Divine Brilliance

Chapter 913 - Life Taking Blade

Chapter 913: Life Taking Blade

Much of the Marrow Burning Blood Spirit Curse Power was reduced when Zong Shou stepped into the Celestial Realm.

If nothing went wrong, in just 3-5 months all of the curse power would totally disappear.

The moment he entered this Death Jail, that curse had changed, getting stronger time after time.

Speaking of which, the place where this Blood Spirit Curse Power first strengthened was within the Thousand Blade Death Jail.

But in the layer where Hanxi provoked it, it did it not strengthen.

Was it due to the restrictions?

This Blood Spirit Curse Power is actually related to the Nine Extreme Death Jail Restrictions?

Zong Shou thought about it and then he shook his head.

He had a rough guess but was unable to prove it.

He thought about how he would definitely find a cultivation method that would allow him to clear out meridians and look into his body into the most finite details.

With this cultivation method, how would he not be able to find the source of the Blood Spirit Curse Power?

At this time, where did he have the extra time to find out the reason for the Vital Energy flowing backward?

He looked into the sky and his face was fluctuating between green and white.

During that moment, he felt his heart jump. He found it tough to calm himself down and his temples were pounding heavily.

It was the most obvious sign of his heart sensing danger.

What exactly happened outside of the Death Jail?

“Most probably, that Extreme Flame Saint Venerable has been alerted.”

Lu Wubing laughed bitterly, he too had sensed the danger like Zong Shou.

“I was careless! I deserve to die for my sins for putting Ruler in trouble. Luckily, Xuanshuang Saint Venerable is outside and Extreme Flame wouldn’t easily attack you.”

Although he spoke these words, Zong Shou didn’t see any worry or fear from his attitude.

He was still really calm, not putting it to heart and he was extremely confident.

Zong Shou looked deeply at Lu Wubing. He was unable to deduce whether or not Lu Wubing had done this on purpose.

A few breaths later, he calmly activated the Star Dao Seeds once more.

No matter what they said, it wouldn’t do anything and blaming Lu Wushuang wouldn’t achieve anything.

Because danger was close, he wanted to quickly arrive in the eighth layer.

Even if he was really in despair, then before he died he wanted to meet his Mother who lived a tough life.

There were only two entrances to layer seven and they were split to the north and south. The Saint Fire Silver Ants spread all out, covering thousands of miles.

Roughly two hours later, Zong Shou sensed something.

Hanxi had already found the entrance to the south. It directly imprinted the scenes thousands of miles away.

Similar to the fifth layer, there were hundreds of stone platforms as well as a guard tower.

However, the cultivators locked on the platforms caused his heart to sink a bit.

They were all Intermediate Celestial Realm and above, three to five of them had an abundant aura and had reached the late stage.

All of this was still not enough to make him fear, but the tower had a God Realm Spiritual Sense spreading out.

If layer six was like this, then what about layer seven?

Seemingly sensing the scouting Soldier Ants thousands of miles away, a cold scoff spread could be heard from the black tower. A fire-red blade shadow suddenly slashed down from the sky.

Luckily, the Soldier Ant was really quick. In just that instant, it flashed several miles and avoided being killed by that blade. The Spiritual Sense that spread back was extremely weak.

Zong Shou’s brow rose up. He used the Star Dao Seeds spread out there to directly teleport the ant to hundreds of miles away.

At this moment, his soul felt extreme pain, threads of Chill Power invaded his body.

Without needing to think, Zong Shou knew that it was the Ice Wheel Soul Stirring Restriction which was acting up once more.

Midnight and Noon two times, which was once every 12 hours.

Not long after he entered the sixth layer, he experienced it once. It was noon at that time.

Zong Shou took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He didn’t cut off his nerves to block off the pain but used the Illusionary Heart Mirror to replace his sights.

His body flashed, taking just a short moment to reach the space entrance.

At this moment, the Vital Energy reverse flow was at its peak. The pain in his muscles and eyes became stronger, moment after moment.

Zong Shou had no intentions to rest. The moment he reached there, he charged toward the depths of the deep abyss.

He learned of Zong Weiran’s news, so maybe that God Realm Expert here knew more.

However, it wasn’t time to capture him to interrogate him.

At this moment, all the Celestial Cultivators on the hundreds of platforms were tempted, their eyes were flashing red.

However, they weren’t able to attack. Zong Shou’s 79 Star Dao Seeds were spread dozens of miles away.

His body shifted around in the space such that the Celestial Cultivator’s Spiritual Sense was unable to lock down on him.

Just as he was about to charge into the abyss, arrogant laughter could be heard from the tower.

“This Instant Space Technique once more. Two years ago, my predecessor was caught off guard and killed, letting that person successfully pass through. You kid aren’t as lucky! If you escape, then I would be no different from that piece of trash.”

Along with the voice, a person suddenly appeared below Zong Shou, at the entrance to the space abyss.

At this moment, there were red flames burning within thousands of feet, causing the space and laws to twist. The space abyss was completely covered.

Even the Star Dao Seeds that Zong Shou spread out were being burned. The Spiritual Sense that was spread within gave off a sense of pain which was a sign of it being damaged.

Zong Shou’s eyes squinted. That person from two years ago? Space Technique, killed his predecessor? Was it Zong Weiran?

In other words, Zong Weiran wasn’t in this sixth layer. As expected, how would his father be stopped here?

He didn’t think about it, retracting his thoughts. The Illusionary Heart Mirror shone, only to see a well-trained blade light which seemed like it filled up the entire Heaven and Earth heading swiftly over.

Zong Shou didn’t bother to block. A turtle appeared from within his sleeves.

It held up its Giant Shield and there was a resounding clang.

The Blue Fire Xuan Turtle retreated and then its expression slowly turned dispirited.

The God Realm Expert’s blade was something that even it found hard to block.

Zong Shou stood on it, not moving at all. A Silver Knife Light shot out from his sleeves.

It seemed really light like it had no strength at all. It looked quite slow but in a blink of an eye it was in front of that God Realm Expert.

This person laughed coldly but in a thousandth of a second, fear appeared in his eyes.

He was caught off guard as he looked at Zong Shou. The latter’s eyes were half shut, his senses were really firm.

Time, accelerate!

Space, stack!

Cause and Effect, invert!

Fate, lock!

Life and Death, reverse!

Lifespan, burn!

In just a breath, 10 years of his lifespan was burned up, instantly increasing the strength of this knife by 3 times!

This person looked at Zong Shou, a blood flower exploding out at his brow.

The Silver White Knife Light pierced his skull. His face had a look of disbelief on it.

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