Divine Brilliance

Chapter 3 - Six God Defensive Knife

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Six God Defensive Knife

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Standing beside the carriage’s window, Zong Shou raised his wrist slightly, and a black shadow instantly shot out from his sleeve. Almost instantly, it nailed cleanly into a short tree two hundred feet outside of the carriage with a crisp sound.

“Half a millimeter to the left!”

Since there was someone driving, the speed of the carriage sped up by quite a bit. That short tree that was used as a target flashed by his field of vision. In the blink of an eye, one could not even find a trace of it.

Zong Shou squinted; his eyes were as sharp as a hawk’s, and they focused clearly on the flying knife that he had carved from ironwood.

The knife had deviated slightly to the left…

They had not stopped to rest since that day three days ago.

Yin Yang and Chuxue would occasionally leave the carriage while giving off killing intent. On the other hand, Zong Shou would remain aimlessly within the carriage.

Apart from training sword techniques, body techniques, and the Energy-Directing Technique to strengthen his physique every day, he had set himself one more task. He would train his flying knife skills with these black ironwood knives.

Every time he felt tired, Zong Shou would stand in front of the window and use something nearby for target practice for these flying knives.

In the last life, Zong Shou was famous for the sword. Within the game, out of the Seven Emperors and the millions of players, he was a pinnacle existence.

However, at that time, his most terrifying skill was his flying knife hidden weapon, which helped him to suppress the masses.

He learned the Six God Defensive Knife Technique from God Emperor. The knife would hit anything without missing, and its strength could slay an immortal! During the War of Seven Emperors, it had never missed. Even the person known as the Invisible Emperor, who was famous for his invisibility skills, died under his Six God Defensive Knife Technique.

In this game, the most special part was that the cultivation method of most martial art secret techniques were recorded. All legacies from the past could be practiced in real life.

The Six God Defensive Knife Technique was one of the top secret techniques within the game. Although Zong Shou’s chakra points had not opened up, he was still able to train some parts of this secret method. As a result, his knife skills were as good as those who truly cultivated martial arts. In fact, they might even be better.

His right hand flipped down, and yet another black knife made of ironwood appeared in his hand. With his fingers leading the way, it spun between his fingertips, displaying a series of beautiful knife glows.

Zong Shou squinted and started to turn his focus on his body.

Since he was unable to train in internal energy, he similarly knew nothing about the chakra situation in his body. He was unable to truly achieve a state of glimpsing into the body. However, with his experience as a top martial artist in the last life, he could clearly feel the situation and change in each muscle in his arm, the strength they exerted as well as their flexibility, even which muscles were contracting and which joints were twisting; he could feel them all!

In a short while Zong Shou gained some comprehension…


After three days, his knife skills went from rusty to well-trained. Now, he could even hit moving targets accurately. If it were any other person, they definitely would not be able to do that. Even those with martial art talents would probably find it difficult. Only he could rely on precise control that approached the peak to continuously reflect and adjust step by step, allowing him to reach such a level.

However, Zong Shou still was not pleased with his current knife skills. In terms of hidden weapon techniques, a millimeter of difference was the same as thousands of miles. In a battle against cultivators, life and death was just a very thin line, and one could not afford to make any mistakes.

Even if it were half a millimeter, that was something that could not be accepted.

The carriage continued to proceed swiftly through this vast wilderness. Suddenly, a hopping Flaming Feather Rabbit jumped into his view.

His eye opened slightly, and the twisting knife in his right hand seemed to instinctively shoot out. It turned into a dark black light, crossing hundreds of feet and stabbing into the throat of the rabbit.

Under Zong Shou’s eyes, the flying knife pierced a huge hole in the throat of the Flaming Feather Rabbit. The rabbit cried out and fell onto the ground, rolling as it fell.

Upon close inspection, one could see that the flying knife still had a slight deviation. However, this change happened due to the high speed movement of the target, which was within his acceptable parameters and which he had predicted would happen.

Smiling slightly, Zong Shou took out another knife. He had barely found the feeling of being a hundred percent accurate, like he was in his last life. Now, he needed to continue to train this diligently, like that basic sword technique and basic body techniques. He had to train to exert strength from every direction to etch this flying knife technique right into the deepest parts of his blood and bone, making it an instinct.

“Although this body has weak stamina, its strength and flexibility are terrifying. I only have half a monster bloodline, so it is no wonder the monster race can’t accept humans…”

Chuxue’s strength, as well as her immense speed, did not purely come from cultivation techniques. In fact, at least thirty percent of it came from the talents of the snow cat race.

His muscles tensed up, and his strength focused right onto the tip of the knife. Just as that black knife shot out from within the carriage and through the air, Zong Shou suddenly turned around, only to see Su Chuxue standing at the entrance of the carriage. She was carrying a giant bathing basin, and her blue eyes were looking at Zinger Shou’s right hand in shock.

After a short while, she exclaimed in a daze, “So quick! Even I might not be able to block young master’s knife!”

A light shone within her slanted eyes. “That flying knife technique looks like it’s just the basics, but it’s really strong. Smooth, crisp, and simple, wasn’t that what the ruler thought? But young master is even more amazing, you are obviously rusty and stiff, like you are just learning it, but it looks like you have also practiced it thousands of times, and it has become a part of you. Uncle Yin said before that you are a true talent, unfortunately…”

Knowing that she should not have said that, Chuxue quickly stopped.

A look of surprise appeared in Zong Shou’s eyes. After all, he had never planned to hide his sword and flying dagger training from these two.

Within his fragmented memories, there was a part of him cultivating when he was young. Be it fists, swords, or hidden weapon techniques, he had learned all eighteen types. Although it was the basics, he learned the essences of most of them. When he arrived at Linhai College, apart from incantations and spiritual techniques, they also taught basic martial arts. However, after he became ten years old, he stopped cultivating martial arts, because he could not open his meridians.

As a result, no matter what he trained now, no one would have doubts or feel surprised.

The real reason she was surprised was because of his comprehension. She had actually seen through the profound part of his technique at first glance.

Simple, efficient, and swift, reducing all extra movements. At the same time, maintaining accuracy to use up most of the strength; this was the basic secret of the Six God Defensive Knife Technique.

And he actually did train this flying knife technique thousands of times. However, he was rusty in this body.

How did such a girl become the maid of such a defenseless person?

Although he was shocked deep down, Zong Shou did not show it on the surface. He expressionlessly looked out at the path of the ironwood knife that showed no deviation, “No matter how well I train in it, what’s the use? If I can’t train in internal energy, I’m just trash.”

Although he did not mean those words, he truly felt helpess.

In his memories of cultivating, there were naturally many others rolling their eyes at him and looking down at him with disdain. Although these were not his memories, he felt the pain, and wished he could recover the strength of the last life. He wanted to use his skills to sweep through all those clowns.

After mocking himself, seeing that Chuxue’s expression was becoming nervous and ashamed, Zong Shou shook his head, stopping and not saying anything. He looked at the wooden basin in her hands, and a look of confusion appeared in his eyes, “What’s this for?”

Su Chuxue was blaming herself at the side. Hearing his words, it was like she was pardoned, and she hurriedly placed down the basin and explained, “Young master, you forgot about it? Today is the time for the ten-day medicine bath. Xue’er is here to help you wash up!”

Wash up?

Zong Shou’s thoughts instantly ran wild. At that moment, he felt some excitement.

Looking into the basin, he saw various herbs inside. Chuxue used her hands to tap the sides of the basin. In an instance, some force attracted numerous liquids from all directions, and the liquids gathered in the basin.

The temperature also slowly rose. In the blink of an eye, it started to boil.

When Zong Shou saw that, his eyes were dull with shock.

“This is spirit and martial arts dual cultivation…”

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