Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2323 Getting lt Out (R-18)

Chapter 2323 Getting lt Out (R-18)


Davis let out a low growl as he felt his rock-hard member become covered in her fleshly embrace. It was warm and tight, bringing him immense bliss. He plunged deep into her as he kissed her womb's entrance, eliciting a seductive response as she shook her plump ass at him from being unable to endure the deep intrusion.

Wrapping his arms around her soft waist as he aligned his body with hers, reaching his lips to her fair-white neck, he began slowly grinding his way in and way out, sending pleasurable waves while there was a surplus of seeping wetness flowing down her thighs.

*Pa~* *Pa~* *Pa~*

His thighs met her ass cheeks as they collided softly. His hot member plowed her sweetly, and with each stroke of his hot rod, Evelynn passionately responded as she shook her hips back and forth with an ecstatic face. Her movements were not violent but the calm before the, her voluptuous breasts swaying momentously as they jiggled, greatly attracting Davis even though he couldn't see it but hear it slap his arm that was wrapped around her waist.

"My sexy demoness..."

Davis rasped as his hands caught her breasts. His palms sunk into her thick meat and kneaded as he pleased while moving them up and down or in a circular motion.

"Aah~ Aahn~ Ah- no, not there~"

Evelynn cooed but enjoyed the sensation of him grabbing her big tits, pinching her pink nipples while fondling them. It gave her an extreme sense of fulfillment for her to know that he was obsessed with her body. It was one of her pride that she could never let go of, causing her to become wetter as he plowed her from behind.


Suddenly, he turned her around as he grabbed one of her thighs and placed her left leg on his shoulder while her right leg remained on the slippery ground, causing her to use one of her hands to capture his neck while using the other hand to maintain balance against him and the rock wall.


This position instantly caused her to blush beyond compare as she was completely vulnerable, but at this moment, Davis took a step forward and rose deep into her as he stabbed his rock-hard dick inside her all the way in, causing Evelynn's eyes to turn wide as her lips went agape, quivering in intensity while her pupils almost rolled back.

Davis smirked with contentment as he grabbed her right breast with his left hand while holding her waist facing the wall with his right hand. Using both his hands, he pushed back his hips fully, his thick rod appearing to almost exit out of her tightly kissing vagina before he thrust back inside while at the same time yanking her towards him.


The resounding slap of flesh erotically colliding echoed before it continued.


Evelynn's voice cracked amidst his furious pistoning movements. She could feel his thick intensity throbbing inside her, seeking to plunder her love juices while rapturously trying to impregnate her.

A hand suddenly grabbed her neck, and her agape mouth was sealed shut by his lips, his tongue sneaking its way inside as it began to plunder her sweet juices.

Evelynn's eyes were narrowed as her eyelids quivered. While being spread, she was forced against him, causing her voluptuous body to bend, but it was still something her body was capable of.

However, this close proximity in everything, from the way his scorching hot rod penetrated all the way deep to her mouth delightfully receiving his caresses, left her feeling extremely hot that she felt like she was burning.


Davis let go of Evelynn's lips and lowered his head.

"Davis~ You should… try the ahn-"

Evelynn squealed as she felt her tits engulfed by his mouth. His tongue began to swirl around her areola, treating it with care before he sucked on her erect pink bud. It sent shivers down her spine, with his piston movements seeming like it was not stopping anytime soon.

"Try what…?" Davis had one last taste of her nearest teat and asked.

"Try the Aurora Cloud Gate…"


Her answer left Davis a bit surprised, but he didn't stop moving his hips, feeling like they were almost there.

"Why? I lied to that Blue Luan Immortal, so I just can't go say that yes, I'm the Emperor of Death, so allow me to enter, can I?"


Evelynn cooed while Davis raised his brows in question before retaliation dawned on him.

"You want me to use the fake identity of Feng Chu?"

"Ah~ Yes~ I'm comming… ah~"

Evelynn's expression twitched as she looked at him longingly, and noticing the cue, Davis's eyes flashed.

"I can't leave you all..."

Davis pounced and kissed her salacious crimson lips as he pounded her into the ninth heaven. He was not at his limit, or rather, Evelynn's words made him lose focus, so he couldn't climax at the same time as her. On the other hand, Evelynn felt every submissive emotion she could feel when she informed Davis to go to the Aurora Cloud Gate, becoming afraid of his answer while at the same time feeling overwhelmed from being dominated by him.

On one side, she didn't want to let him go, but on the other, she knew that becoming a part of power would allow him to soar.

If the Aurora Cloud Gate wanted him despite knowing that he could use Death Laws, heavenly lightning, and heavenly flames, then they were either after his secrets or genuinely wanted to recruit him. Their lack of greed and sending a righteous individual made her think that they were sincere in their invitation to him.

She had thought of it all these days and even spoke about it to Feng Chu when she acted as Daisy, telling him to go, but this was real. She truly wanted him to soar and not waste much time looking after them. However, it was a conflicting feeling as she did not want to be separated no matter what, so if Davis used his moniker as Feng Chu, she felt that she should be able to follow him into the Aurora Cloud Gate along with a few others.

Even if she could not go with him, she still wanted him to try entering the Aurora Cloud Gate and soar before anything else.

The encounter with the Blue Luan Immortal had actually taught her an important lesson- no, made her realize that was in front of absolute strength, they were back to being nothing but helpless.

*Paaah!~* *Paaah!~* *Paaah!~*

With Evelynn overflowing with her yin essence while his rod struck while the valley tightly held him for life, Davis continued to thrust as heavy squelching sounds kept echoing. It wasn't long before he changed the tide of their union as he burst inside her, letting out loads and loads of yang essence into her womb.

His body tightly wound around her as he kept ejaculating inside, feeling an intense sense of fulfillment as he kept pouring his seeds into a true Empress. This kind of aura completely made his brain go haywire, disallowing him to focus on anything but her warm and alluring body.

After five whole minutes, Davis and Evelynn regained their sanity, both her legs already on the wet surface but still holding each other with their hands as they stood together. They looked at each other with a bit of lustful gaze, but there were also complex feelings revolving in their orbs.

"You truly want me to go?"

"Mhm~" Evelynn softly nodded, "Don't worry about the others. If you want, I'll stay and protect them as you would. All I have to do is become an immortal, and even if I'm lacking a bit, I'll be able to battle Immortal Kings as long as I enter the Mid Immortal Stage."

"Or I can bring you all in with my palace..."

"But that would cause temporal instability in the palace. That does not-"

Davis placed his hand on Evelynn's lips as he smiled lightly, "Wealth is not a problem as the temporal formation would just consume the same energy while giving us less time. I can easily earn, not to mention that you, Isabella, and Shirley could be practically loaded. But if I'm going to enter a power, we're going together. For now, let's do a bit more before we clean up and work on entering the Immortal Stage first."

Evelynn's eyes glazed in love before she nodded her head. His final words were like a boulder that had been lifted off her shoulders, causing her to fully focus on him as she jumped and wrapped her legs around him, her four spider bones jutting out from her lumbar spine as two of them struck the ground while two others stabbed into the wall.

She let herself dangle before him, grabbing his thickness as she let him enter her hot and moist cave and seized his face, bringing him closer to her mountainous bosoms as she wanted him to suck and worship them while Davis did the obvious and devoured her with intense passion.

Their lovemaking sought no end until they welcomed the next day and set out early morning.

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