Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 453 - Execution Mission

Chapter 453: Execution Mission

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In Bei Du, the residual snow from yesterday was basically all cleaned up. The massive convoy organized by both the military and government had transported large amounts of snow outside of the city, piling them up inside a near-dried up lake.

Due to the reduced rainfall over the past half year, the lake’s bottom could almost be seen. With this snowfall, there were no worries of it drying up anymore.

When the snow on the nearby hills melted, the lake would definitely be filled with clear water again, able to withstand another few months of dry weather.

In the mountain forests around Bei Du, countless trees in the dense woods were toppled. It was a mess everywhere.

Because of it, many of the exotic beasts in the mountain forests had also lost their hiding places. The heavy snow had just stopped, and many beastmasters were already entering the mountain forests to hunt the exotic beasts.

Although killing exotic beasts on Mercury wouldn’t gain them any beast cards, their corpses were valuable goods, too! Aside from the useful materials, their meat was also very popular among beastmasters due to the abundant spiritual force in them.

Most importantly, Mercury was humanity’s homeground. Even if they weren’t strong enough, they could borrow the strength of technological weapons to hunt exotic beasts that were slightly stronger than them without putting themselves in too much danger.

In the past, those exotic beasts could conceal themselves in the dense forest. Now that large areas of vegetation had collapsed under the accumulated snow, the beastmasters, or even commoners with firearms could survey the area clearly without having to worry about being ambushed by exotic beasts.


The Haotian Gang was a medium-sized underground faction from Bei Du. The gang had hundreds of members. Majority of them were beastmasters, but there were also quite a number of ordinary people.

The Haotian Gang’s overall strength wasn’t considered high. Their gang leader, Sun Haotian, had only achieved Tier Six beastmaster, and possessed a few mid-tier dark gold-quality subdued beasts.

The rest of the members mostly had gold and silver-quality subdued beasts. Furthermore, some low-tier beastmasters’ best subdued beasts were only at bronze-quality.

At present, given the advantageous circumstances set up by the snow, Sun Haotian led the elites of his gang into the mountain forest, carrying large amounts of firearms, ready to hunt a bunch of exotic beasts to sell the materials obtained for some funds.

Some time ago, the Haotian Gang was commissioned by foreign factions to investigate information on a certain person and received ten thousand purple crystal points in return.

Adding on to the gang’s savings of many years, they only needed to make a little more money before they could afford a four-star legend-quality beast card for their gang leader, Sun Haotian!

If they had a mid-tier legend-quality beast card, the Haotian Gang’s strength would rise a level higher, becoming one of the top dogs among Bei Du’s underground factions.

Sun Haotian couldn’t help but smile widely when he thought of obtaining a legend-quality subdued beast soon.

“Heh heh, when I have a legend-quality subdued beast, I’ll see if those scoundrels at Tianan Society dare to show off in front of me again!”

Tianan Society was also a medium-sized underground faction in Bei Du. Their overall strength was a few touches above Haotian Gang, and the two had always been at odds with one another, their feuds deep.

Sun Haotian had always dreamed of stepping on them one day!

The Haotian Gang’s elites soon ventured dozens of kilometers deep into the mountain forest. Sun Haotian looked at the fallen trees around him, standing on the hardened snow under his feet. He said with a low voice, “Everyone, have your guards up. We’re already dozens of kilometers into the forest. Don’t drop your pants if we encounter any powerful exotic beasts!”

The second-in-charge of the gang, who was also Sun Haotian’s sworn brother, Vice Gang Leader Sun Haiying chuckled, saying, “Big Brother, the anti-material sniper rifle loaded with the latest special rounds we obtained with much difficulty wasn’t just for show. Even a mid-tier dark gold-quality exotic beast will have to run in fear after taking a shot of that!”

Sun Haotian furrowed his brow, saying, “Even so, we have to be more careful. With our strength, if we’re unlucky enough to come across a legend-quality exotic beast, we definitely won’t be able to win at all!”

Sun Haiying smiled, saying, “Big Brother, are there that many legend-quality exotic beasts around? Not to mention, we’re only a few dozens of kilometers into this forest. It’s absolutely impossible for there to be legend-quality exotic beasts here.”

“It’s best to be careful in everything!” Sun Haotian glared at him. Afterwards, he swept his strict gaze across the other members, saying with an unquestionable tone, “You won’t go wrong listening to me. In this world, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be more mindful, or you won’t like it when the ship capsizes.”

Seeing Sun Haotian acting so seriously, the rest didn’t say anything, only nodding one after another, acknowledging his words.


At the same time, in Bei Du’s military zone…

Huang Juyun stood in the plaza. A few squads of fully-geared soldiers stood before him. The squad leaders, however, were empty-handed, not holding any weapons.

The squad leaders were all powerful mid-tier beastmasters, and the military had equipped them with a total of three legend-quality beast cards for this mission. It could be said that their overall strength was extremely high.

Soldiers at that level naturally wouldn’t be using firearms. Legend-quality subdued beasts were the most reliable weapon, their attack powers comparable to large missiles!

“The mission this time is very simple. Our targets are the executives of the Haotian Gang. Their information will be sent to your personal terminals shortly. I shan’t go into it in detail.”

Huang Juyun looked at the soldiers in front of him, his expression strict, his voice sonorous and forceful.

“Due to the Haotian Gang leaking confidential military information to foreign influences, I don’t want to see any survivors in this operation. Kill them all without mercy! Do you understand?”

“Understood!” the soldiers answered in unison.

Huang Juyun nodded in satisfaction. He waved his hand and said, “Good. Set out immediately. The satellite will be guiding you. I’ll be waiting here for your return!”

The soldiers saluted in unison, then quickly dispersed from the drill ground, running towards the aircraft parked nearby in an orderly manner.

A total of ten new model fighter planes had their propellers extended, spinning quickly with a loud buzz.

The dozens of soldiers took turns boarding the aircraft. Afterwards, the ten fighter planes slowly took off, and their jet engines began to operate, suddenly accelerating and flying off into the skies to the northwest.

Seeing the soldiers setting off, cold killing intent flashed across Huang Juyun’s eyes.

The Haotian Gang really didn’t know what was good for them. They actually dared to sell information on Zhang Che to foreign factions; did they really think the military wouldn’t be able to find out?

It seemed like it was time to tidy up the underground forces in Bei Du. Otherwise, those people would slowly forget what they amounted to if they had too many good days, and became bolder and bolder, daring to do any illegal things!

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