Divine Brilliance

Chapter 1074 - Shiyue Appears

Chapter 1074: Chapter 1072- Shiyue Appears

Liu Li sliced his own neck and died. Zong Shou didn’t even blink. He was slightly emotional but this wasn’t the time to pity his opponent.

“At least he had some courage!”

If he was truly a shameless person then all his words today would have been for nothing. This Liu Li really wasn’t a false gentleman.

He then turned his eyes towards Yinyu. Zong Shou laughed coldly.

Liu Li had already died so who else would be able to protect this Great Shang Ruler?

Casually he sliced down, a pillar poking through the clouds as it headed right for Yinyu’s throat.


Yuntai was anxious, he was already really furious regarding Liu Li who had already died.

Confucian Faction people were just like that. The more they believed in the religion, the more importance they placed on their reputation and what people said about their character.

Those in history books who killed themselves valiantly were all like that.

Liu Li was the same, however, why didn’t he look at the situation that he was in?

Even if he wanted to kill himself why didn’t he wait until the entire battle was over?

At this moment if Yinyu died, then the Taoist and Confucian Factions would lose their last hopes of being able to battle Zong Shou.

A blood colored blade light swept over and entangled the sword. It covered over, forcing Yuntai to be unable to move at all.

Rage and despair appeared in Yinyu’s eyes.

However just as he had expected himself to die, the space beside him was forcefully ripped open.

A fist suddenly struck forth. It wasn’t huge or small, the skin was like white jade, more elegant than that of a woman.

When it struck, it felt like the entire Heaven and Earth was included within the fist.

Sword and fist clashed and instantly a wall-like energy spread out, causing the part of space to instantly collapse.

Zong Shou’s brow rose up. Without even needing to think he knew who that person was.


That fellow came in the end. He really wasn’t willing to see Yinyu die here!

“It is me! I am not willing to be enemies with you but I have no choice…”

Almost at the same level as he forced the sword light back. That fist was retracted and he brought Yinyu’s body to retreat back into the void.

“His Majesty’s life concerns the entire dynasty and he can’t die here!”

Zong Shou wasn’t shocked or angry at all, he slashed out once again.

“For my Great Gan, I can’t allow him to escape!”

Sword energy crossing ten thousand feet and chasing into the void. The voice over there scoffed coldly.

“Heaven Settling Seal!”

The fist opened out and a seal formed, striking onto the sword energy. It clashed for a moment before the sword energy totally collapsed.

There was a loud “Keng” as the Intermediate Celestial Sword returned back into the Cloud World and back into Zong Shou’s hand.

Looking at it, this sword which was made of good quality material actually had a chip on it.

Before this when he battled Yuntai and Liu Li the sword was unharmed at all.

However just one fist from Shiyue and a chip was forcefully smacked from the sword.

In the outer region there were a few young man coughs, like he was in pain.

“What a Slaying Sword! Not seeing you in a few years and Ruler’s sword path has became so strong! If I am free I really want to spar with you…”

The voice became softer and softer as Shiyue brought Yinyu further and further.

Zong Shou didn’t bother, he frowned as he looked at the sword in his hand.

During that fight just now it looked like he had the advantage and he made Shiyue injured.

However that was because he merged the entire country strength of Great Gan into the sword and the country luck was changing and at its most prosperous period.

Even then Shiyue still managed to save that person and leave safely.

It was the Emperor God Fist!

This Grade Twelve World Destroying Emperor Path Technique was really amazing!

Even hundreds of worlds away he was able to rely and borrow his country strength?

With Power as the bone and Strength as the muscles. The stronger the power the stronger the strength!

Within it was Law and Standard.

His cultivation improvements seemed to balloon each day but it looked like Shiyue was faster than him.

As expected, this person had Law as his foundations, having his Dao foundations first and then giving birth to other techniques. Which was why his cultivation was tough at first but easy behind.

In the past what he learnt was really random and included all sorts of laws. Since he stepped into the Spirit Realm he tried to merge all the abilities to form his own Dao which was why it was easy at first but tough at the back.

At this moment Shiyue might not have exceeded him but he was able to stand on the same level as him!


He relied on many encounters, the Lu Family World Burning Blood, Master Xuanshuang’s Spirit Sleep Inducing Technique, the Imperial Demon Slaying Sword Records to be able to climb to his current cultivation.

This Shiyue might not have such a bloodline legacy like him but his luck might be even better than him.

As expected from the hero who dominated an era, causing the outer region alien race to bow their heads to him!

It was a great fortune for him to have such an opponent.

After breaking into a laugh, the emotions in Zong Shou’s heart calmed down.

“Brother Shi, you can save him but you can’t save the sixteen million troops north of Min River! You also can’t save Great Shang which is on the verge of collapse so why are you doing so?”

“Thank you Ruler for your reminder!”

Shiyue’s final laughter spread over, “As a general one knows how to give and take! I have no ability to save those sixteen million and knew that Commander Kong had plans. However I have a method to save Great Shang!”

When he said the word “Shang”, Shiyue’s voice totally disappeared.

For a full dozen breaths Zong Shou was unable to locate where he was at.

Yinyu left and Yuntai was delighted. Then Zong Shou looked coldly at him.

He was shocked and knew that he was still in despair.

He wanted to struggle but that cold and desolate sword slashed open the void with an unblockable strength.

Heaven Path?

Yuntai subconsciously thought back to the Common People Seven Sword. It looked like but it wasn’t, it was still the Slaying Sword Intent but it was filled with bits of the Heaven Path Power.

This… He is helping the Heavens to slay evil?

He took a look at Zong Shou and noticed that even he who was using the sword didn’t notice what was wrong with the sword!

So that was the case! So that was the case!

Zong Shou had the Saint Emperor Body and was buffed with the Will of Heaven and Earth. There was nothing unusual with it normally.

However once he faced someone or something the Heavens hated or was jealous of his combat strength would double!

He was helping the Heavens act!

Any evil demon that the Heavens despised would become weak under his sword.

Forget it! I will just sacrifice my body for the Taoist faction! Who knows, what I did today would be correct or wrong, would be a blessing or a curse…

He totally gave up all resistance and closed his eyes, allowing that sword light to land on his body and smash his soul and body into bits!

How was it so easy?

Shock appeared in Zong Shou’s eyes. He thought that even if he joined hands with Chuxue it would take at least five to six rounds to kill this person. He also had to defend against the final struggle.

Who knew that this person didn’t fight back at all.


Zong Shou shook his head. He didn’t have any time to think. Maybe this person comprehended something or he gave out.

He looked below him, the battle in front of Jiuchi Palace was already at an end. The Great Shang army mostly surrendered.

A portion was left, the elite troops of the aristocratic families were still resisting.

Those tens of thousands of Demon Cavalry had already retreated. Unfortunately the passages were small and narrow and close to a third of them died to the sword of the Common People Xuan Dragon Warriors.

There was also a large portion who didn’t dare to wait at the entrance of the passage, they scattered all over and into the swamp and forest.

Looking at the situation, he knew that it would be really fortunate if even a tenth of these cavalry could survive.

They left without fighting, causing the entire Great Shang army to collapse. However they kept some strength for the Demon Sect?

Zong Shou smiled, causing everyone who looked at him to feel a chill down their spine.

They assassinated his subjects, massacred his people, how would he forgive the Demon Sect?

How would he give them any breathing room?

He stepped in the air to the side of Blood Saint Demon Lord. At this moment this person and Aokun were standing opposite one another.

Aokun smiled but he didn’t attack. However this peak Demon Sect Saint Realm didn’t dare to escape easily.

Zong Shou walked a thousand feet away and looked forwards playfully. In the Demon Sect, this person was below one and above all.

“I remember a month ago you said that in this month you will make all the food I eat tasteless, for me to be unable to fall asleep. A month later would be when I die!”

The face of the Blood Saint Demon Lord turned green, “You think you won? You can kill me today?”

Zong Shou was stunned. Looking closely he understood. He shook his head, “So it is an incarnation!”

The body in front of him wasn’t the real one but an incarnation with at least ninety percent combat strength.

However, forget it, the higher the strength the more expensive the value it was.

To be able to destroy this incarnation here was something that was really painful to the Blood Saint Demon Lord.

That Blood Saint Demon Lord laughed coldly. Before waiting for Zong Shou to attack, a blood colored flame blazed around his body. His body was burning bit by bit.

Zong Shou knew that this Blood Saint burnt himself not because he wasn’t willing to fight back and that he had no courage at all.

It was to prevent Aokun from destroying his Dao Foundations which would affect his main body too.

He looked on quietly and didn’t stop him at all.

“We are already enemies and this cannot be resolved. I will give you a sentence today. From today onwards you will not be able to sleep at night, you will be filled with fear all the time! Until you die to my sword!”

The Blood Saint Demon Lord was stunned and thought about something, his expression changed.

He reached out to grab Zong Shou. However his entire body turned to dust.

“What a decisive person! Such that I had no chance to get close to him.”

Aokun laughed and looked towards Zong Shou, “You are really willing to pay such a price for such a person?”

“If not it would be tough to vent the hatred in my heart!”

Zong Shou nodded. Even if he lost the chance to swallow the mid plains he was going to wipe out all the Demon Sects in his territory!

Moreover with Shiyue there the chance of that happening was really small.

With that person’s ability he would have a way to stop him.

When Zong Shou returned to the carriage, he saw Kong Yao taking a talisman paper and was in deep thought.

Zong Shou’s brow rose up and took it. He understood.

Four hours ago there were a hundred and thirty spaceships, seven hundred thousand troops which boarded South Wind Cloud Continent.

To attack the enemy to save the emperor?

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