Divine Brilliance

Chapter 45 - Rolling In Money

Chapter 45: Chapter 45 Rolling In Money

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A branch of the Sanlu Bank was in the middle of this street, its signboard visible from some distance. However the two of them had just walked forwards a few steps before Chuxue fell to the ground heavily.

Zong Shou was startled; a martial cultivator was dexterous and swift, especially Chuxue with her bloodline’s talents. The chances of her falling when walking were one out of a hundred, it was nearly impossible.

However, she had not fallen onto the ground for no reason.

Chuxue’s face was red all the way to the root of her ears. Just as she was quickly standing up, she let out a surprised shriek. After she brushed off the dust from herself she picked up a red cloth bag. When she opened it, she saw that it was filled with gold.

“It’s a money bag. There’s so much gold in it, ten gold and seven hundred silver and also a Grade One monster crystal. Young Master, who dropped this? We need to return it to them…”

As she said that, Chuxue walked forwards while counting money. At that moment, a giant basin fell from the building beside her, directly hitting her head.

The basin immediately broke, blood dripping from her forehead, and her eyes was filled with fury. The next moment she gave out an “Yi!”, taking out a finger-sized black fruit from the dirt inside it.

“Young Master, what is this? It looks like the seed of spirit wood, the spirit energy inside is so strong…”

The corners of Zong Shou’s eyes started to twitch.

That core-shaped thing was a thousand-year lightning almond seed. If any spirit master below the Out of Body stage saw it, it would be a treasure to them.

Be it making spirit tools or crafting medicine, this item had huge use. Probably when the master of the plant was making soil, he accidentally mixed this black seed into the soil.

Was this the power of the talisman? Falling down for no reason and picking up three thousand silver worth of items. Being hit on the head by a pot and getting a thousand-year lightning almond seed.

Just as the talisman mentioned, “Fortune comes from misfortune, misfortune comes from fortune”, it was totally true.

As he thought about that, his face gave off a really weird expression. He didn’t know whether he should feel depressed or happy. Anyways, he was really glad he didn’t use himself as a guinea pig.

Before he could sort out his thoughts, a sword flew through the air. This time Chuxue was able to dodge in time, getting out of the way dangerously. However just as that long sword flew past, it totally cut off her right sleeve.

There were a total of seventeen hundred steps from the start of the street to the branch of the bank. However, the entire process was filled with situations.

Zong Shou didn’t say a word, quietly remembering and taking note of everything. Chuxue fell a total of four times, picking up twelve thousand silver and two night glow pearls. Smashed by a pot, she got a thousand-year lightning almond seed as a reward. When she was nearly stabbed by the sword, the owner gave her a two thousand silver dress, as well as three thousand silver for her distress. On the road she was struck by a carriage, luckily she was uninjured. However the owner also compensated her with a Cloud Stepping Foal…

“Fortune comes from misfortune, misfortune comes from fortune”, it was totally true.

Zong Shou tried his best to act like nothing was happening, his face expressionless.

“Young Master, there has to be a god in this world, right? Did Xue’er do something wrong?”

“Bullshit, how are there gods in the world? As a martial cultivator, you should believe in yourself, not a god. Even if the ancient Hongmeng God that spirit masters believed in, the Buddhas that the Buddhists believe in are true, as martial cultivators, we shouldn’t fear anything. So what if they are gods, if we train our martial arts to a certain level, can’t we kill any kind of god?”

“Then why is Xue’er so unlucky? Falling for no reason, being knocked by carriages! If there is no god, is there spirits involved? So infuriating! If I catch it I will break it into shreds!”

Zong Shou nearly burst out laughing, barely managing to bear with it. He also felt a little guilty, making up his mind that he couldn’t let her find out about this talisman.


Luckily, the effects of the talisman had disappeared and no more similar matters occured.

They were easily able to withdraw one hundred Grade Three beast crystals from the Sanlu Bank.

The amount of finances that Zong Weiran had left for him were much greater than that. Apart from money and beast crystals, there were some spirit tools and talisman weapons. There were even some martial arts secret manuals. However they were all stored in the headquarters of the Sanlu Bank in Donglin Cloud Continent, and he could only obtain them from there.

The two of them exchanged for the spirit stones and beast crystals that Zong Shou needed for cultivation. They also bought three similar, but even sharper Pine Pattern Wind Swords. Just as they were about to walk to another place to take a look, his body suddenly stood still in the middle of the street. He felt a cold gaze in his direction.

Beside him was a human river, but he felt no warmth from them. That bone-piercing chill reached deep into his heart, turning his face ashen-white.

He looked around, searching for the source, but was unable to find it.

Chuxue also noticed Zong Shou’s expression, and that something wasn’t right. Her brow furrowed, “Young Master, what happened?”

Zong Shou shook his head slightly, his expression calming down. But within his eyes, there was a dangerous shine.

“Let’s return, the earlier we leave this Xiaoyuan City, the better. It seems like this time we have really angered some people we can’t afford to anger.”

As his words landed, Zong Shou had already started walking towards the end of the street. However, just as he passed the door of a weapon shop, his heart shook, and he turned around and walked inside.

Not long later he walked out once more. He visited ten over shops in a row, exiting with three flying knives in the end.

Flying knives were common items. In Donglin Cloud Continent, pretty much half of martial cultivators had more or less trained in them.

However, the number of people who crafted flying knives into talisman weapons was really scarce. Making a talisman knife that carried the Cloud Shocking God Destroying sword intent was even rarer.

Zong Shou searched the entire street and was able to find just three. Unfortunately, he could only stay at most two days in this Xiaoyuan City, or he would have ordered one from a spirit blacksmith.

If he could have ten of these in hand, instilled with the sword intent, even when nine meridian Mythic Masters acted, he could easily kill them all!


When they returned, Yin Yang had already invited the spirit master over. A total of four high grade spirit blacksmiths, their cultivations all at the Spirit Cultivation Realm, a level above that Qi Xiao. Yin Yang used twenty thousand gold to hire them.

Although the price was a little expensive, the damage to the carriage was really extensive.

The reason why Yin Yang was willing to pay such a high price to fix the carriage instead of buying a new one was due to the Wind Wall Formation within the carriage.

A talisman that was able to block the attacks of Xiantian experts couldn’t be bought with just twenty thousand gold!

Exchanging for a few pieces of carriage boards made from fine steel, they followed Zong Shou’s formation pictures to redraw the Wind Wall Formation. It took only two days for the carriage to look as good as new. At least on the outside, one couldn’t see any signs of damage.

Yin Yang purchased another eight Cloud Stepping Foals, switching off two that were lightly injured, increasing the number of horses they had to 18. Only when everything was settled did they head out of Xiaoyuan City.

This time they galloped directly east, towards the area of the vast plains dominated by swamps and mud.

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