Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 284 - The Vortex in His Spiritual Sea

Chapter 284: The Vortex in His Spiritual Sea

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The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon let out a miserable roar as he continued ascending, reaching a thousand meters in the air.

The section of his tail that was caught in the black fog had turned into a deep blue aura, unable to regenerate!

Zhang Che felt a chill in his heart, his hair standing on end. -How is this possible!?- was his only thought.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon had an undying body of abyssal cold. Non-innate fire elemental attacks were unable to damage his foundation!

Even though normal attacks could damage his crystallized body, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon could regenerate his body very quickly, and would only lose some vital energy.

However, that jet black savage gigantic worm filled with creepy spikes all over its body only spat out a stream of black fog and left the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon unable to regenerate his damaged body.

What kind of energy was that?

Zhang Che had no doubt that if that black fog had reached him, his body, which had almost no defense, would directly turn into powder and disappear from this world forever.

This truly was a case of his honed instincts saving him after being in beast worlds for so long.¹ If he hadn’t felt something was wrong the moment he discovered the gigantic worm and had the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon ascend, the end result would have been unthinkable.

It was no wonder his future father-in-law said that the secret plane was filled with opportunities and danger! Who would have thought that such a terrifying creature would be on top of such an ordinary mountain?

If Zhang Che rated this creature’s strength based on the system in the beast world, that thing’s attacking strength had definitely reached epic-quality. It could not be any lower, only higher!

-What should I do? Do I just leave?- Zhang Che was truly reluctant.

One could only imagine how much mysterious energy he would obtain if he could successfully slay this black gigantic worm. Perhaps he would accumulate enough of the energy to bring about a qualitative change, strengthening his spiritual link with the two swords, and thus allowing him to attack from even further away.

Fighting that creature was a given. The problem was… how should he go about doing it?

Zhang Che was in no hurry to think up a way of killing this savage gigantic worm. Instead, he summoned the Unicorn with a wave of his hand and had it heal the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon.

If he delayed the dragon’s healing any longer and allowed his vital energy to continue leaking, perhaps he might not be able to stay flying!

As the milky white splendor from the tip of the Unicorn’s spiral horn shrouded the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, the latter finally felt his pain alleviating.

Originally, the leftover black fog was hopelessly muddled with his darkfiend cold aura, and he couldn’t dispel it no matter how hard he tried. Under the radiance of the Unicorn’s milky white splendor, it was like snow meeting the sun, quickly melting.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s injury wasn’t light. Naturally a single healing wasn’t enough to completely cure him.

The Unicorn shot out a few of those milky white rays from the tip of its horn consecutively, thoroughly healing the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s injury.

As his injuries were healed, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon looked to the center of the mountain peak below him, where the one-eyed creature was staring at Zhang Che with its head raised, and roared out furiously at it.

Regrettably, however, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was aware that he couldn’t take on that thing alone, and could do nothing but talk smack to it, dropping the matter after roaring out twice.

“Go, give it a taste of your ice-fire combo!”

After pondering for a while with his brow furrowed deeply, Zhang Che could only resort to his old ways in the end, having the Scarlet Flame Drake and Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon work together and shot out their long range skills at the same time, shrouding the mountain peak under their attacks.

Even if they couldn’t get rid of that black gigantic worm below, the small fries on the summit would be easily wiped out.

That was also a huge sum of experience. Zhang Che wouldn’t miss them!

The surrounding elements quickly stirred.

Following the Scarlet Flame Drake’s activation of the Rain of Fire skill, the fire elements within a thousand meter radius gathered. Then, with the Scarlet Flame Drake at the center, the fire elements formed fiery rain drops in a fifty-meter radius, raining down upon the mountain peak.

At the same time, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon opened his mouth and shot out a mass of deep blue frozen air at the mountain peak, flooding towards them all like a broken dam.

The two extreme energies, ice and fire, actually reached a delicate balance, complementing one another and shrouded the entire mountain peak beneath them.

Another mass of black fog shot out from that savage black gigantic worm’s mouth, forming a round barrier around the mountain peak, shielding it.

However, when the Scarlet Flame Drake and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s elemental skills reached a balance, the force they unleashed directly doubled, breaking through the black fog’s defense in an instant!

Left without a choice, the black gigantic worm could only reduce the area of the black fog, abandoning its surrounding minions.

As the rain of fire and frozen air shrouded the mountain peak in an instant, all the grayish black insects nearby let out soundless cries. Their bodies quickly fell apart under the combined forces of the ice and fire elements, disintegrating.

Mysterious energies came to Zhang Che one after another, leaving him feeling so good that he almost moaned out in pleasure.

Suddenly, a soundless roar swept out from below, and Zhang Che’s pets let out painful cries.

Zhang Che himself wasn’t affected, however, as the big brother rainbow crystal helped him at the crucial moment, shielding him from the powerful spiritual attack.

In the next moment, the savage gigantic worm suddenly took a deep breath. Zhang Che watched as the black fog at the center of the mountain peak’s pit was all sucked in by the gigantic worm, leaving only a weird round pit.

Having swallowed all the black fog, the gigantic worm whose body was very big to begin with, grew a whole size bigger. It suddenly lifted off the ground without any wind, pouncing towards the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon in the air.

“Run!” Zhang Che’s eyes narrowed slightly. Now that both the Scarlet Flame Drake and Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s skills were used up, they had no way to attack it any more. There was no option other than to run away.

-Wait a second!-

Zhang Che suddenly turned his head to look at the Unicorn behind him, who he hadn’t recalled back into his spiritual sea.

That fellow, too, had a powerful elemental skill!

Even if it couldn’t kill that gigantic worm, the skill could hurt it at the very least, stopping it from chasing them. Otherwise, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon might not be able to successfully escape before the gigantic worm’s speed.

Blinding lightning immediately gathered on the Unicorn’s spiral horn, forming a mass of dazzling electrical light. In the next moment, it tore through the air, zapping the gigantic worm chasing after them.

The gigantic worm seemed to be extremely wary of the Unicorn’s Lightning of Purification skill and quickly dodged to the side.

However, something outside of Zhang Che’s expectation happened. The streak of lightning shot out by the Unicorn actually changed direction instantly, like a nail attracted to a magnet, striking the savage gigantic worm’s dark body.

An incomparably miserable cry rang out soundlessly. The savage gigantic worm, who had remained unharmed through the Scarlet Flame Drake and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s combination attack, directly crumbled in mid air and turned into a cloud of smoke, which then scattered without a trace before a gust of wind.

Zhang Che watched blankly with his eyes wide. Before he could understand the underlying reason, a massive wave of mysterious energy came flooding into his spiritual sea like the tide, instantly leaving him feeling like he was filled up to the brim.

Under the effects of this enormous mysterious energy, the energy Zhang Che had absorbed previously seemed to appear from thin air and directly mixed with this mass of energy. Zhang Che’s brain felt like it was swelling up a little, causing him some pain.

-Did I eat too much of the energy am now suffering indigestion?- Zhang Che mocked himself, but felt very pleasantly surprised.

With this, the range which he could control the swords should be greatly expanded, right?

He immediately summoned the red sword from his spiritual sea and tried directing it. He couldn’t help but furrow his brow deeply.

Although his spiritual link with the sword had become incomparably close, as if the sword was an extension of his body, the range at which he could control it seemed to have hit a ceiling, unable to go any further than about fifty meters.

“Why is that so?” Zhang Che couldn’t understand, and he didn’t have the time to think now, either.

In his spiritual sea, perhaps the mysterious energy he had absorbed was too enormous, it left Zhang Che feeling slightly out of control.

Before he could show his surprise, the rainbow crystal floating high up in his spiritual sea suddenly emitted a blinding rainbow light.

In the next moment, under the rainbow light’s illumination, the massive mysterious energy quickly collapsed inwards and turned into a tiny point of light. It flew to just under the rainbow crystal and started spinning on the spot.

As it spun faster and faster, the tiny origin grew smaller and smaller, to the point that it was almost undetectable to Zhang Che.

While he was spacing out, a tiny golden vortex suddenly appeared in the same spot where the origin had disappeared.


Translator’s Note

1: In the raws, the actual description was an old saying that went something like naturally his shoes would get wet from his frequent walks by the river. It means that he was affected by his surroundings from his constant involvement in the activity.

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