Divine Brilliance

Chapter 757 - You Will Have Such A Day?

Chapter 757: You Will Have Such A Day?

“You just need to know that pretty much all of these powers can go up against Great Shang!”

Shi Wuji was slightly shocked, they could go up against Great Shang? How strong were they?

There were really such powers that existed in the world?

Su Xiaoxiao looked over with a profound expression. This is interesting! A Shi Family child actually doesn’t know about Tailing Sect and Daoling Vast Habitat.

“So, do you think that Blood Sword Monster Lord has any way to live?”

“It speaks for itself!”

Shiyue scoffed coldly and shook his head ever so slightly as he explained to Wuji, “Daoling Vast Habitat can go up against half of Great Shang. Tailing and Yuanshi Demon Sect are much weaker. Daoling Sect and Great Yue are far worse. You must remember that these few sects are the biggest powers in the world today. We might not fear them, but it is best if we don’t offend them…”

Seeing Shi Wuji nod his head in a lost manner, Shiyue smiled, “To say he has trouble is true, but to say that he is destined to die and has no chance to survive, I don’t agree! During these few years, since he fought for the Monster King throne, he has been through a lot. People thought that he had lost and was definitely going to die many times. However, what happened in the end?”

Su Xiaoxiao was startled and was deep in thought. She wouldn’t care if others said this. However, since it came from Shiyue, then it was obviously different.

Within the Central Cloud Continent, there were still a few exceptional God Emperor seeds.

However, at this moment, the few sects slowly turned their eyes to Shiyue, this person who they didn’t originally have high hopes for.

His achievements during these few years were exceptional. He was strong and intelligent.

Shiyue stopped worrying about it. A smart person would be able to see things others couldn’t and as such he didn’t insist on her believing him.

Anyway, the result would be out soon.

However, before he said these words, a cold scoff could be heard not far away, “I think that Zong Shou is definitely going to die! You are saying this because you want to help him?”

Shiyue’s eyes constricted as he felt a killing intent cover him. Turning around, he saw a kid with a demonic-looking face standing 30,000 feet away.

Around 7-8 years old, looking just like a jade statue. He stood in mid-air and looked really relaxed.

He didn’t recognize the kid, but he was familiar with the person standing behind.

It was Yuanshi Demon Sect’s Hai Shangjun, the second strongest person in the Demon Path 300 years ago.

However, at this moment he stood behind, showing that the kid was in charge.

Shiyue didn’t even need to look and he knew that he had to be strong.

When the two of them spoke, naturally they used Sound Controlling Techniques so that people around couldn’t pick it up. However, this person could hear from tens of thousands of miles away. His cultivation was at least on the same level as their’s.

His brow furrowed before he nodded his head, “You can think what you want!”

Rage flashed in his eyes like he was about to blow up. Su Xiaoxiao smiled brightly and bowed, “Sky Demon Vast Habitat Su Xiaoxiao greets Yuanhai Saint Lord! Who knew that Saint Lord had also returned back to the Cloud World! Oh right! This person beside me is General Shiyue from the Great Shang Shi Family. He is the top outer region explorer of the Cloud World. It was said that half a year ago he invaded a world 10,000 times the size of us…”

The last few sentences caused Yuanhai’s expression to turn serious. Hai Shangjun also looked toward Shiyue with a solemn expression.

Wariness appeared on Shiyue’s face too. He had heard of the name Yuanhai. However, he should have been called Yuanhai Demon Child, 500-600 years ago, he nearly dyed the north of the Cloud World red with blood.

To train a Blood Ocean Foundation Forming Technique, he caused trouble all around and massacred millions.

Following this, many Taoists surrounded him and he had no choice but to flee out of the Cloud World. Who knew where he went?

Who knew that he had also returned to the Cloud World? Looking at his aura, he had entered Celestial Realm long ago. Due to the suppression of the Cloud World, he maintained the Spirit Realm Peak Cultivation.

Yuanhai’s eyes lit up before he sighed several times. Following this, he scoffed and then waved his sleeves before turning around.

“Zong Shou had killed two of my sect members! No matter what, he has to die. Most of the people here are his enemies, so you should be careful with your words!”

Shiyue’s lips curled, he obviously knew that, but why would he dare?

However, with this person here, he lost interest in further conversation. He only waited quietly.

A moment later, dozens of people appeared nearby.

Their Cultivation levels were all different, some hadn’t even reached Grade-6 while some were at the Spirit Realm.

However, the one who attracted his attention the most was a green-robed Taoist.

He was just Grade-8, but his aura was really thick and firm, his foundations really strong. It was really neutral and gentle, but was also filled with a violent energy.

Not only Shiyue, even Yuanhai and Hai Shangjun couldn’t help but turn around and look closely at him.

Su Xiaoxiao recognized him and said, “This is Qiuyun Sect’s Gongyuan! Many months ago, his entire sect was wiped out by Zong Shou’s sword. He hates the Blood Sword Monster Lord to the bone!”

Shiyue was stunned, thinking to himself that Zong Shou felt good killing those 40 sects, but he had also earned an amazing enemy. This person would definitely become extraordinary in the future.

He also found it weird. Su Xiaoxiao was said to have been in the outer region, so how did she understand Cloud World matters like the back of her hand?

Not only was this area around them bustling, but dark clouds gathered and lightning glow shone as more and more people descended from the sky.

Some of them were really arrogant and released their aura in a showy manner. Numerous vast and powerful Soul Suppressions swept all around and covered the sky.

Just as the Heaven Escaping Energy Circle Formation started to activate, a silver-white flame tore this place apart, suddenly falling down from above.

Spiritual Sense shook and caused the faces of the Cultivators beneath the mountain to become ashen white.

Some people recognized the person within the silver flame and they exclaimed.

“Xueyan! Xueyan who burned close to 100 Demon Path Heaven Realm Experts 700 years ago!”

To the south, there was a giant ice pillar that shot up from the ground. It stuck right into the clouds, stopping at 9,999 feet.

It was pretty much formed instantly, a little taller than the platform. The area dozens of miles around was turned into a snow land.

A person stood high above the pillar and looked down.

“Ice sealing a thousand miles! Is the person on the ice platform Beixuan?”

Spiritual Sense reverberated and suppressed the area around.

To the west, there was a sky full of pink flower petals dropping. Many vines shot up from the ground. 14,000 feet in the air, it formed a wooden platform and carried up a female, whose face couldn’t be seen clearly, into the air.

“Yihua who left 830 years ago!”

Yuanhai looked out and scoffed unhappily.

“Just some people who just stepped into the Celestial Realm and they dare to act so arrogantly! However, Daoling Vast Habitat really is going all out!”

Shiyue knew that these people formed such an aura and entrance so as to suppress and scare Zong Shou and the people within.

They truly were going all out, there were 7 Celestial Realm Experts he could sense!

There were 4 who were hidden in the darkness and didn’t stand out as much.

“There are a total of eight of them!”

Su Xiaoxiao said calmly, “Based on what I know, the Taoist Faction along with Yuanshi Demon Sect had 8 Celestial Realm Experts who returned. How does Brother Shi think that Zong Shou would be able to safely pass this tribulation?”

He raised his head and looked into the sky. Outside of the Cloud World, there were 4 Saint Realm and 3 God Realm Experts.

Behind Zong Shou, there was only one Aokun and one Dragon Shadow.

As for the Common People’s Path Mingyu, if he was smart enough, he wouldn’t interfere in this.

He really didn’t understand. Was the Blood Sword Monster Lord really confident or was he just too stubborn?

Sky Demon Vast Habitat was originally his only way out. A top talent like him, even if he was restricted by the sect, he wouldn’t be restricted by too much and he would be protected instead.

However, he decided to abandon the path of life and it even caused her to be scolded by her Master.

Shiyue sighed helplessly. He could feel that a giant net formed by the Taoist Faction was covering Zong Shou.

If he was not strong or careful enough, his body would be smashed into pieces.

At this moment, even he, didn’t think that Zong Shou had much chance of winning.

If it was under normal circumstances, he might be able to handle it. However, it had to be during the Lightning Tribulation, so he wouldn’t have much energy to focus on anything else.

Right at this moment, the black clouds finally tore open and a white light descended.

It was instantly silent for dozens of miles in every direction. Everyone held their breath and looked forward.

Moments later, a loud laugh echoed through the wilderness.

“The top Heaven Realm tribulation, Nine Glory Xuankong Cycle of Reincarnation Tribulation! The Heavens really have eyes!”

The laughter was unrestrained and was filled with joy and hatred.

“Zong Shou, when you killed my Master, did you think that you would have such a day? People who are killed will be killed. You won’t survive the calamity today and you will die!”

Shiyue looked over and understood. It was Xiao Xiangzi.

Wu Xu died, his Senior Brother also died under Zong Shou’s sword. Naturally, he was mortal enemies with Zong Shou.

No wonder he would be so crazy now.

Not only him, even Gongyuan not far away, was trembling.

His Dao Heart was much firmer and was able to control that killing intent urge.

Beside him, Shi Wuji looked toward the platform with an anxious expression.

He thought to himself, would the Blood Sword Monster Lord, Invincible Expert fall today? Would he die?

Su Xiaoxiao laughed, “No matter what, he could still feel proud about himself for being able to offend so many experts that they would gather here just to kill him!”


In the void outside of the Cloud World, there was a person who was impressed.

“It is actually the Nine Glory Xuankong Cycle of Reincarnation Tribulation! What a Blood Sword Monster Lord, how amazing!”

He stood outside the Cloud World, between the Void Pillars as well as within the World River.

The one who spoke was Huayun.

“I heard that people who could cause such a calamity have all trained their internal energy and physical bodies to the extreme! I have only seen this three times when I traveled in the outer region!”

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