Divine Brilliance

Chapter 47 - Green Wind Spirit Bead

Chapter 47: Chapter 47 – Green Wind Spirit Bead

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The foundation meridian was the foundation of energy. It was the one closest to the navel, the first and the beginning point of blood and meat. Within the human body, it was the source of all energy.

When one trained the foundation and breathing meridians, one was solidifying and training the source itself.

When one trained it to the extreme, one could return back to birth, like those babies who weren’t born, breathing through their navels, connected to heaven and earth.

When the bits of true qi entered his abdomen, Zong Shou started to use his strength, shaking the muscles around his abs, trying to get each and every bit of true qi to seep into his body and muscles.

Although Little Green could purify a lot of true qi, there was a limit. Zong Shou wasn’t greedy, absorbing around 60% of it before letting go of his hand.

Following that, he started to punch out and kick out within the narrow space. The series of spiritual breathing fists were on full display, causing winds to rise in this carriage.

It wasn’t the weak breeze from a few months ago, but a wind that whistled as it blew by.

The spiritual energy from heaven and earth gathered up, a grinding stone helping Zong Shou to digest all the true qi in his body.

From start to finish, he successively did twelve repetitions, a total of thirty-six stances.

Only when Zong Shou felt that all his stamina were used up did he lead the still vast and mighty energy back into his meridians, mixing with the 18 Cloud Shocking God Destroying Sword intents to attack the marrow chakra meridian once more.

With a series of fireworks-like explosions, acupoints were blown open one by one. Only after all twenty-four acupoints in his marrow chakra meridian were opened, and a small entrance opened towards his bone chakra meridian, did the remaining true qi appear to be lacking in strength.

Zong Shou gave out a soft hoot from his nose, like a breath of thunder. Just that breath expelled all the remnant essence energy and its impurities outside his body.

Looking into his body, he could feel that the muscles around his abdomen had became several times stronger in a short time. The energy flowing around his energy ocean also saw a ninety percent increase, and it was still continuing, its growth showing no signs of stopping.

“Foundations like a boulder, breathing meridians like a fountain! I have finally completed these two chakra meridians. All twenty-four acupoints of the marrow meridian have been opened up, the bone meridian is also open; I can barely say that I have entered the martial master realm! Today was as good as three months of cultivation…”

He could feel piercing pains all over his body, but he didn’t bother much about them as he started to loosen up. Not long after, he frowned.

Although the foundation and chakra meridians had absorbed large amounts of essence energy and were strengthened, there were some areas that weren’t trained up to that level. The energy flow still had areas that weren’t smooth.

“This speedy method does have some problems, but it is still much stronger than I expected. In the future I still need to train in the foundation and breathing meridians. I only need half a year, and I could make up for it!”

He then let his consciousness flow into his soul ocean, only to see that the whirlpool within had already stabilized. Compared to before, it had close to doubled, and was giving off a slight green glow.

He had totally completed the Focus Concentration stage, his accumulation of soul power was far above other spirit masters at his level, barely at the Spirit Observing realm.

The only thing was that within his soul ocean there was a piercing pain still going on, almost making him faint.

His body, especially around the marrow meridian that had just fully opened up, was like fire burning. The dual meridians conflicted with one another, the pain mixed together and made him feel like vomiting.

Furthermore, the feeling of rejection between the soul ocean and the energy ocean was getting more and more evident. Be it soul power or internal energy, they started to float around and showed signs of being unstable.

“As expected, my foundations are starting to shake. I will have to stop using the Heaven Energy Swallowing Conversion Technique for at least three months. It is best if I don’t use this kind of short-term gain methods if possible. My body is giving me a headache, if I continue like this, I only need to reach the eighth meridian before I lose myself and die from the pain. Luckily, training in soul power has some use and can barely control this dual meridian body of mine…” Zong Shou sighed to himself, before stopping his internal observation and turning his attention to what was in front of him.

Little Green was on the incense table, giving off a seven-colored glow, shifting like the clouds. Chuxue was to the side, her eyes fixed on Zong Shou, her expression judging uncertainly. “Young master, you broke through to the martial master realm?”

Her face was filled with total disbelief. Zong Shou used the Energy Swallowing Technique, borrowing Little Gold’s body to do so. As such, when he swallowed the essence energy and spirit energy it was really secretive. Chuxue only knew that Zong Shou had arranged an altar, using 36 Grade Two spirit stones and 36 beast crystals, tapped gently onto Little Gold, and easily went from advanced martial warrior to the martial master realm.

Even his soul power showed signs that it had increased!

Astonished, Chuxue looked to Little Green. Just as she was wondering if that protector beast had the ability to help one increase their cultivation, Little Gold’s body started to constrict, like it was about to sneeze, then suddenly expanded once more.

A multi-colored breath was expelled, and its surface color also returned to its usual silver-white.

The only thing was that compared to before, the glow seemed to be more smooth, like a soft ball, looking much cuter.

Chuxue was a girl and no matter how extroverted she was, she felt really disgusted about octopuses. But towards Little Gold, she didn’t feel any of that hate. Instead her eyes shone, like she couldn’t help but hug it.

“This fellow is looking more and more like jelly…” Zong Shou muttered to himself, grabbing Little Gold once more. He observed its energy and aura, and his expression changed.

After numerous breaths, the disbelief in his eyes slowly calmed down.

This mutated octopus beast had not only expelled all the impurities, but after the absorbed essence energy entered its beast core, it actually became much purer!

“Not only being able to swallow all things, it also has the ability to purify energy. That’s right, with these two abilities, only then could it rise to the position of a god beast!”

If he was envious of Chuxue’s battle instincts towards this little fellow before, Zong Shou was truly jealous to death now.

“Unfortunately this little fellow is like me, his foundations aren’t stable. Similarly, we can’t use this method often…”

Because he had obtained much benefits from Zong Shou, Little Gold seemed to warm up to him, sliding around his hand.

Zong Shou smiled slightly and opened his hand towards Chuxue. “Take that Wind Accumulating Ball over…”

Chuxue hesitated slightly, before taking out a green jade ball. It was the spiritual energy core used to activate the Wind Wall Formation that day.

Zong Shou didn’t hesitate at all, and before Chuxue could react, he used a sword and shattered it.

Inside it was a small green bead. The moment it was taken out a slight breeze blew around them.

“As expected, it’s a Green Wind Spirit Bead; the one who made this tool is wasting treasures!”

Scoffing coldly, Zong Shou placed the green bead in front of Little Gold.

Little Gold rejected it at first, but not long after it pounced forwards in surprise, merging the Green Wind Spirit Bead into its body.

Chuxue wanted to stop him, but she was too late. She wanted to cry, but no tears came out. “Young master, that’s the core of the Wind Wall Formation…”

Zong Shou shook his head. Although that Wind Wall Formation was good, sitting there and getting hit wasn’t his style. If they really met a Xiantian expert, he might be unable to open it in a short while, but after a few hours, the Wind Wall Formation would weaken. No matter how strong it was, it was better for them to directly increase their own combat strength.

After a short while, Little Gold’s body spread out, wrapping around his palm, like a silver-white glove covering all the way to his elbow.

The Green Wind Spirit Bead couldn’t be fully digested in a short while, so a little ball was visible at the back of his wrist.

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