Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2657 The Announcement

Chapter 2657 The Announcement

In a bright golden palace, a thirteen-year-old boy moved about in a garden near the veranda on a platform stretching outside the palace, simply harassing the maids by chasing them around, only to tag them and yell at them to play with him.

But at this moment, a golden-robed woman with white hair, possessing a fair countenance, arrived before them.

"Yi Feng, you naughty son. Stop harassing your personal maids. Can't you see that they're working on the medicinal herbs?"

"Imperial mother!" Yi Feng acted like he was caught and ran away like the wind.

Despite his stature, which was no more than five foot seven inches tall, each step he took caused the palace to tremble ever so lightly.

Looking at him break little vases and cause cracks to appear on the surface, his imperial mother's nose flared.

"Yi Feng, go train in the mountains right now~"

"Yes, mother!"

Yi Feng completely disappeared as he jumped out of the palace and flew away. Watching him leave, his imperial mother lightly sighed as she touched her forehead.

"This child… he still doesn't know how to hold back..."

"Sigh, the young prince is so lively."

One of the personal maids had a hand on her cheek, blushing, while the other couldn't help but nod her head.

"If only he could use that liveliness and grace us with his presence in the bed- ah~ Empress, please forgive me. I didn't mean it in a derogative way… It's just… young prince is innocent that I'm afraid the nasty women outside would take advantage of him..."

They appeared to be no more than fifteen years old, around two years older than Yi Feng.

Hearing their words, Yi Feng's imperial mother didn't seem offended but smiled.

"He's still a child and doesn't understand the warmth of yin. Perhaps, it is a side-effect of his physique. Once he undergoes puberty, not only will he fulfill his duty to you two, but his power will also exponentially increase with his bones becoming stronger. It's natural that he will become a great man."

"Besides, he is the immortal inheritor who managed to clear the Starmetal Sovereign Immortal Inheritance that no one ever managed to clear despite millions of years passed since its founding. Our Yi Family lineage will finally have a worthy heir, one that I had given birth to."

A tinge of pride reveled in the imperial mother's voice.

"Yes. Young prince's Starmetal Mantle Physique is unrivaled. Even without any training, it allowed his cultivation base to reach the Ninth Stage at merely thirteen years old, and even without reaching puberty and having his bones naturally strengthened, he could battle three levels above him. Any man who heard this information will have his face turn green with envy."

"Hoho~ That's why I'm worried that he may be unable to hold back and accidentally murder you two on the night of intimacy."


The two personal maids screamed in fright. However, their eyes strangely appeared to look forward to it.

Yi Feng's mother smiled deeply, knowing these two were two of the most deserving maids who deserved Yi Feng's love. But still, there was a sliver of worry in her eyes.

All seemed to be going well for her imperial Yi Family and the Emperor, her imperial husband even thought of designating Yi Feng as the crown prince. When she secretly heard it, she was overjoyed as one of her sons would be announced to be the next Emperor. However, she was afraid that it would invoke a bloodbath between her own sons and even her stepsons.

That was not a good thing for the imperial Yi Family overall, causing her worry to deepen.


Just as she was thinking of a solution, there was the sound of something exploding in the distance, resounding low and dull. Countless magical beasts took off into the distance as they flew away like frightened birds.

The next second, the mountains became encased in a pitch-black oval sphere elongating, becoming devoured.

"A spacequake!"

The Empress's eyes shot wide in shock, "Yi Feng!!!"

Her figure shot like a meteor towards the spacequake. Before she could reach the mountains, the spacequake stopped expanding and started to contract before becoming a small pitch-black sphere that slowly disappeared.


Yi Feng's mother quickly arrived at the scene. A part of the mountain appeared like it had been eaten by a giant monster, appearing barren without any vegetation. Nothing was left in this space, not even a shred of life.

"This… this can't be…"

Blood tears flooded down her eyes. No matter how she spread her senses, she was not able to locate her son. There was the trail of his aura leading to the range of the spacequake before it completely disappeared, leaving her shaken.

If she hadn't told him to go train in the nearby mountains, would this have happened?

Knowing that she had practically killed her ninth son, guilt overwhelmed her before her eyes couldn't help but swivel up, causing her to faint.

However, a golden-robed man appeared beside her and held her from falling, his expression appearing unsightly as he panned his gaze at the destruction left behind by the spacequake.

"My son!"

He threw his head and bellowed at the heavens, his eyes bloodshot and expression furious beyond compare at this unreasonable fate!


"Warning, the last immortal inheritor has arrived in the First Haven World. Henceforth, the Candidacy will officially begin at the Grand Immortal Mountain Peak ten years from now."

"Warning, the last immortal inheritor has arrived in the First Haven World. Henceforth, the Candidacy will officially begin at the Grand Immortal Mountain Peak ten years from now."

"Warning, the last immortal inheritor has arrived in the First Haven World. Henceforth, the Candidacy will officially begin at the Grand Immortal Mountain Peak ten years from now."

In the First Haven World, thousands of closed eyes shot wide open at this moment as they heard a mysterious voice resounding in their soul sea.

Even in the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace, three pairs of beautiful eyes shot wide open. They quickly stepped outside of their closed-door seclusion and gathered on the ground floor, meeting face-to-face.

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