Divine Brilliance

Chapter 34 - Break off all Friendly Ties

Chapter 34: Chapter 34 Break off all Friendly Ties

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All the God Talisman seeds were floating outside of his soul ocean, like a clock with the Sky Word as the head and the Luck Word as the end.

Similar to those sword intent spirit seeds, they were absorbing his soul power to nurture and nourish themselves. Even his Energy Swallowing Technique couldn’t keep up with the swallowing speed of these spirit seeds.

Zong Shou sighed silently, knowing that after today, his body would have two more true qi swallowing channels.

Luckily, all these talismans weren’t without benefit. These talismans could also purify the soul, the effects were only slightly weaker than the Sky Mirror Soul Shining Technique. They could help strengthen his soul and suppress the dual meridians.

Zong Shou’s attention was attracted by that ‘Luck’ Word.

Who knows if it was because of that piece of stone stelae breaking apart, but out of all twelve God Talisman seeds, this ‘Luck’ rune was the biggest and the most complete.

As Zong Shou’s intent came into contact with it, he had an eager-to-try feeling, to use his own strength to draw out the strength of this talisman.

How was that possible? Without borrowing the help of the stone stelae, for a spirit master to draw a God Talisman he would at least have to be in the Body Forming Realm! That was already the peak of what spirit masters could reach!


Pretty much at the same time, on the first layer of stone steps of Pill Spirit Mountain, Zong Ling and Feng Xiao watched the carriage coldly as it left, disappearing into the storm.

Feng Xiao’s brows were badly furrowed. Normally speaking, seeing Zong Shou getting chased out by the Lingyun Sect, his mission here had been completed. What he had to do now was to be a bystander and watch what happened to those three.

However, after he met that prince, Feng Xiao felt uneasy. He kept feeling that he had missed out on something.

Zong Ling’s expression at the side was even uglier, a cold light shining within his blue eyes. After standing still for long, he suddenly swore coldly, “One day, I will personally tear apart that Zong Shou to vent my hatred!”

He groaned, “Uncle Feng, I heard brother say that you have a good connection in this city. With your ability, you can contact some helpers for me..”

Feng Xiao was startled, forgetting what he was thinking and asking anxiously, “Young Master Ling is ready to act on Zong Shou? You can’t! Although the ruler died, there are many on Gantian Mountain that support him, his right hand men are all holding important roles. Zong Shi Young Master needs time to recruit the various tribes. Zong Shou can die, but he can’t die at our hands!”

He was annoyed that this young man wasn’t calm enough, because of one move he actually lost his head. Feng Xiao looked at the teen beside him and shook his head.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Feng, I naturally know the importance of all this. I am asking you to call people over, just in case.”

As he said that, Zong Ling paused slightly, his expression slowly becoming serious, “The feeling this cousin is giving me is really unusual. Confident and without a care. The previous him didn’t have such an aura. Keke! Actually Uncle Feng doesn’t need to care that much, it might be my false intuition. A piece of trash, could he truly flee from those two people?”

Feng Xiao was a little startled; so, he wasn’t the only one who had such a feeling. However, after thinking about it for a moment, he laughed at himself for thinking too much.

A eight meridian Mythic Master, a skilled maid along with that prince who panted after walking a few steps, what waves could they cause? No matter how the situation changed, nothing would be able to change the future of these three people.

Giving a disdainful laugh, Feng Xiao’s brows loosened. “Don’t worry Young Master, Feng Xiao will try his best to keep the life of Su Chuxue. Yin Yang is a little unfortunate; not only did he come from a famous sect, he also has some secrets…”

Just as he said that, they saw a cloud descend from the skies and land in front of the mountain gate. A teen walked out. He was Huang Yi, who had brought Zong Shou and the other two up previously.

Looking down at the two of them, Huang Yi’s eyes shone before regaining calm, saying expressionlessly, “You two are here for Liang Miaozi Senior Master?”

Zong Ling’s pride immediately disappeared. A flattering smile appeared on Feng Xiao’s face, bowing, “Yes! My Family’s Young Master has some relations with senior, and we two are here on his orders. We have a gift to hand over to senior Liang.”


Huang Yi frowned, following which he smiled, “Coincidentally, Senior Master has a sentence for me to give to you two.”

Zong Ling and Feng Xiao immediately raised their heads, their eyes filled with confusion and surprise. In the next moment, they felt a huge “Pa” sound in their ears.

Who knows what the young man ahead of them did, their right cheeks were smashed by a huge strength, flinging the two of them several meters away. They only felt their heads go dizzy and their necks were nearly broken into pieces.

Luckily the two of them were at the Mythic Master Realm and regained their wits at pretty much the same time. Feng Xiao only felt panic and fear, not knowing what was happening. Zong Ling on the other hand was furious, the veins on his neck appearing, killing intent exploding out.

Even Lingyun Sect, the top sect in the Donglin Cloud Continent, couldn’t humiliate a direct disciple of the Sky Fox sect Zong Family for no reason!

Before he could even speak, another “pa” sounded out in their ears.

This time it was on the left side of their faces, the strength increasing from the previous time. Their bodies flew back a hundred meters, landing in the mud. Seeing their tragic and dirty state, the few Lingyun Sect disciples behind Huang Yi looked away, not bearing to watch.

Huang Yi didn’t care about them, standing straight on the stone steps, he looked coldly at the two of them. “Senior Master wants me to tell you that although he has done what you have asked, but the huge animosity of today is what he remembers to heart. From today on, him and that Gang Yezhen have no relations! Ten years from now, he will personally find you to settle the score!”

Following that Huang Yi’s hand grabbed out, dragging out a wooden box that fell from Feng Xiao’s body, saying coldly, “As for your gift, I will accept it for Senior Master. I give you two five days time, and if you two are still in the Sudian Mountain range, Lingyun Sect will take your lives! These words are from the First Seat of Pill Spirit Mountain!”

Saying those words, Huang Yi walked behind the giant mountain gate, smiling like nothing was happening.

In the mud, Feng Xiao was shaking, his eyes filled with utmost fear. Zong Ling’s face was ashen white, without any more anger, all that was left was uneasiness.

Lingyun Sect held a high and mighty position all around, never interfering in the fights of the Continents and cloud islands. No one would make enemies with this sect, which was why from the start they were the symbol of kindness and friendliness.

There had to be a reason why they were showing animosity towards the two of them.

That Liang Miaozi seeing them as his enemies was something they couldn’t understand, either.

Feng Xiao and Zong Ling’s eyes met. From the look on the other’s face, they saw astonishment and doubt.

What had happened on the Pill Spirit Mountain in the past few hours? Why did such a change happen so suddenly?

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