Divine Brilliance

Chapter 1227 - God Emperor Decided

Chapter 1227 - God Emperor Decided

At this moment, Taihuang and Qingxuan had a complicated and solemn expression. After arriving, they took a look at Cibei Taoist Lord and that black dot, before they stood to the side.

Moments later, Zhu Zi followed over. He stood alone at the other side.

Zong Shou found it slightly weird and knew that Zhu Zi definitely used some sort of method to suppress his injuries.

However, his cultivation had already dropped. In the past, his cultivation was only lower than that of Xiuguan and Cibei. Now, he was at most on Taihuang's level.

The Cloud World had many End Realm Saint Venerables, all of whom were all gathered here. Zong Shou was even able to sense the God Power fragments a world away.

They were at a standstill for a moment and the black dot finally moved. A person came out from within. One couldn't say that it was a person, but he still had arms and legs. It was just that the face was really blurry. No, he didn't have a face. His skin was also black, not like the black skin of the Night Demon, but it was like blackish mud.

It gave off a bad stench and was also mixed in with several different auras.

Cibei was stunned when he saw this, "So, you aren't from this region. You're from another? No wonder Xi Zi said that the only thing you feared was the 12 Copper Men. Did you come from the last destroyed World Region or from other regions?"

Zong Shou was shocked. Be it other region cultivators going across world barriers or coming from an already destroyed world region, one had to have cultivation above the True Realm.

Luckily, this person was not recognized by Heaven and Earth. The Dao didn't accept him, so no matter how strong he was in the past world region, he was just half a step True Realm now.

He could sense that the effect of the 12 Copper Men on this person was really great, far more than other people.

His Dao was one that didn't exist in this and he could only rely on his vast cultivation to barely maintain. At this moment with the God Talisman messing things up, it was getting worse and worse. He wasn't even able to gather his own Image Body.

Even then, this person was able to maintain his realm at half a step True Realm.

"Your Eternal Technique has been buffed using an external item. Although the wings are strong, they can't strengthen your foundations. Do you really want to fight with me to the death? Who knows, after this battle, the world might not have a Common People's Path anymore?"

That person finally spoke up. It was like someone screeching, an extremely tough to take in sound.

Xiuguan didn't bother and asked, "Then, what about you? How are you any better? Senior Brother Xi Zi and Xun Zi are dying. Your injuries have gotten worse, so how are you any better? Why didn't you do anything during these 8,000 years? You allowed my Junior Nephew to rise up and sweep the world?"

He was of course referring to Zong Shou.

Zong Shou was really shocked. This person was really injured? He actually didn't heal in 8,000 years.

Injury after injury? Yes, Xun Zi could only injure this person. However, to do so without any signs and not alert others to make other End Realm Saint Venerables assist, even a half a step True Realm had to pay a price.

What was important was the Heaven and Earth Will. 8,000 years ago, the Cloud World collapsed and many continents broke apart and fell into the Cloud Ocean. It was all because of the Xi Zi battle.

Although this person hid in shadows and didn't directly attack, since he got intertwined with the Cause and Effect, naturally, Heaven and Earth hated him.

The Will of the Cloud World could be seen as a part of the consciousness of the world region and it was the strongest one.

Zong Shou also suddenly understood why this person had half a step True Realm strength but didn't dare to appear and fight Xi Zi head-on.

"For the Heaven Opening God Artifact I waited 370,000 years in the Cloud World. From the birth of the world to the rise of the races. I saw the Dragon and Phoenix Races rule the land and also saw the apes take over in the Cloud World."

The black shadow said expressionlessly, "That year I couldn't take it and helped your human race. Who knew that in the end your race would end up being the one to threaten me?"

Xiuguan shook his head, "You had bad intentions! Did you really want to help us or were you worried about the Dragon Palace and Ten Thousand Tribulation Phoenix Court. Those are two matters."

The black shadow didn't argue and just stared at Taihuang and Zhu Zi, "So, what is up with the three of you? Will you stand aside and watch me die? Or, will you help me to balance the Cloud World?"

Zhu Zi laughed coldly and said, "You killed Xun Ziu and you were the one who plotted the calamity 8,000 years ago. So, you are the enemy of our Confucian Faction! I will settle our problems with Zong Shou in the future. You don't have to worry about that."

Both Xiuguan and Zong Shou weren't surprised. Zhu Zi's foundations were built upon his own beliefs.

During the Imperial City Battle, Zhu Zi was already badly injured. Although his foundations were changed, the core was still the same.

Zhu Zi had no choice. If not for the Confucian Faction Rational Thinking, they would have lost their last bit of luck and wouldn't have been protected by Heaven and Earth anymore.

Taihuang hesitated slightly while Qingxuan laughed bitterly and said to Cibei, "Brother Cibei, the Taoist Faction is made up of the three of us. Taoist Faction disciples still chant your name and there are still many who believe in your line. Please pity us and ensure the future of our disciples do not get cut off!"

"How amusing... how amusing! That year, you were the first to have bad intentions and lose control. If you listened to Xi Zi and waited for a while to not harm the source of the Cloud World, how would Xi Zi have stopped you? 10,000 years ago, I was influenced to believe certain things. 10,000 years ago, I understood that Xi Zi tried to take it to draw you out. With his personality, why would he bother to use outside items to form the Dao? Xiuguan and I swore not to touch that Heaven Opening Treasure at all."

Cibei gave such a reply to that person before he smiled and looked at Zong Shou with a questioning gaze.

Zong Shou knew what he meant. Thinking about it a little, he said decisively, "Within 100 years, I will build 101 temples, 101 sword statues, 101 Common People's Path Dojos, 101 Confucian Faction colleges, and 101 engineering schools to show people of the world how prosperous the Cloud World is! To make people of the 10,000 worlds envy our prosperity and learn our knowledge and martial arts. Only then can Great Gan rule last for long."

Cibei was stunned and didn't expect that Zong Shou would give such a reply.

In the end, he looked into the sky and laughed out loud, "What a person, what words! Such magnanimity! As expected from someone an invincible ruler of many worlds!"

Zhu Zi was shocked. Xufu thought about it for a moment before stepping out, "I am willing to have Your Majesty as my Emperor!"

Zhu Zi didn't say anything and just bowed to show that although he still had grievances with Zong Shou, the Confucian Faction was willing to have Zong Shou as Emperor.

Cibei Taoist Lord retracted his smile, "From today on, the Sword Sect will be the sword in your hand and will be willing to help you expand many worlds!"

Zong Shou was stunned and looked at Xiuguan. The latter bowed with a smile, "The God Emperor has been decided. From now on, the Cloud World will be at peace!"

There was a loud explosion in Zong Shou's mind. The End Realm experts hadn't gathered here for the half step True Realm expert?

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