Divine Brilliance

Chapter 32 - Coincidental meeting at the foot of the mountain

Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Coincidental meeting at the foot of the mountain

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Yin Yang once again went into a state of silence. At the ending portion of the stairs, as he looked at Zong Shou, he appeared out of sorts.

The talent of this kid was one in a million, unfortunately the heavens had tied up his wings.

If he could toss aside the chains of his dual meridians, he would be able to soar up high and charge into the clouds.

Even the skies of the Cloud World might not be able to keep such a mighty eagle, who was born to soar even higher.

As long as he solved his body’s condition. However, was it truly so easy to do so?

While Yin Yang was in a trance, Zong Shou and Xue’er started quarrelling. Not far away from the mountain gate, Zong Shou was prepared to get down and walk himself. However, Xue’er didn’t allow him to, her jade hands holding on tightly, not allowing him to get off.

Zong Shou struggled for half a day and was still unable to get away. As such he could only knock her head, “Little brat, put me down. If people see us, how can I show myself to others?”

On the mountain he was forced to let her carry him. After all the Small Heaven Sword Formation and twelve God Talismans had used up all of his energy. The mountain path was also really dangerous, each step hard to traverse.

But if he was still being carried when they walked out of the mountain, it would be really inappropriate.

“I won’t let you go!” Xue’er defiantly scoffed back at, grumbling, “Don’t move. We are just a few steps away. Young Master has been like this since young, liking to force yourself! You obviously cramped up so many times! You have no energy left, right? But you still want to act strong. Also, don’t call me little brat, Xue’er has already grown up!”

Zong Shou couldn’t help, but feel a little awkward. After he broke the formation, he didn’t think about it much, but once they were walking down the mountain, each and every muscle was cramping up. However, he still didn’t want to back down, “Who says I have no more strength left? Cramping is cramping, it has nothing to do with not having strength. You’re only thirteen, if you aren’t a brat, what are you? You have carried me for so long, aren’t you tired?”

“I am not tired! Xue’er is strong, I can walk several days and still be fine! Hah, Young Master is lying. When you struggled you were so weak, Xue’er didn’t even try seriously…”

When she said that, Zong Shou’s embarrassment turned into rage, “You damn brat! I am a Dual Meridian Body, there will be more such scenes. Do you think I will let you carry me each and every time?”

Chuxue proudly raised her eyebrows, her expression really serious. “Of course, if you are like this for the rest of your life, I will carry you all the way. I promised master that in this life I won’t be separated and leave Young Master!”

Zong Shou was angry, but also amused, and he ended up smiling, feeling that the softest part of his heart was being touched. The emotions flowing in his chest were very complicated. His eyes couldn’t help but become much gentler as he focused on Chuxue.

He forgot to continue struggling, and only when they crossed the mountain gate did he regain his senses.

Just as his desire to fight was rekindled, he saw two people walk over.

Chuxue and Yin Yang instantly paused, Zong Shou’s expression also froze.

These two people, one was around forty, looking really unfamiliar, they had never seen him before. The other was sixteen, who looked vaguely familiar. Within his memory, images regarding this person automatically appeared.

Zong Ling, Zong Shi’s blood brother and also one of his cousins. He didn’t remember having much interaction with this person. When they met they often gave each other a nod of the head, their relationship was quite cold. Within Gantian Mountain, they hadn’t spoken a single word to one another in the least few years.

Although he didn’t know why this person would appear here, most likely he had nefarious intentions.

The two of them were slightly startled, then relaxed, Zong Ling was the first to speak, saying coldly, “Isn’t it cousin? Looking at the situation, did brother Shou get kicked out of the Lingyun Sect? I heard that uncle has a Lingyun Vermillion Token, did cousin not use that?”

When Zong Shou heard that, the corners of his lips twitched. Wasn’t Zong Ling’s tone similar to that dead Zong Yu? As expected from cousins, they were pretty much the same.

Yin Yang and Chuxue’s expressions suddenly changed, their eyes sharp as they stared coldly at the two ahead.

That unfamiliar middle-aged man shook his head and sighed, “You really won’t give up until you see your death! Brother Yin, I told you that you all wouldn’t get what you wished for coming over to Pill Spirit Mountain, but you didn’t believe me. Now what? You should have agreed to what I said, better than losing all your face here.”

Yin Yang’s neck was turning green, the muscles on his body contracting tight, his face was getting very ugly. Zong Shou’s eyes lit up brightly.

He deduced that this person was Feng Xiao, who had spoken to Yin Yang that night. The matter today was also really simple, just thinking about it they knew the reason why Liang Miaozi rejected him.

Xue’er’s teeth ground as she spat, “Despicable!”

“Despicable?” Feng Xiao burst out into laughter, a look of disdain appearing on his face. “Since we are already going ahead one another, naturally we would stop at nothing! When Master did things, he was at least ten times more vicious than my Young Master. In the end, wasn’t this your choice? Furthermore, that senior agreed to give us a chance and also gave the prince a chance. As long as the prince passed the evaluation, even Zong Shi couldn’t do anything about it!”

The moment those words were said, Zong Ling laughed coldly, “Why are you saying so much for? A rubbish would always be a piece of rubbish! Even with the Lingyun Vermillion Token, it still can’t help him. However, cousin, you are really fortunate, Xue’er helped to carry you off the mountain? Previously I thought you were useless, but at least you had backbone. Now you have lost all face for our Zong Family! Don’t you know how to walk? Why aren’t you getting down?”

Xue’er’s fist gripped tight, her face flushing red with rage, she wanted to punch out and smash this Zong Ling’s face in.

Young Master isn’t trash! Three hundred forty-three breaths to break the Small Heaven Sword Formation, not using spiritual strength to completely copy the twelve God Talismans! How many people in this world can compare to him?

Within the famous Pill Spirit Palace, there were none who were able to use their sword at ninety-nine breaths!

Just as she was about to retort, Zong Shou broke out in laughter. He patted her shoulder, “Sorry sorry? I am such a piece of trash, pulling you down. But you do know that my body is too weak and I can only let her carry me down. Speaking of which, she is my maid; I want her to carry me, so she carries me, she will do whatever I want her to do. How does it concern you?”

While he spoke, he hugged Chuxue tightly, looking really close. He originally didn’t want anyone to see that in case he would lose all his face. Now that Zong Ling said that, he didn’t want to come down anymore.

Zong Ling’s face turned green from rage, his eyes dark and gloomy as he glared at Chuxue. After a long moment, he took in a deep breath to calm himself down, then he gave himself a mocking laugh. He arrogantly passed by the three of them, “Originally I wanted to take into account our blood relation, that if you gave up the throne and left Donglin Cloud Continent, my brother and I could let you live! Now I know that I was too foolish. Brother Shou asked for it, let’s hope that there will be a day when you can return to Gantian Mountain alive…”

Seeing that, Feng Xiao sighed once more, looking at Yin Yang. “Brother Yin, the situation is clear now, why are you still following that piece of trash? If you want, to I can persuade the Young Master to give you a chance!”

Yin Yang laughed involuntarily, his lips rising, his words filled with a lot of irony. “The situation is clear? I don’t think so!”

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