Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 282 - The Key to Wielding the Swords

Chapter 282: The Key to Wielding the Swords

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“Here, let’s see you fly around!” Zhang Che said, loosening his hands, anticipating seeing the two swords flying in the air.

Dang! Dang! In the end, the two swords fell to the ground at the same time.

Zhang Che blinked a few times, his lips stretching back into a smile.

“I must be hallucinating, or are you too tired from flying earlier?”

He bent down and picked up the two swords. Afterwards, he shut his eyes, thinking to himself, -Fly, fly for me!-

He loosened his grip once more, opening his eyes.

Fortunately, they didn’t fall this time. -Looks like they were joking with me!-

The two swords floated at Zhang Che’s side just like that. They didn’t fall like before, but they didn’t listen to his command to fly around, either.

“Hmm, strange!”

Thousands of questions immediately sprang up in his mind, not understanding what was going on with those two swords.

They were still fine moments ago when they flew out from that foreigner’s tent, speeding towards him. Why would they become so shy now, not willing to move?

Zhang Che rubbed his brows, then said softly, “Fly for me, fly for me, fly for me, freaking fly for me!”

However, the two swords remained floating in the air, ignoring him.

Zhang Che finally ran out of patience. -It can’t be that you can fly freely before pledging yourselves to me, and now you’ve fallen into the mundane world and became foot soldiers, right?-

-Could this be because of the rainbow crystal?

Zhang Che immediately thought of that. He quickly focused in his inner world, begging that quiet boss, -This little brother obtained two flying swords after many difficulties, and is looking forward to relying on them to kill my enemies from a thousand miles away. Please give me a little bit of face, big brother, and stop interfering, will you?-

The rainbow crystal turned out to be a very polite object. A splendid light instantly flashed over it. Afterwards, the white sword floating next to Zhang Che suddenly turned into a streak of light, flying back into his spiritual sea.

Zhang Che was speechless.

-Big brother, I asked you to help me, not recall them back in there!-

Zhang Che was in despair. Just as he was about to recall the red sword as well and take out his sleeping bag to rest, he suddenly sensed an inexplicable spiritual link with the red sword. Then, he saw the originally motionless red sword become unusually active, cheerfully flying around him at great speed.

-What’s happening?- Zhang Che blinked a few times, not understanding the situation. -Could it be that I can only control one sword at a time? If that is true, having both swords is as good as not having them. How depressing!-

Zhang Che didn’t believe there was nothing he could do about it. As such, he summoned the white sword out again.

The moment the white sword appeared, the spiritual link he had with the red sword was forcibly severed, as if there was some interference.

Zhang Che finally gained a little understanding. -Perhaps the two swords can’t be controlled by one person at the same time?- That was a bummer. – I was hoping to combine the might of the ice and fire swords, and become invincible from now on. Am I wishing for too much?

-So be it if I can’t do that. At the most, I’ll gift the white sword to Miss Tienan after I return to Mercury. I can still use the dual sword combo then.

-Although… I wonder if Miss Tienan can use the sword…-

Zhang Che didn’t know what was needed to wield the weapons originating from the secret plane. However, he was certain it wasn’t soul force.

As such, maybe Miss Tienan wouldn’t be able to use it…

“How depressing… my dual sword combination…” Zhang Che sighed, shaking his head. He could only recall the ice sword again, then through their inexplicable spiritual link, start directing the fire sword to spin around him. (Fire Sword: What the heck is this stupid name!?)

Zhang Che didn’t know if it was because he had the inexplicable spiritual link with the fire sword, but he realized that under his control, that fellow’s nimbleness was far worse than when it acted of its own free will.

However, it wasn’t a living object, after all. Even if Zhang Che allowed it to move on its own will, there was no way it would understand his intentions, and would only randomly slash around in battle. It wouldn’t be able to display much effectiveness.

“Forget it. I’d better go to sleep and try again tomorrow morning. This cave is too small and I won’t be able to experiment as I want to.”

Zhang Che recalled the fire sword, his interest waning. He took out his sleeping bag and laid it on the ground, slipping into it. He had the Scarlet Flame Drake and Purple Crystal Tortoise stand guard at his side, and he soon fell asleep.


Strangely enough, this time he didn’t dream!

The alarm on his personal terminal performed its duty responsibly, waking Zhang Che up right on time.

He rubbed his eyes and squirmed his way out of the sleeping bag. Afterwards, he did a simple wash-up inside the cave and settled his breakfast, before getting the Purple Crystal Tortoise to scout out the situation outside.

As Zhang Che had expected, there were no signs of other beastmasters in the vicinity.

The mixed group of foreigners probably thought that he escaped far away, and they had also left the area.

However, Zhang Che was still not fully assured. After exiting the cave stealthily, he summoned the Purple Jade Condor and had it soar a few kilometers up in the air, scouting out the surrounding few dozen kilometers.

The results left Zhang Che very gratified. The Purple Jade Condor didn’t notice any suspicious human-shaped creatures in the surrounding few dozen kilometers. Meanwhile, it discovered quite a number of strange creatures on the mountain range to his right.

Zhang Che was immediately attracted. “Hmm, that’s a good place to go!”

What he needed to verify the most right now was what changes the mysterious energy left behind by the strange creatures after their deaths had done to his body.

Although Zhang Che could feel as if his soul was cleansed after his unbridled killing spree yesterday, and that his senses were much sharper than before, those changes did not translate into actual strength.

Now, he could only hope by killing more of those strange creatures, a qualitative change which would benefit his actual combat abilities would occur in the end.

In this secret plane, where danger lurked everywhere, every tiny bit of increase in his abilities might influence his life or death. Zhang Che had no choice but to place heavy importance on it.

Zhang Che didn’t recall the Purple Jade Condor; the fellow was extremely fast to begin with. If it encountered any danger, it could still activate its blade wing skills, and escaping wouldn’t be a problem for it.

With it scouting ahead from above, he would be in a much, much safer position!


Soon, under the Purple Jade Condor’s guide, Zhang Che arrived at the target mountain range spotted earlier.

It was the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Drake’s time to shine. With the two of them complementing one another, they began a ruthless slaughter of the strange creatures there.

It was truly a massacre. Stream after stream of flames and frozen air roved out. The taste of the ice and fire heavenly combo wasn’t something those strange creatures could withstand. More often than not, a few seconds was all it took to slaughter them.

Zhang Che was naturally not idling, either. He was directing the fire sword, albeit to less-than-ideal effect; slashing, hacking and stabbing at the creatures, sometimes with sudden acceleration, and from different angles…

As the two capable babies racked up their kill counts on the strange creatures, Zhang Che’s sharpening senses realized that his mysterious spiritual link with the fire sword also seemed to become clearer.

Not only that, his control over the red flying sword in performing the various attacks had also greatly improved!

-Could it be that the mysterious energy provided after the strange creatures’ deaths is the key to wielding the swords?- Zhang Che immediately thought of that possibility!

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