Divine Brilliance

Chapter 5 - Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique

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His brows relaxed from the comfortable feeling, and Zong Shou adjusted his breathing once more. Sitting within the basin, he continued to direct the medicinal properties of the bath, turning them into spiritual energy and moving them into every corner of his organs.

Currently, he was using the Internal Breathing Leading Technique, which was a branch of the Energy Leading Technique. Without it, he was naturally unable to use each and every bit of energy to its maximum.

Chuxue’s acupuncture point massage technique was obviously a passed-down secret technique. Using vitality qi to support it, the speed that it used the medicinal powers was hundreds of times faster than his Energy Leading Technique. However, in terms of spreading them out to the finest degree, there was a huge gap.

He was turning the medicinal powers that had not dispersed into spiritual energy. He did not hope for these medicines to solve his Dual Meridian Body, much less strengthen the meridians themselves and cause his illness to worsen. As such, he could only use it to strengthen his body.

He just could not bear to waste the essence of the medicine like that.

After half the time it took to brew tea, Zong Shou had already washed his limbs, bones, and pretty much every part of his body once. He finally came to a stop when the swelling pain in his meridians was too much for him to bear.

Although this soaking bath could strengthen his body and increase his vital energy, it needed to proceed slowly and improve it gradually. It could not be rushed. Once every ten days was the best buffer period for this.

However, when Zong Shou opened his eyes and looked at the still thick and wonderful-smelling herbs, he sighed once more.

He was really filled with doubts whether that so-called famous physician actually knew anything about medicine. The prescription for the Five Ginseng Bone-Strengthening Soak was simply too generous. All the items were expensive and rare. However, humans could only absorb less than a tenth of the medicinal energy into their body.

If he were the one making the prescription, the effects of the medicine could be tripled. If the body were perfect and did not have the problem of dual meridians, he could even use this strength in conjunction with his self-created internal breathing technique to directly open up a chakra point and step onto the path of martial art cultivation.

“Unfortunately, I can’t even absorb internal energy normally. I totally cannot rotate and move internal energy within my meridians. If it were just pain, it would be fine, but my meridians are clashing. lf things went wrong, I would die. Is there really no other way?”

After thinking for a long while but with no gains, Zong Shou got up from the basin. The moment he stood up, a series of words appeared in his brain once more. It was not the monster text, but an ancient scripture.

Looking at the way of the heavens, learning how the heavens work, the way of the heavens has repetition and everything repeats. Everything has a pattern, a moment of fortune can turn bad, while a moment of misfortune can be used as fortune…

“Why is it still this Swallow Energy Technique again?”

Zong Shou’s eyes opened wide as he stabilized his body. This part of the text was something he was familiar with, and it came from that Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique.

It did not record any martial arts, and it only contained some profound scriptures, which were secrets needed for cultivation. This book rebelled against the normal path, and was a devilish book that should be totally banned. However, it had managed to make its way into the game, spreading on a really small scale. It resulted in the death of millions of players in three years.

Zong Shou had also obtained a copy of the Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique. He did not dare to randomly cultivate it, and he had looked for a way to perfect and improve this method. However, his efforts had little to no effect. He could only use the core essence of the technique to merge into other types of martial arts techniques. As time went on, he gave up on the idea of using this scripture to create his own form of martial arts.

However, during these past few days, maybe because his situation made him feel total despair, Zong Shou had occasionally thought of this technique, unable to stop himself.

“The path of heavens, reduce what is too much, increase what is too little. My current dual meridians show signs of having a weak body and a lack of vital energy, so it is right for this path. If I cultivate this technique, I will definitely be like that fellow who stepped onto the clouds and soared right into the heavens!”

Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique’s essence was mainly to use the energy of others for oneself. Swallowing the essence of the energy from the Heavens and Earth to make it into one’s own one. Cultivators hated taking things away with force or trickery. However, Zong Shou felt no burden doing that.

In the hands of the right people, it would be good. If used by evil, a weapon would be bad.

Toward his life or death enemies, he had to go all out. Toward the innocent, Zong Shou naturally would not casually take their energy.

“Step onto the clouds, soar to the heavens? It is nice to listen to! Although that person was famous for an era, what happened to him in the end? In just three short game updates, he died from his body bursting apart. Rather than saying he died from the combined attacks of those few pinnacle experts, it was truer that he died from his own hands. How would you adjust your Qi and meridians, how do you merge those weird kinds of energy? It seems easy, but it isn’t. Energy is mixed, and in the future, it will be difficult to escape from life and death and embark onto the path of true cultivation…

“You spent so much effort over the years, merging so many different paths to develop the Energy Leading Technique, wasn’t it to prepare for this technique? By adjusting the qi and the meridians, swallowing essence energy isn’t impossible, much less by this Swallow Energy Technique that has been improved a lot. Although its power was reduced, there isn’t any risk of the internal energy going berserk.

“But this Energy Leading Technique still isn’t complete! Furthermore, the Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique has its weakness. If I can’t improve this Dual Meridian Body, cultivating this method will only be like this Five Ginseng Bone-Strengthening Soak…”

Two voices were having an endless debate in his head, and Zong Shou’s face was dark for a moment and bright the next. He was totally uncertain.

After a short while, he actually smiled and sat down once more.

His heart was really clear; he was going to prioritize his life. If time allowed it, he obviously wanted to perfect the technique before cultivating. However, what choice did he have now?

Chuxue and Yin Yang both told him that there was no need to worry, but that just made him feel more uneasy. If things really went wrong, he had to at least have the ability to protect himself!

Furthermore, if he was just using it to absorb the essence of these medicinal herbs, this Energy Swallowing Technique should not cause any hidden problems.

Having reached a decision, Zong Shou started to directly move the energy and control his breathing. He had analyzed this Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique many times, and he had also conducted many simulations of various situations.

Using the cultivation technique now was basically without problem, and he easily led all the medicinal strength into his body. This step was known as Heaven Swallowing.

Next, he used the Internal Breathing Leading Technique to control the warm energy in his body, transforming it into essence spiritual energy. He resisted the sharp pain, following the words of the scripture to rotate the energy continuously, purifying and compressing it at every step. This was the second step, energy conversion. It sounded easy, but the entire process was really complicated and any mistake would render all the previous effort useless.

When he had used up around seventy percent of the medicinal liquid in the basin, Zong Shou could feel that his abdomen was about to tear apart. It was like many little mice were rampantly knocking around in his body. Cold sweat trickled down, and all his chakra points felt like they were about to burst apart.

Zong Shou was not shocked. Instead, he was delighted. His expression was solemn as his eyes emitted a sharp glow. He opened his mouth and let a soft holler, saying “Open!”. He controlled the spiritual energy he had purified numerous times to smash half an inch down from his navel.

He felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and a sudden explosion sounded out in his ears. His blood suddenly flowed backward for a second, making him lose consciousness and go dizzy for a moment.

When he regained his senses, his face immediately revealed a look of delight.

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