Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

vChapter 1095 - I Will Kill Your Whole Family!

Chapter 1095 I Will Kill Your Whole Family!

It was said that a friend was best found in adversity, actually the feelings sparked between two people was something which happened in an instant. Just like Feng Yuheng and Xuan Tianming, they affirmed each other during their short encounter with each other in the Northwest mountains; just like Ren Xitao and Lu Ping, it was just that the meeting they had was under the intentional arrangements of the Left Prime Minister Lu Song.

Feng Yuheng said before, she did not believe in strengthening of feelings over time. The person she loved must be someone she could love on first sight. If it had to be cultivated over time, then it was not love, just feelings.

Ren Xitao and Lu Ping passed three difficult days and nights in the cave. On the morning of the fourth day, Ren Xifeng finally led people and found this cave. When a group of elites scaled up the aerial ladder and reached this cave, Lu Ping’s physical condition could not hold up and she had fainted, Ren Xitao was also half conscious. But at the last moment, he recognised that the group of elites were hidden guards from General Ping Nan manor, and as he relaxed, he also fell unconscious.

Ren Xifeng also followed this troop of elites to this cave, seeing her own brother and Lu Ping have lost consciousness in each other’s arms, she stomped her foot and said: “Forget it, rescue the both of them! This marriage will be difficult to break apart, I just don’t know what father would think after knowing this.”

The hidden guards from the General’s manor arrived one day earlier. It was a coincidence, they had received the eagle letter from the both of them, saying that they were returning to the capital. Feeling worried, General Ping Nan sent people to meet up with them, and when they reached this place, they saw that Ren Xifeng was commanding a large group of people in searching the mountain. The hidden guards participated and very quickly, the people from the Lu manor had nothing to do. After all, based on the abilities, there was a large disparity between both sides. How could the guards from the Lu family be a match for the hidden guards in General Ping Nan manor? Not only were those people useless now, they were restrained by the people from the General’s manor. After all, it was their pursuing which caused Ren Xitao to fall off the cliff. For the responsibility borne by these people and the Lu manor, they needed to answer to the General’s manor.

Very quickly, with Ren Xifeng leading the group, the group of people returned to the capital. After just entering the capital, Ren Xifeng immediately commanded someone to notify Lu manor, asking them to collect a person from the General’s manor.

When the news was received, Lu Song had just returned from morning court. He had just reached the manor’s gates when they heard the information of having him to go to the General’s manor to collect someone. At the beginning, Lu Song did not understand, and when the person who came repeated it again, he stood where he was in shock.

Lu Ping returned? But she came back together with the people from General Ping Nan manor? He even heard that Lu family’s pursuers caused the Ren family’s Young Master to fall off the cliff? How did it happen? He broke out in cold sweat, he did not expect for this matter to involve General Ping Nan manor at all. At this moment, he only felt a headache, fearing that this would spoil everything.

But people have already asked him to come over, he could not refuse to go. Having just returned from morning court, with no time to change out of his officials’ clothes, he turned and headed towards General Ping Nan manor. When he reached, he saw that General Ping Nan manor was also in a mess, Ren Xitao had not woken up yet. People were going around to get a physician, General Ping Nan was huffing and glaring, saying loudly: “What physician! Use the name label of This General and look for an imperial physician!”

And Ren Xifeng stomped her foot: “What imperial physician! Quickly! Take along This Miss’ name label, go to Yu Palace and request for Princess Yu to come!”

The General’s wife also said: “Yes, yes, requesting for Princess Yu would be more reliable.”

A servant quickly went to make the request, and on this side, Ren Xifeng also summarised the events to General Ping Nan. General Ping Nan’s anger had not been vented and when he saw that Lu Song had come, he was unable to control his emotions. He actually pulled out the Feng sword which he had on him, and without even pulling the sword out of its sheath, he swung it towards Lu Song.

Lu Song wanted to dodge out of fright, but how would his movements be as quick as General Ping Nan. Unable to dodge in time, that sword sheath slammed into his left shoulder, causing so much pain that he started seeing stars. And because of the force from the sword, he backed up a few steps. Losing his balance, he fell to the floor with a “Thump”.

It took Lu Song a long while to come to his senses. Looking up, General Ping Nan’s face was red in anger and it looked like he was going to go crazy. He felt that things were getting too troublesome, looking at this General, he was angry and afraid at the same time. He wanted to reason with the other party, saying that with me chasing after my daughter, what did this have to do with your son? Your son was lovestruck and jumped off the cliff, why are you taking it out on me? But he felt that since he came to the General’s manor alone, he was just like a piece of meat on a chopping board, without any means to protect himself. Based on this old General’s temper, if he dared to say this, wouldn’t his head be chopped off with that blade. But if he did not say anything, this grand Left Prime Minister would have suffered a huge grievance, right?

Lu Song sat on the ground for a long time. Finally opening his mouth, he squeezed out a sentence: “Where is my daughter Lu Ping?”

“She is dead!” General Ping Nan said loudly: “You’re asking me about your own daughter?”

“Weren’t all of you the ones who asked This Prime Minister to come? If This Prime Minister’s daughter is not here, why would This Prime Minister come?” Lu Song was also irritated, “Old General, I respect you for contributing to the country, but you cannot be unreasonable. You should already know the circumstances surrounding this matter, your young master made his own decision, how is it related to my Lu manor? With This Prime Minister coming here today, you attacked me immediately, This Prime Minister has also acknowledged it, but if this is discussed more deeply, Old General, you are unreasonable as well.”

“Reason? This General is reason!” General Ping Nan was a marital arts practitioner, and did not have such a skilled tongue to reason with a civil official like Lu Song, so he was heard shouting loudly: “Lu Song, you old man, if This General’s son dies, This General will burn your Left Prime Minister’s manor, burning everyone in your family to death! At most, I will pay with my life, but I will drag all of you down to Hell together! You gave birth to such a bewitching daughter but you did not lock her at home properly, letting her out. My family’s son have saved you out of kindness before, yet you intended to have your daughter seduce him. Alright, now my son jumped off the cliff for your daughter, do you believe that This General can also tie you up and throw you off the top of the mountain?”

Lu Song versus General Ping Nan was just like a scholar versus a soldier, even if there was logic, it could not be communicated. In addition, even though it looked like he was the reasonable one in this matter on the surface, if this was dug deeper, he really did not dare to reveal the truth to others. Why did Lu Ping want to run away? That was because he forced Lu Ping to marry the Sixth Prince. The nature of the matter was the moving of a chess piece from his Lu family, but this chess piece was being moved in his heart, he could not say this to others.

At this moment, Lu Song sat on the ground, looking up at General Ping Nan who was in a rage, thinking: That Young Master from Ren family had to be alright, else he might not be able to overcome this situation. The Emperor’s mind was clear now, and even though he did not ask about the court after his mind had cleared, it might be possible that if this Old General wanted to cause trouble, he could make the Emperor get involved in this matter. He did not have much relations with the Emperor, but General Ping Nan was different. During their younger days, they had fought in the same battlefield and were on very good relations! The Old Emperor would definitely seek justice for General Ping Nan, and with that, he was going to be on the losing end again.

In addition, even if the Emperor did not involve himself, if this matter was known by the Sixth Prince, it would be easy for him to feel repulsed by this. Then their Lu family’s scheme would not only fail, it might end up producing an opposite effect.

As he thought this, Lu Song became a little gloomy. Sitting on the floor and doing nothing, he even forgot to stand up.

The two sides were in a stalemate just like this. General Ping Nan and Ren Xifeng would occasionally scold Lu Song to vent, and Ren Xifeng even said: “If my older brother dies, not only will my father throw you off the mountain top, that daughter from your family will also be ground into meat to accompany my brother’s burial!”

Lu Song felt bitter inside, why do all the members of a warrior family have this temper? Even his daughter had a rash personality. Compared to these two, that Ren family’s young master was really different! He thought about his interactions with Ren Xitao and felt that was a very good person and even had the thought of having Lu Ping marry into the Ren family. However, with a better place to go later, this matter was pushed aside.

Lu Song thought of these things and simply chose to sit on the ground, ignoring this father and daughter pair. It was just that the occasional crying sounds from the General’s wife hovered over, irritating him. Seriously, they already went to the back courtyard, why could he still hear the crying? Could it be that he could not be cured? This was worrying.

Finally, a voice outside the door broke this stalemate. Someone from the doorkeeper’s quarters shouted loudly: “Princess Yu has arrived!”

Everyone looked towards the door and saw Feng Yuheng arrive hurriedly with two maids. She was not dressed up in any special way, she was even dressed rather normally, not showing any of the nobility of a princess. But she had a valiant aura around her, looking very heroic as she walked. Her own people felt satisfied watching this and the people who hid guilt in their hearts felt nervous.

She was now a princess and when people saw her, they should normally bow to her. But Ren family had a good relationship with Feng Yuheng, so they naturally did not need to do so. Moreover, the Old General was still angry, so he simply waved his hand, calling out: “Little girl Heng, you have come!” That was considered a greeting.

Ren Xifeng approached her anxiously, pulling Feng Yuheng’s arm and saying: “Ah-Heng, you have come, my older brother suffered this time. Putting aside all the injuries on his body, he had been unconscious the whole time and had starved for many days, but no matter how we tried to feed him, we could not feed him anything. Hurry up and think of something!” As she spoke, she even pointed at Lu Song on the ground: “This was all caused by the succubus from his family, Ah-Heng, I really wish to cut off the head of that succubus.”

Lu Song felt angry hearing this, scoffing coldly and saying: “If you murder someone, you have to pay with a life. If you wish to take my daughter’s life, even if you are someone from General Ping Nan manor, This Prime Minister will use this life to go to the Emperor and make a formal complaint.”

“Yo!” Feng Yuheng laughed, “Lord Left Prime Minister is so imposing. Little do you know that for everything on this world, there is a cause and effect, if not for you being so focused on attaching yourself to people in power, would your daughter step on the path of escaping? Lu Song, the position of Left Prime Minister is already a first rank official, you are below one person and above many thousands. In the entire court, which official would not have to show you some respect? Why do you need to climb up further? Is climbing up to the position of imperial relative considered your final goal?”

Lu Song was stunned, and remembered that the maid by Lu Ping’s side, Jian Er, had found support with Feng Yuheng. Since she found her support there, she would naturally have to speak the truth. So for his idea, Feng Yuheng might have known about this already. He would definitely be mocked today, how should he deal with this?

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