Divine Brilliance

Chapter 14 - Death of Burning Sword

Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Death of Burning Sword

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Zong Shou retrieved the Willow Mark flying knife from the neck of Zong Yu, who had died in discontent. Zong Shou casually flicked his hand and flung all the blood off.

The spiritual connection he developed with this flying knife had been totally cut off the moment it left his hand. He was just using the action to mask his Heaven Energy Swallowing Conversion Technique sucking away all of the remaining vital energy and essence energy from Zong Yu.

He wasn’t interested in taking another look at Zong Yu. He patted Chuxue’s head, laughing as he walked straight towards where the intense saber and sword were clashing a thousand feet away.

To say that Zong Yu and the others were trash definitely wasn’t to anger them, but because deep down he actually felt that way.

The one that truly felt dangerous was still Wu Wei five hundred paces away, already heavily injuring Yin Yang and suppressing him such that he couldn’t fight back. Only this person was worthy of being treated seriously.

Martial Masters who entered the middle stages were much stronger compared to a low stage Martial Master. Even if he was unable to swallow the energy right away, the energy that Zong Yu contributed was at least thirty percent more than that of the Li brothers.

But even if he absorbed all of this energy, along with the true qi stored up in his body, he could only fire one flying knife that could challenge a seven-meridians-opened Mythic Master.

If it succeeded he would be able to live; if not he would die!

Zong Shou paused slightly beside the shrivelled and thin corpse when he reached it.

He couldn’t help but praise Yin Yang. Although he didn’t know the name of this dead person, from the way his bones and muscles were shining, his cultivation was obviously above Martial Master and in the Mythic Master Realm.

Yin Yang killed this person in such a domineering manner. Although he had suffered heavy injuries, it saved him from fighting one against two. At the current moment those heavy knife shadows were as solemn and serious as a wall. Under the vast and mighty sword light, he could barely hold on, showing his determination and resilience.

If this was placed in the future God Emperor game, even though it couldn’t be considered a small boss, it was at least it was an elite level character.

Moving over here, he could feel that unrestrained wind suppressing him, gusts of energy were slashing at his skin, and he felt a lot of pain. Moreover, Wu Wei’s sharp eyes swept over time after time.

Pretty much every step he took he had to tighten up his focus. He was taking a huge risk, and one bit of carelessness or misstep would cost him his life. With how fast this person’s movements and sword was, to take his life within a hundred steps wouldn’t even take half a second. It would just be the blink of an eye.

Zong Shou still continued on, his expression without fear. Only when he was fifty yards away did he stop. Right hand holding his sword, left hand reaching into his sleeve, a small knife sticking out, its cold light glowing.

The flying knife in his hand could reach instantly such a distance.

“Young Master!”

Chuxue anxiously chased behind him, her eyes filled with disbelief. No matter how strong Zong Shou’s skills were, his internal energy was still limited. It would be too much for him to interfere in a battle between two Mythic Masters, he was thinking too highly of himself.

But while she was feeling worried, she saw that not far away, that relentless sword light had suddenly stopped. The saber image rose, its aura even exceeding that of the sword light.

Zong Shou was just standing there and could see that huge cold sweat beads had formed on Wu Wei’s forehead. His eyes couldn’t help but sweep at Zong Shou’s left hand, like he dreaded it.

Only then was she stunned, as in that person’s eyes, Zong Shou’s flying knife was actually so strong!

When she watched Zong Shou practicing the flying knife, apart from feeling that it was fast, precise, simple, and that it threatened her, she didn’t have any other feeling.

However today, be it that Li Ling or Zong Yu, when faced against that Willow Mark flying knife, they couldn’t even try to dodge.

At this moment, this knife in his hand even threatened Burning Sword Wu Wei, who had killed numerous Mythic Masters!

In those dry eyes, apart from anger and shock, there were actually intentions of backing off.

However, it was like Zong Shou didn’t pick that up, his mouth breaking into a smile, his eyes looked like they were closed, but they weren’t. His legs moved one ahead of the other, like he was asleep. As time went on, his entire aura slowly disappeared.

That Wu Wei was losing his composure, his sword light becoming chaotic and unfocused, losing all the flow to it. In just eight minutes he had suffered injuries from Yin Yang’s saber.

After holding on for a short while longer, he finally lost all will to fight. The sword image slapped the ground ablaze, pushing Yin Yang back before swiftly retreating into the distance without any hesitation.

And just at that moment, Zong Shou’s face twitched, blood building up in his mouth. He knelt down onto the ground, a series of endless and heart-tearing light coughs continuing.

Wu Wei had only taken a few steps away when he showed his surprise. He slightly hesitated before turning around. He directly avoided Yin Yang, his sword glow like that of a dragon as it struck out.

Chuxue instantly panicked, Yin Yang’s expression changed, the saber glows around him all retracting, exploding a bunch of more intense saber shadows sweeping right at Wu Wei’s back. However, his speed was a full beat slower.

In just one breath, the distance between the two closed to ten feet.

The sword tip was already in front of him. Zong Shou’s eyes suddenly opened, although it was painful to the extreme, but his mind was still thinking clearly, filled with cold killing intent and cynicality.

“Unfortunate. You had such a good chance, why didn’t you escape?”

All the energy he had swallowed, the four Wind Spirit Extra Acupoints, all the true qi flowing in his chakra meridian. At that moment, all of them were gathered at a point in his finger tip. The knife was inside his sleeve, held by his left hand. Without any movement at all, a flash of indiscernible white light suddenly broke the air.

Wu Wei, who was in midleap was astonished. The sword in his hand just needed to cross five feet to claim the teenager’s life. However, he didn’t dare to proceed forwards.

With a light scoff, his image actually managed to twist in the air without anything to rely on, drawing an arc to avoid that knife glow.

Just when he was going to heave a sigh of relief and laugh, he saw that marked knife actually suddenly change its course. It weirdly drew close to him, and Wu Wei’s eyes instantly contracted.

“A flying knife changing direction! How is that possible?!” he shouted as he retreated backwards like a storm. He had just made it fifty feet away when he felt a sharp pain in his right eye.

That cicada-wing-thin flying knife, after driving into his eyeball, pierced right into his brain.

How dangerous it was, barely being able to stop the momentum of the flying knife and use the bone of the socket to block the point. Wu Wei’s brain was filled with an intense dizzying pain. Before that disappeared, his expression changed once more. It was ashen white, the color of death.

The knife glow chasing after him exploded, instantly swallowing him up.

At the last moment before he lost consciousness, Wu Wei only had one thought.

What an exquisite flying knife! How is there such a godly technique in this world?

The next moment, large amounts of fresh blood splattered out, dyeing the green grass bright red.

Personally seeing Wu Wei being killed by Yin Yang, Zong Shou felt his entire being relax. His eyes went dark.

The reason why he coughed blood wasn’t because he was trying to lure him over, but because his body was finding it hard to hold on. After this last knife, it totally collapsed.

This stupid dual meridian body is so weak…, he thought before he totally lost consciousness.

When Chuxue behind him saw that, she immediately stepped forwards to support his body and prevent him from falling to the ground. Her expression was a little weird. Apart from the joy of surviving at the brink of death, she also felt a little lost.

During the battle of today, the Young Master pretty much used his own strength to settle everything, while she had been a total burden.

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