Divine Card Creator

Chapter 483 - Master, A Kind Man Is Always Harnessed

Chapter 483 Master, A Kind Man Is Always Harnessed

Tian Du City.

Sword Card Master Association.

Lu Ming looked serious as he read information in his hands.

The Card Creators Association

Even Lu Ming did not expect that the one stirring up trouble in secret and who wanted to eliminate him was the Card Creators Association! This was his original vocation!!!


This was the first question that popped into Lu Ming’s mind.

Although the Sword Card Master Association was developing rapidly, he had never done anything to the Card Creators Association!

Secondly, although the Sword Card Master Association was independent from the Card Creators Association, it always had positive feelings toward the Card Creators Association. This was because he was initially a Card Creator!

After all, they had the same origins.

Therefore, Lu Ming had contemplated countless enemies but never the Card Creators Association!

Lu Ming read the information. More precisely, it was the president of the Tian Du City branch of the Card Creators Association!

He thought about it for a few seconds.

In the limited interactions with them, he had never offended this association! He even had many in depth ♂ exchanges with the big shots of the Tian Du City branch!

But, what about afterward?

There was nothing!

Lu Ming could not figure out why he had such a deep feud with the Card Creators Association!

It was only until he flipped to the third page…


Name: Zhou Jie

Identity: Branch president of the Tian Du City Card Creators Association

Age: 44 years old

Level: Seven-star

Characteristic: Attained seven-star when he was 40 years old and entered the prime stage of a cultivator. He is strong-bodied and has strong willpower. He is a rare talent with high potential in the association!


It was very interesting.

There was an assassination attempt againt Lu Ming after this guy got the position…

Lu Ming continued to flip the documents in his hands. Since Li Haoran had handed them to him, there should already be some findings. He very much wanted to know when he had offended this president!

There was a record of the relationship in the later pages.

There was no feud or resentment.

“Have I offended this person before?”

Lu Ming squinted his eyes.


Li Haoran shook his head. “However, your assassination has something to do with your past deeds.”

“Which ones?”

Lu Ming was doubtful.

“You had in-depth exchanges with the Card Creators a few times…” Li Haoran said in a low voice.


Lu Ming was puzzled.

W-what does this have to do with it?!

Li Haoran coughed. “The former president of the Tian Du City branch is already very old. After he had a few nights of in-depth exchanges with you, he felt that he had limited energy. As such, he resigned from his role and was replaced by this guy.”

Lu Ming was speechless.


This was not a good reason…

Had this affected the Card Creators Association adversely?

This was not logical!

The Sword Card Master Association only had a few dozen people. How could they possibly affect the Card Creators Association?!

Even the Big Bird Association which had a serious conflict with Lu Ming about the food delivery business could not be bothered with Lu Ming anymore!


This was because they had too few people…

If you only have a few dozen people, are you able to rise to heaven?!

The Card Creator Association was even more distant!

According to Xiao Yuntian’s investigation, the other party targeted Lu Ming not because of any feud or conflict but because he wanted to take over the Sword Card Master Association!


That was right.

A take over!

Precisely, as they had the same vocation core, this president harbored ill intentions. If Lu Ming were to die, everything that belonged to the Sword Card Master Association… he would be able to integrate with the Card Creators Association?!

Afterward, he would make the association famous!

The Card Creators Association would certainly be able to have a glorious future!

This was briefly the content of the report.

Lu Ming was speechless.

What the hell?!

Damn it! Do you think you are the video game Civilization VI?!

“Someone has declared a war.”

Lu Ming was speechless.

After a long time…

He closed the document. “Let’s have a meeting!”

Very soon…

The senior management of the Sword Card Master Association gathered to discuss how to deal with this situation.

“Master, you’re too kind.”

Zhou Yun sighed.

“The business world is akin to a battlefield. Competition between associations was even stiffer! If one wanted to become more powerful, they could only step on the corpses of the other associations to climb up!!!

“And Master…

“Master is good at everything but he is too kind!

“After all, with Master’s ability… If he were to target this association one day and another association the next day, if he were to create a few cards to target the Card Creators Association…

“The Card Creators Association would not have a good life?


“Master has been keeping his feet on the ground and focused on developing the Sword Card Master Association. He did not think of these things.”

“I agree.”

Li Mei nodded.

“Me too,” Li Ergou said.

Lu Ming was speechless.


I didn’t know that I’m that kind?

Of course.

Kind or not, this was like his looks. He was born with it. The main point was how to resolve this issue!

“Destroy them!” Zhou Yun said coldly, “Create a few cards like the ones you created before and deal the Card Creators Association a severe blow!”

“Exactly!” The other disciples agreed.

Lu Ming: o(╯□╰)o

You guys really think that these cards can be created that easily?!

It was not going to be that easy!

He could not pine their hopes on them.


Lu Ming glanced at Li Haoran.

“It’s not advisable to have a direct conflict.”

Li Haoran smiled bitterly. “I know that you are furious. However, the Card Creators Association is huge and it’s not advisable for us to confront them with our current state.”

He was being honest and realistic.

As for the assassination, with Senior Qiu there, they need not be too concerned.

“How can we do that?!”

Xiaobai was furious. Her child-like and tender face puffed up like a bun.

These bad guys have already invaded our association!

How can this be tolerated?


“Leave it to me.”

Xiaobai’s murderous intent was obvious. “I’ll lead the spirit body department in a fight with them.”

So what if he is a seven-star?


“Senior sister!”

Li Haoran was super frantic.

My little elder, are you kidding me?!

The spirit body department…

If thousands of spirit bodies were to take action, it would be a real life and death battle! If that time came, the entire Tian Du City would enter a state of chaos!

The two sides began to have a heated discussion.


Lu Ming looked at them smilingly and then suddenly asked Xiao-Xiaojian quietly, “Tell me. Does this look like the royal court? Do I look like the emperor?”

Xiao-Xiaojian was silent.

What was this crap!

This guy had reached a new level of shamelessness!

However, recently, it gained a better understanding of the history of mankind under pressure from Xiao-Xiaobai. It thus asked, “What do you intend to do then?


“Peace talks?

“Or send a lady over there for marriage?”

Xiao-Xiaojian was gloating.

“Get lost,” Lu Ming said unhappily.

Seeing that the disciples’ discussions were getting increasingly heated, Lu Ming waved his hands.


“Pass me Zhou Jie’s information,” Lu Ming said.


Li Haoran passed Zhou Jie’s information and his recent schedule to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming read it calmly. His eyes scanned across Zhou Jie’s life and his achievements, eventually landing on an event that was occurring tonight.

It was a banquet.

It was a banquet organized by his family to celebrate his appointment as the branch president of the association.

There would be many guests.

It would also be lively and bustling.

Most importantly, according to the information he had, due to the price increase in pork, they decided to change all the pork to beef…

“Let’s pretend that this did not happen.”

Lu Ming quietly put away the information. “At the very least, the Card Creators Association will not explicitly take action against us, right?”


The disciples could only compromise.


Li Haoran felt very ashamed. “I’ll remember this. I won’t forget this! When our association becomes stronger, we have to avenge this humiliation!”


Lu Ming only smiled faintly.

The meeting ended with ‘Master took into consideration the big picture and the sake of the association’s development”. The disciples were now more motivated to cultivate diligently!

At night.


The area was brightly lit.

As a dignified seven-star, Zhou Jie’s banquet had countless juniors, disciples, and grand disciples attending the celebration. It was a very grand event.

In some places the lights could not reach, two figures appeared sneakily.

“Ergou, are you sure we won’t be discovered by the seven-star?”

Li Mei was very worried.

“Of course not.”

Li Ergou was very calm. “I’ve tested it with Senior Qiu. You’re a shadow. What are you afraid of?!”


Li Mei felt more at ease.

“Wait a minute.

“What do you mean by you have tested it on Senior Qiu? How did you do that?”

“Master is kind-hearted but that doesn’t mean that we are.”

Li Ergou sneered. “Although Master doesn’t allow us to fight them head-on, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do something secretly? Hahahaha…”

“It’s just as well.

“I have a packet of specialty products from the Widows Village, the 100 herbs tonic nourishing soup…”


At this moment.

A strange and mysterious energy spread towards them.

The Li Ergou duo was instantly alarmed. They glanced toward that strange and mysterious energy and became wide-eyed and dumbfounded.

In the middle of the banquet.

Terrified, the Zhou family was staring at the beef in front of them. From beef tongue to beef shanks, beef liver and beef penis… All of them started moving. Every cut of beef that could be named was coming alive!!!

The most terrifying thing was that they unleashed horrifying combat ability — six-star!

Especially since the entire table was filled with whole roasted beef!

Afterward, there was chaos!



Various kinds of energy erupted.


Zhou Jie was furious.

Someone actually dared to stir up trouble at his place?


A terrifying seven-star aura was spreading.

All the beef paused suddenly and then looked at Zhou Jie. Even the frozen beef reserved in the kitchen was resurrected at this point in time and dashed towards him.

“You guys…

“What kind of monsters are you?!”

Zhou Jie hollered furiously.

However, everything ignored him.



The beef struck at him.

Although Zhou Jie was a seven-star Card Creator, his combat ability was average. After he threw out a few cards and annihilated quite a number of pieces of beef, he was rounded up by them…

He was pressed on the ground and trampled by the beeves.

What could he do about it?

His combat ability was not strong!

Furthermore, he was facing a group of peak six-star bull monsters!

They could neither die nor be destroyed!

It was impossible for him to notice that, not far away behind him, there was a flag which had been standing there for an unknown period of time…



The Card Creators were trampled furiously.

“Senior Zhou, save me…” one of the Card Creators wailed.


A bull penis was shoved into his mouth.


The Card Creator cried on the spot.

“Senior Zhou…”

The other Card Creators were also crying miserably.

However, Zhou Jie was already having problems holding up the beeves so that they could not seize a chance to attack him, how could he possibly save other people?

“We are done for.”

The Card Creators were in despair.

Obviously, no one had expected to encounter something like this when visiting Senior Zhou!


Just as the Card Creators felt desperate, a figure appeared at the door.

“What happened?”

That voice…

The Card Creators looked up. Such good looks… Lu Ming???

“President Lu, save us!” one of the Card Creators hollered furiously.

“Please save us.”

The other Card Creators were also wailing miserably.

“Damn it!”

Lu Ming frowned.


Powerful energy emerged.

He waved his hands and hollered furiously, “Bull monsters, don’t be arrogant! Don’t bully the Card Creators, come at me!”


The bulls turned around and locked onto Lu Ming.

“Very good.”

Lu Ming sneered. “Fight with me if you dare!”


Lu Ming left.


All the beeves focused their gaze on Lu Ming and hunted him down. As they hunted him down, they swooped past two streets and were led to the police by Lu Ming…

In the end, the bull monsters were annihilated.

The Card Creators were saved!

After a long time…

After the policemen dealt with the bull monsters, they maintained law and order at the scene and sent the Card Creators who had been trampled to the hospitals for treatment…

According to sources, the bull monsters were caused by the mutation of a certain fluctuation in energy. It was highly possible that one of the presents from the visitors caused this…

After the bull monsters mutated, they were filled with hatred at the banquet.

They tried their best to shove things into the Card Creators and those Card Creators felt that they were better dead than alive… until Lu Ming appeared!

“That child…”

The policemen also felt grateful. “When we rushed there, that child was fighting countless bull monsters calmly. He is indeed a president!”

“He’s our benefactor.”

The Card Creators were in tears.

This huge mutation incident made Lu Ming become a huge benefactor.

In an urgent news report, the police and the people in the Card Creators Association expressed their sincere thanks to Lu Ming…

The Li Ergou duo, who had witnessed this entire incident, looked dumbstruck.


When did Master come?

Wait a minute.

Why did Master save them?!

Zhou Jie is obviously the main culprit who sent someone to assassinate Master!

“Master is too kind!” Li Ergou said furiously.


This is too much!

Li Mei’s expression was odd.

When they were planning their ambush, he had vaguely sighted a shadow that looked identical to Master traversing the dark and throwing cards continuously…


As a Sword Card Master that majored in shadows, he could see it distinctly.

I must have made a mistake!

Li Mei told himself constantly.

In the end, the duo left quietly.

That night.

Tian Du City was extraordinarily busy.

The branch president of the Card Creator Association had been rounded up by bull monsters. This situation caused a stir and everyone expressed their condolences for the Card Creators. They were also filled with admiration for Lu Ming.

“That’s Lu Ming, indeed!”

“That’s right!”

“He saved the Card Creators from thousands of bulls…”

“He’s amazing!”

Everyone was astonished.

At this very moment…

Sword Card Master Association.

The disciples gathered once again with strange expressions.

In the morning, they were still discussing how to deal with the Zhou Jie and the Card Creators Association branch. To their surprise, at night, their president had saved the other party…

He was too kind?!


Zhou Yun and the group felt very helpless.

This was the first time that they felt that perhaps their Master was too much of a Virgin Mary?

“This is a separate matter.”

Lu Ming was very calm. “Although I am at odds with Zhou Jie, there is no need to implicate the Card Creators Association… After all, I’ve had a few deep exchanges with them. The senior Card Creators are still very knowledgeable and skillful…”


The disciples glanced at one another.

Therefore, their Master had saved them because the Card Creators were competent?

Even Li Haoran, who had been advocating peace, said, “Master, when we encounter such things next time, let’s pretend we did not see it, alright?”

Everyone thought the same.

Classmate Li Mei looked down and sipped his tea silently, pretending that he did not hear anything.

The disciples tried to persuade their Master incessantly. They hoped that he could differentiate between “Virgin Mary” and “kind” and understand that honest men are always bullied, and honest horses are always harnessed…”

Lu Ming: →_→

At this moment.

The application system of the Sword Card Master Association suddenly shone. Everyone glanced at it curiously and was instantly stunned — Seven-star Card Creator Zhou Jie had applied to join the Card Creators Association!

Everyone was speechless.

Damn it! What kind of magic fantasy plot is this?!

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