked the question he had in mind, causing Saintess Lunaria to stop before she turned to glance at him.

"I don't want anything other than my sect to be safe, including your family, so the sooner you leave, the better it is for me to maintain general safety."

'Haha… mother and daughter are saying the same thing…'

"Understood. I will leave now."

Davis inwardly chuckled before he cupped his hands.

The mother wanted to protect her universe and the daughter her sect. He imagined that they were willing to give their life for it, so him endangering it and being asked to get out was only their right, just as he would evict anyone who threatened the lives of his family.

Still, his words caused the hearts of his women to sink, but Saintess Lunaria lightly shook as though she giggled.

"But of course, you can stay the seven days you earned through purchasing the right through contribution points. I have the right to forcefully take it away, but you haven't done anything wrong for me to come to that decision, so stay low and enjoy the brief amount of protection we can give you until the entire world comes again asking you what happened in the secret realm."

"Haven't the others who came with me have not been interrogated yet?"

Davis made an amused expression. Surely, Zora Luan and the others here should've been already called to give their report on the expedition.

Even the Starlight Jade Wolf Clan and the other clans would've interrogated their disciples or at least started to interrogate them.

"Interrogated? You make it sound like we're villains~"

Saintess Lunaria turned to look at him, glaring, which made Davis chuckle.

"As for the investigation, that's still ongoing. There is the matter of Guardian Ryheris Yilan losing his personal disciple Orion Chestwave and a few others who are gone forever because it is confirmed that the spatial tunnel is fully closed. Therefore, all I know is that you reigned supreme and headed your way to obtain that so-called realm concoction pill but turned around because you met a mysterious black-robed woman."

Saintess Lunaria's gaze flashed, "To be able to convince you… truly mysterious"

"Mysterious indeed."

Davis heaved a sigh as he was reminded of them again.

"How is Everlight…?" He asked as though diverting the topic.

Saintess Lunaria blinked at him before she nodded.

"She's doing fine. After all, she's an Immortal King Beast now."


Davis reacted with his eyes widened in shock.

After all, there was a significant amount of karmic burden blocking Everlight's path because she revived him. He was most worried about her since Life Laws wasn't offensive at all, but under Saintess Lunaria's teachings, it seems like Everlight was finally able to clear her tribulation.

He couldn't help but feel excited before he cupped his hands again.

"Many thanks for your help, Divine Saintess. I'll soon meet with you a gift."

"Ai~ I don't need it."

Davis blinked, "It's not for you but Everlight."


Saintess Lunaria turned speechless by his utterance.

"But if you want one, I can give you one. I should not brag, but my haul this time is quite magnificent that I could even start my own… Aurora Cloud Gate."

Davis's lips curled as a hard-to-suppress smile escaped.

Saintess Lunaria stared at him for a few seconds before looking away.

"You sure like teasing women."

"Aha…" Davis lightly laughed as he stretched his arms before cupping again, "I was just kidding. I'll definitely present you with a gift for all the efforts you put in for my mess-ups. Also, thanks for not heeding the words of my little sister."

"At the most, I'd lock her up but kill…?"

Saintess Lunaria shook her head, finally disappearing from the location as she teleported away, leaving behind a gallery of confused people who didn't know what happened in the last few seconds.

It seemed like Davis offended her without giving respect to her seniority, but she ignored it and left, although was that what happened…?

They couldn't tell.

On the other hand, Davis saw that Saintess Lunaria teleported to Myria's mansion. However, considering that both of them were on equal footing despite the master and disciple relationship for benefits, he guessed all was fine.

He turned to look towards Lea, who held Calypsea close like she was her true mother. The little spirit also had her arms wrapped around Lea as though she truly sought safety from her weaker cultivation, which made it look funny.

Nonetheless, he walked closer and looked Calypsea in the eye while holding her shoulders.

"Calypsea, be a good girl and listen to Lea. Won't you?

Calypsea pouted before she turned to look away, causing Davis's lips to part.

'Damn, kids are difficult…'

Now that she was no longer scared, she was acting up.

Soon, she would start to ask for apocalyptic flames and might go berserk if she gets no for an answer. Only other exotic and destructive flames could satisfy her, so he was willing to go find some Flame Essences from her or even buy from other places, but more than that, he felt teaching self-control would be better, which he believed and trusted Lea could do.

"Lea, when do you want to leave?"

"Right now."

Lea's answer was quick and firm, causing Davis to blink, but she blushed.

"We… we already did it so many times… I'd feel bad if I took more of your or others' time…"

Her embarrassed voice echoed in his soul, causing him to smile and lean in for a kiss but suddenly froze as Calypsea was right beside them, looking at them with her always-curious gaze.

Remembering Eldia and her tendencies to launch herself at him because she saw him do it with others, he restrained himself and patted Calypsea's crown.

"Calypsea, I know you feel somewhat restricted here with no food and opponents to play with, but life is not only about growing stronger and causing destruction, as your instincts tell you. There are other fun things to do that you can find out there, and learning to behave properly and controlling your energy is a few of them. Do you understand?"

Hearing Davis's firm voice, Calypsea blinked for a few seconds before she finally nodded her head.

"Master… I will… listen… to Lea…"

She finally gave him an answer to his previous question, causing Davis to smile.


He patted her head again and bid her farewell as Lea took her away and headed to Saintess Lunaria, who was still talking with Myria. Perhaps she can catch a quick ride with Saintess Lunaria, or else she might need to traverse numerous locations and gain permission from numerous individuals to meet her again.

On the other hand, Davis's waving hand slowly came down, feeling a sense of loss as though he was sending his child away to some school in another country.

But that emotion quickly disappeared as he turned to look at the worried bunch.

"Alright, I guess I'm somewhat free…"

"Great." Evelynn tilted her head and revealed a genuine smile, "Go take some rest first and wake up after a fine sleep…"

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